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Lel Jewelry Blog is the perfect location for all your jewelry news, jewelry education, and most important jewelry opinions. It is updated regularly and is packed with resources and ideas for those ready to join the jewelry world.

About Lelinam

Hi, my name is Lelinam, but you can call me Lel. Welcome to the Lel Jewelry blog, where I share everything I know about jewelry, from fashion trends and interesting facts to some of the most famous jewelry pieces worn throughout history.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but I moved to New York in 1988. I have always been passionate about jewelry, which is why I decided to make it my life’s work. For years, I’ve been blogging and writing about jewelry for various magazines. Since it involves a lot of research, I’ve become an expert on anything jewelry-related. For this reason, I decided that it was finally time to start my own jewelry blog. I’m excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with other people who want to learn about jewelry but aren’t sure where to start.

In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction novels. I have two dogs, and I love them dearly. As you may have guessed, my hobby is to find out everything there is to know about jewelry, from well-known precious stones like diamonds and rubies to lesser-known crystals and gemstones that you may never have heard of. I also like to keep up with the latest trends, what’s “hot” and what’s “not.”

My favorite type of jewelry is antique pieces from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The reason I adore vintage jewelry is that it has historical value, each piece telling its own story. Not to mention that Victorian and Edwardian jewelry was handmade by skillful artists. I especially love reading about antique jewelry, how it was made, and what it was used for.

Vision for the Future

This jewelry blog is both educational and fun. Learning about the physical properties, chemical structures, and origins of precious and semi-precious gemstones can be confusing for beginners. That’s why I’m here. My blog will provide you with all the necessary information about the world of jewelry. What’s more, I’ll tell you everything you need to know in simple terms, so you can read the posts with a cup of coffee, completely relaxed.

Other jewelry blogs usually focus on one niche, whether it’s fashion trends and jewelry worn by celebrities or in-depth articles about gemstones and where they came from. My goal is to create a comprehensive blog where readers can learn about everything jewelry-related.

For example, have you ever wondered how a diamond’s quality is determined? Did you know that lab-grown diamonds and naturally-occurring diamonds have the same chemical structures? Or that some types of gemstones, like peridot, black diamonds, and moissanite, come from outer space? There is so much more you can learn about gemstones, which aren’t only used for jewelry, but for a variety of other purposes as well.

In addition, this blog will take you through the history of jewelry, focusing on some of the most famous pieces. I’ll also go into detail about Edwardian and Georgian jewelry made in the 18th and 19th centuries. I’m interested in how jewelry is worn in different cultures and parts of the world.

Finally, I’ll focus on what jewelry represents today. We’ll discuss the newest fashion trends, jewelry news, brand-new collections, and emerging jewelry designers. Of course, I can’t overlook some of the most famous brands, like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Harry Winston, Aldo Cipullo, and others who left their mark on the history of jewelry.

I like to write about all kinds of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and brooches. Plus, I’ll give you advice on how to style your favorite pieces. From vintage and costume jewelry to special pieces worn by celebrities and the members of the royal family, you’ll find it all here on the Lel Jewelry Blog.

This blog will also advise you on how to properly wear and take care of your jewelry so it can last a lifetime. I’ll provide useful tips for selecting, buying, and taking care of your jewelry. I’ll also be happy to share all the places where you can buy the best kind of jewelry, from online shops to stores that sell renowned, world-famous brands. After reading my blog, you won’t get scammed into buying low-quality pieces of jewelry that just aren’t worth it.

This blog is for people who are genuinely interested in jewelry. However, keep in mind that jewelry isn’t just about the bling. There’s much more to wearing jewelry than hot trends. I see each piece of jewelry as unique. If you’ve always wanted to wear a specific type of jewelry, but you didn’t know how to style it, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re someone who loves wearing jewelry, or you just want to learn new, fun information, there’s something for everyone on the Lel Jewelry blog.

Free Consultation

Apart from providing my readers with various types of information about jewelry, I also want to hear your opinions and answer any questions you might have about my blog posts. You can find a form at the bottom of every blog post, where you can contact me and ask me whatever you want. I’ll reply to your questions and comments as soon as possible.

I also offer free consultations. This blog contains affiliate links that include payments from the sellers.

When it comes to the types of jewelry that I offer consultations for, the sky is the limit. Having written numerous blog posts and magazine articles, I have gathered tons of knowledge about various types of jewelry. Even if you ask me something I’m not familiar with, it will give me an opportunity to learn new things, something I always look forward to. What’s more, I’m always searching for new topics to read about, so any suggestions are welcome.

I’m very passionate about diamonds. Buying a diamond is a huge investment, which is why you need to do your research first. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 4 Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat), as well as other tips for buying diamond engagement rings. Aside from diamonds, I love writing about other beautiful gemstones, like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other great diamond alternatives.

Whatever your interests, feel free to contact me, and I’ll try to answer your questions quickly and informatively. I’m always on the lookout for new trends and jewelry news, so rest assured that all the information on my blog is updated and accurate.

No matter how old you are, your gender, or where you come from, the jewelry should be for everyone. While jewelry can mean nothing to some people, for others, it’s a form of self-expression. If, like me, you’re passionate about jewelry, I hope you find this blog useful. I also hope that my love for jewelry will inspire you to find a particular style or type of jewelry you cherish and wear every day. Without further ado, welcome to the Lel Jewelry blog!