Top 20 Wide Wedding Bands

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A wedding day is one of the most important milestones in life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter, and the wedding band symbolizes those changes and the love and commitment that binds the couple. If you want your ring to stand out, check out my selection of magnificent wide wedding bands.

1. The Yellow Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Estate Diamond Jewelry Yellow Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Price: $3,000

This glamorous platinum band combines white and yellow diamonds. Two rows of channel-set yellow diamonds border a single row of white diamonds on each side. This band is quite bold but will still blend perfectly with any style. Its width is 6.4mm.

2. The Belmar Infinity Band

Price: $4,000

The middle of this 7.9mm beautiful band features two rows of round diamonds twisting around each other. Two rows of small round Ceylon sapphires border the woven central row on each side. I adore this contrast of deep blue against the clarity of diamonds.

3. The Cortland Band

Estate Diamond Jewelry Platinum Cortland Band With Diamonds

Price: $8,000

This wedding band is the embodiment of luxury. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are lined in the middle row and set in half-bezels. The borders consist of two rows of full-cut diamonds in channels on each side. The approximate width of this band is 7.75mm.

4. The Art Deco Wedding Band

Wide Art Deco Zirconia And Silver Wedding Band

Price: $88.18

The vivid sparkle of this sterling silver band is perfect for anyone who likes Art Deco styles. The elegant sparkle comes from the high-grade cubic zirconias. If you want to make a statement, I recommend this wedding band.

5. The Diamond Waves Ring

Kay Jewelers Wide Waves Sterling Silver Diamond Band

Price: $349.99

This beautiful Diamond Waves Ring is sure to radiate luxury wherever it is worn. The ring’s surface is shaped in a stylish wavy pattern. Dozens of round-cut diamonds sit along it, totaling 0.167 carats. The ring itself is sterling silver.

6. The Vintage Wide Wedding Band

Vintage Handmade Wide Wedding Band With Floral Filigree

Price: $241.33

This creation is a vintage-style ring featuring gorgeous detailing with colorless moissanite gemstones. Bezels in floral design hold these gemstones creating an Art Deco-style pattern in the middle row, and two rows of stones create the borders. The band is 9mm wide.

7. The Wide Band Art Deco Band

Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Wide Wedding Band

Price: $95.99

This Art Deco-inspired ring made its way to my list of favorites. This platinum-plated sterling silver eternity band consists of three rows. The middle row showcases round cubic zirconia stones with alternating prongs and eyelet bezel settings. Two bordering rows with small round cubic zirconias surround the intricate central part.

This amazing band creates the illusion of stacked rings so that it can be worn on its own or further stacked.

8. The Art Deco Wedding Band

Art Deco Wide Wedding Band With Cubic Zirconia

Price: $57

This Art Deco micro-pavé cubic zirconia band has a leafy design pattern embellished with over 80 stones. Delicate milgrain is in the center of this ring, with round gemstones lining the borders. The width of the band is approximately 6.8mm.

9. The Polished Dome Gold Ring

Kay Jewelers Polished Dome Wide Yellow Gold Ring

Price: $579.99

This wide Polished Dome Ring is sure to leave an impression. Sleek grooves embellish the ring’s surface, and having no gemstone makes this piece of jewelry perfect for everyday wear. The 14-carat yellow gold ring has a high polish finish to complete its look.

10. The White Gold Band

Gabriel & Co White Gold Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Price: $4,550

This romantic and sophisticated 14k white gold band displays baguette-cut diamonds in a herringbone pattern. The total diamond weight is a little under a carat, and I believe it fits any style without being over the top.

11. The Diamond Phoenician Lace Wedding Band

Timeless Wedding Bands Diamond Phoenician Lace Wedding Band

Price: $2,300

This beautiful wedding band has an intricately detailed design with 53 carefully placed diamonds and a total weight of 0.48 carats. A delicate beading runs along the edges of this platinum ring, adding to its exquisiteness. If you’re looking for a ring that has an heirloom quality to it, I would recommend this one.

12. The Sonata Wedding Ring

Timeless Wedding Bands Wide Pavé Sonata Wedding Ring

Price: $5,959

The Sonata Wedding Ring is the right choice if you’re looking for something eye-catching and out of the ordinary. It has a width of 12mm and it is densely decorated with a pavé set geometric pattern of diamonds weighing 0.975 carats. The ring is yellow and pink 14-carat gold with a refined satin finish.

13. The Elegant Pavé Lace Design Wedding Band

Sterling Silver Maxine Elegant Pavé Lace Wedding Band

Price: $125

This amazing Elegant Pavé Lace Band in 18k white gold on sterling silver features white sona simulated diamonds. The stones are arranged in a lace-like pattern around the band with round and trapezoid cutting styles.

14. The Half Round Comfort Fit

Timeless Wedding Bands Half Round Comfort Fit Band

Price: $734

This classic and simple 14-carat yellow gold ring is a timeless design. It’s simple and practical. What sets it apart from other wedding bands is its 8mm width. With its half-round exterior and comfortable fit interior, it’s sure to last.

15. The Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Band

Allurez Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire And Diamond Band

Price: $10,342

The Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Band is a conversation starter with 19 yellow emerald cut sapphires in a prong setting surrounding the band. For added brilliance, 108 diamonds accent the sapphires on both sides. The total weight of sapphires is 10.5 carats, while the diamonds weigh 0.625 carats. With its width of 8.1mm, this eternity band is remarkable.

16. The Men’s Woven Pattern Wedding Band

Filigree Jewelers Yellow Gold Woven Pattern Wedding Band

Price: $1,200

This handsome Men’s Woven Pattern Band in 14k yellow gold features a sophisticated engraved motif in a woven pattern. The engraved lines form braids that give this band a modern twist. This band is 9mm wide.

17. The Heart Wedding Band

Fascinating Diamonds Wide Heart Motif Wedding Band

Price: $2,226

This romantic wedding band is decorated with 64 pink sapphires weighing 0.96 carats. Heart-shaped details are situated between the two rows of sapphires along the length of the ring. The ring itself is platinum and 6.7mm wide. If you’re looking for a strong statement about your love, this is the ring I’d recommend.

18. The Blue Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Band

The Natural Sapphire Company White Gold Sapphire Band

Price: $2,767

This sleek and modern wedding band features four natural princess-cut sapphires and three princess-cut diamonds set in a striking alternating pattern. The eye-catching combination of stones is set in a 14-carat white gold 6mm wide band. This ring is a good choice if you’re looking for a fascinating, contemporary look.

19. The Art Deco Diamond Eternity Band

Filigree Jewelers Art Deco Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Price: $2,950

The amazing Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Eternity Band has strong 14k yellow gold accents and features single-cut diamonds lined in a channel setting along the platinum row. Thick yellow-gold borders frame the diamond middle row and create a strong statement. The width of this band is 7.85mm.

20. The Geometric Diamond Eternity Band

Filigree Jewelers White Gold Geometric Diamond Eternity Band

Price: $1,350

This fancy Geometric Eternity Band in 18k white gold rounds up my list. It showcases 48 round brilliant cut diamonds arranged along the repeating sections of the arching pattern. This intricate masterpiece will stack perfectly with your engagement ring.

What Are the Gemstones to Use for a Wide Wedding Band?

Well Lit Gold Wedding Bands On Wooden Surface

Sapphires are associated with romance and happiness, making them among the best choices. Another reason for opting for sapphires is their durability. These gemstones are almost as strong as diamonds. The color variations of sapphires are also numerous.

As a symbol of loyalty and passion, a fiery red garnet is also a great choice for a wedding band. This stone can also be found in shades such as yellow, pink, green, blue, etc. They are quite versatile because of their property of illuminating light. For this reason, they exhibit a broad spectrum of colors.

In addition, garnets are the January birthstone, so they can also represent a new beginning.

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom Afshin Helping A Customer

These are my top picks for wide wedding bands, but this is just a starting point. If you have questions about finding the perfect wedding band, then feel free to fill out the form below. One of our jewelry experts will contact you and help you find the wedding band of your dreams.

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