Top 30 Ugliest Engagement Rings of 2023

Ugly Mac and Cheese Engagement Ring

Every girl dreams of a beautiful engagement ring she’ll love wearing. Unfortunately, not all engagement rings are like that; some simply look better hidden in a drawer than on your finger. Here’s a list of the top 30 ugliest engagement rings of 2023.

1. Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Ugliest red gold winged ring with blue topaz

Who doesn’t love the aquamarine-red gold combination featured in this ring? The stones’ beauty is undeniable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really blend well with the red metal. This ring looks more like a prop from a sci-fi movie than an engagement ring.

2. Triple Raw Engagement Ring

White gold triple raw diamond ugliest engagement ring

This ring may be your significant other’s dream ring. That is, if she’s a hardcore fan of salt mines, because it looks like a cluttered mess of rock and salt held together by a piece of metal. If you want the wedding to happen, I recommend staying away from this ring.

3. White Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

Ugliest rough raw diamond cluster engagement ring

The ring’s center stone is a rough white diamond that looks like a melted jellyfish, and the side stones look like distorted eyes. I’m sure some ladies would love this ring, but 99% probably wouldn’t.

4. Cement Engagement Ring

ugliest sandblasted titanium ring with with oak wood panels

 I get that unique engagement rings are eye-catching, but this one is just wrong. This ring looks like a piece of cement with weird-looking “stones.”

5. Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three stone ruby ugliest engagement rings sterling silver

This ring looks like it’s made for a Barbie doll. Although the rubies look great, the entire ring looks like every 13-year-old girl’s dream.

6. Amethyst Engagement Ring

Light black ugliest engagement rings with amethyst stone

The ring’s center stone is a beautiful amethyst that would look much better in a different setting. The black band with zirconia doesn’t do it justice and makes the ring look weird.

7. Skull Engagement Ring

Handmade ugliest engagement rings with skulls and roses

This ring would look beautiful if it weren’t for the two black skulls on each side of the center stone. And since skulls aren’t exactly the best motive for an engagement ring, this is a no-no for me.

8. Watermelon Engagement Ring

bicolor watermelon tourmaline sterling silver solitare engagement ring

I’m not saying this ring is hideous; the design is very interesting. I’m just saying the ring wouldn’t be the first choice for most brides-to-be, so if you’re considering getting this one for your significant other, you should think again.

9. Tourmaline Engagement Ring

October birthstone Blue paraiba tourmaline engagement rings

Am I the only one who sees the mirror from Snow White in this ring? Don’t get me wrong, some ladies love this jewelry style, but most don’t.

10. Spider Engagement Ring

red and green black spider ugliest engagement rings

The giant spider-inspired ring looks scary. Even if your bride-to-be likes spiders, she probably doesn’t want an engagement ring with that motif. If you’re looking to avoid the ugliest engagement rings, then steer clear of anything remotely similar.

11. Coral Black Onyx Engagement Ring

Ugly gold coral design black onyx engagement rings

This black onyx ring is definitely different, but I’d say it’s not the best choice for an engagement ring. Its coral-like design may be a bit too much.

12. Fox Engagement Ring

high polish finish silver fox ugliest engagement rings

If you want to know how an engagement ring shouldn’t look, this is it. Unless your significant other loves foxes, this ring isn’t a great choice for an engagement.

13. Cluster Floral Engagement Ring

Black fountain bouquet cluster floral ugliest engagement rings

The ring features impressive floral motives that are bound to catch everyone’s eye. Unfortunately, the first thing that most people would notice isn’t the design but the size. This ring is huge and looks way out of proportion.

14. Snake Engagement Ring

Dainty solid gold ouroboros snake ugliest engagement rings

Unless you’re trying to tell your future bride that she’s a snake (which I highly recommend not to do), this ring is not a great choice. In fact, it’s best to stay away from most animal-inspired rings.

15. Yellow Carnation Engagement Ring

Atrocious big yellow carnation solitary summer ring

I can say this confidently: no bride-to-be would fall in love with this engagement ring. It would maybe look great on a cake, not on your future fiancée’s (or pretty much anyone’s) finger.

16. Boho Engagement Ring

Ridiculous gold plated expandable pearl flower promise ring

If your significant other likes huge, impractical jewelry with pointy edges, this is the right engagement ring for the job. To make it easier for you, I can tell you that most brides don’t like such jewelry.

17. Red Green Plant Engagement Ring

Red and green mini succulent plant adjustable ring

Unless your future fiancée is a hardcore succulent fan, this engagement ring is a terrible idea. Well, even if she is a succulent fan, she probably won’t like this ring.

18. Statement Red Engagement Ring

chunky red square ring of gold and brass

This piece of jewelry definitely makes a statement: that you did a poor job choosing the right engagement ring. It’s just too chunky and pointy.

19. Modern Geometric Engagement Ring

geometric chunky two finger enamel ugliest brass ring

Geometric rings may be popular, but this one is a bit too much, especially for an engagement ring. I can hardly imagine someone would wear this every day.

20. Chunky Statement Engagement Ring

Embarrassing chunky hammered brass half moon ring

If you think your bride-to-be would like this, I’ll have to disappoint you and say she wouldn’t. This ring looks like it came from a landfill.

21. Africa Map Engagement Ring

Africa map inspired adjustable brass ugliest engagement rings

This Africa-inspired ring would be perfect if it were about five times smaller. But since it’s not, it just looks weird.

22. Geometric Chunky Engagement Ring

Minimalist Geometric pans chunky gold brass ugliest engagement rings

I’m not sure what this ring represents, but I am sure 99% of ladies won’t be thrilled if you pop the question and give them this. Two gold pans aren’t the best motif for an engagement.

23. Round Engagement Ring

Big round open wrap vintage ring with rhinestones

This is another example of a ring that would be a great engagement ring if it were much smaller. Unfortunately, it’s giant and very impractical.

24. Mesh Engagement Ring

Silly looking messy gold chunky mesh dome ring

If it were a bit (or a lot) smaller, this ring would be ideal. Now it looks like a giant ball of mesh wire and isn’t exactly the most attractive piece of jewelry.

25. Wrinkled Engagement Ring

Gross looking wrinkled gold clump ugliest engagement rings

Ouch! I can’t find the right words for this ring. It will catch everyone’s eye, but not in a good way, trust me. Please, please, don’t buy this ring for your future bride.

26. Mac and Cheese Engagement Ring

bowl of Mac and cheese ugliest engagement ring

This ring can be a funny present for your bride-to-be, especially if she loves mac and cheese. As you can (hopefully) assume, this ring is far from an ideal engagement ring. Funny or not, this is certainly one of the ugliest engagement rings on this list.

27. Halloween Engagement Ring

ugliest stainless steel halloween Jason mask ring

Ahhh, is there anything better than an engagement ring inspired by horror movies? The answer is yes. Any ring is better than the one featuring a fictional serial killer’s mask.

28. Spike Engagement Ring

Titanium steel spiked rivet self defense engagement ring

When we say “engagement ring,” most don’t think of spikes. Well, this ring has three spikes, and while the design is interesting, it’s not very engagement-appropriate.

29. Wooden Engagement Ring

King will nature polished wood ceramic wedding band

This ceramic ring looks like it had been taken from a piece of furniture, and it’s definitely not every girl’s dream. I’d suggest you think twice before getting this for your bride.

30. Owl Engagement Ring

Unsettiling Demon eye owl adjustable retro engagement ring

Even if your future fiancée loves owls, this ring isn’t the best choice for your engagement. The eyes look creepy, and “creepy” isn’t an adjective that should describe an engagement ring. Not only is this ring one of the ugliest engagement rings, but it’s also one of the most unsettling.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

An engagement ring should leave your future bride speechless but in a good way. The ones featured on this list would definitely make an impression, but it’s not the kind of impression you’d hope for. If you’re not sure what ring to get for your significant other, I recommend talking to an expert. They’ll be able to help you with your decision and get your bride-to-be the ring that matches her style.

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1 year ago

How did I get here and wth is this :_(
My bf in preschool proposed with a ring pop and honestly that’s better than these. Crumpled gold foil?? Really? Ugh.