Top 30 Twig Engagement Rings

Man proposing marriage to woman with nature setting

Many ladies enjoy nature-inspired motifs on their jewelry. If you’re preparing to propose to such a lady, a twig engagement ring could be an excellent choice. Read on for our list of the top 30 twig engagement rings.

Top 30 Twig Engagement Rings

1. The Twig Ring

Dainty twig engagement ring in 14k white gold

This gorgeous ring features a thin design that elongates the fingers and makes the hand look slimmer. Like many twig rings, this one doesn’t have a center stone. Instead, it features three accent stones with high color and clarity grades that add a subtle sparkle. You can choose the desired metal and opt for a polished or textured finish.

2. The Twig Stacking Ring

Three piece 14k gold twig stacking engagement rings

Many ladies like subtle, minimalistic jewelry, and finding the perfect twig-themed engagement ring for them can be tricky. Fortunately, there’s a solution. The Twig Stacking Rings may not be originally intended for proposals, but they are more than suitable.

3. The Twig Cigar Ring

14k white gold twig themed engagement ring

The Twig Cigar Ring has a simple yet effective design. It features a combination of a polished and textured finish, in which the polished part emphasizes the textured twig design in the middle of the ring. The twig imprint continues all around the ring, making it beautiful from every angle. What’s more, you can choose the material, and if you want, you can even add diamonds to the twig to elevate the ring’s elegance.

4. The Twig Engagement Ring With Oak Leaves

Oak leaves twig engagement ring with gemstone choice

If your lady likes bold jewelry, then this one is an excellent choice. This silver ring features a twig-inspired band that leads to carved oak leaves. The leaves hold a gorgeous gemstone of your choice, thus making this ring a very versatile choice for the lady who loves nature.

5. The Sydney Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Sydney Twig Diamond Engagement Ring

The Sydney Ring is a restrained, simple variation of a twig ring. If you want to combine the nature-inspired design with a lovely diamond, then this ring is a great option.

An old European-cut diamond weighing approximately 1.16 carats is the center stone. Meanwhile, a triple-leaf design decorated with fine milgrain and small diamonds adorns each shoulder and gives this ring a delicate look. The Sydney Ring is made of 18k yellow gold. This is your best bet if you don’t want to choose between the alluring twig theme and the stunning features of a more traditional engagement ring.

6. The Art Deco Twig Ring

Diamond leaf wedding band minimalistic dainty twig ring

A minimalistic ring is often the best choice for many ladies. If you’re considering such a ring, then consider choosing this one. It features a lovely twig design and small stones that add extra sparkle. If the general design appeals to you, then there’s a good chance that this could be where your search ends because you can choose the stone, material, and size.

7. The Twig Solitaire With a Diamond

Solitaire diamond twig ring with gold type options

The twig motif can look great with a diamond, and this ring proves it. The Twig Solitaire with a Diamond features a twig design and flanks a brilliant-cut diamond in the center. You can choose the desired material and size and even add a birthstone or another gem in the middle instead of the diamond.

8. The Twig Ring With Moonstone

Moonstone ring with rose gold plated twig band

This ring’s twig band ends with small leaves and flowers that lead to a gorgeous oval-cut moonstone held by prongs. This stone symbolizes love, protection, and fertility, so when it comes to engagement rings, it certainly is a great alternative to the traditional diamond. You can choose the desired size and make the ring perfect for your future bride.

9. The Textured Eternity Ring

14k White Gold Textured Eternity Twig Engagement Ring

If your future bride enjoys delicate, subtle jewelry, then she’ll love the Textured Eternity Ring. This one features two intertwined twigs that make up the entire structure. Small lab-grown diamonds adorn the twigs and give them a unique aesthetic appeal. You can select the preferred material, size, and finish. For those who were intrigued by the first ring on this list, consider this an upgraded substitute.

10. The Twig Textured Leaf and Pod Stacking Ring

Twig Textured Leaf And Pod Stacking Engagement Ring

This enchanting piece of jewelry may be called a stacking ring, but it can also work nicely as an engagement ring. Three textured leaves and two small diamonds compliment the band’s twig design and make this delicate ring perfect for any lady who enjoys nature.

11. The Three Branches Ring

Sterling silver Three twisted branches engagement ring

This ring features three branches that intertwine, representing the merging of families, souls, and bodies. It also symbolizes the love of nature. Since the ring is made of oxidized sterling silver, it’s extremely durable and strong.

12. The Hidden Twig Cigar Ring

14k white gold ring with hidden twig design

On the outside, the Hidden Twig Cigar Ring features a simplistic design, perfect for ladies who like to keep it minimal. But, if you look at the ring when it isn’t being worn, you can see on the inside there is a hidden twig motif that symbolizes the union of families. As with many other rings on the list, you can select the material, finish, and size.

13. The Double Twig Ring

double twig 14k white gold ring with diamonds

Many twig rings have a thin design. If you like the twig-inspired motifs but want a slightly bigger ring, then this one could be an excellent option. The Double Twig Ring has an intricate pattern of intertwined twigs adorned with small diamonds. The back section is smooth, so you can be 100% sure that the ring is comfortable.

14. The Sterling Silver Branch Engagement Ring

Sterling Silver Branch Ring With Gemstone Of Choice

Here, we see a ring with lovely twig design featuring engraved knots and notches for a more natural look. In the center, we have a beautiful blue topaz stone. Since topaz symbolizes health and love, why not purchase a ring that features this gem? If you like, you can even choose a different gemstone based on your future bride’s preferences.

15. The Scattered Diamond Twig Ring

Scattered diamond twig ring featuring seven small diamonds

This willow twig ring features a naturalistic, simple design with exceptional details. We can see seven small diamonds that embellish the ring and add a subtle sparkle. Since the diamonds are set low, you can be sure the ring is safe for everyday wear.

16. The Twig Nesting Band With Dancing Leaves

Twig nesting band with dancing leaves with diamond

Although this is technically a nesting band, you can always use it as an engagement ring if you’re sure the future bride will love it. This band was cast from an actual willow tree branch. The willow tree symbolizes adaptability, flexibility, change, and growth, making it a perfect option for this ring. Small leaves accent the ring and highlight the small diamond in the front.

17. The Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring

Dainty twig wedding ring set with gold options

If you want the whole package and you want it nature-themed, then the dainty twig wedding ring set is just the thing. These handcrafted rings feature intertwined twig design and round cut moissanite stones, with the large one weighing 1 carat. Make sure this ring set is perfect by choosing between the various options; white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold and at 10, 14, or 18 karats.

18. The Signature Skinny Twig Ring

Pippa Jayne Designs Signature Skinny Twig Ring

Simplistic, nature-inspired, and appealing; there are no better words to describe this ring. It is a celebration of the environment, and it’s perfect for ladies who care about nature and enjoy minimalism. You can choose between four metal options.

19. The Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring

Twig and Leaf Engagement ring with pear diamond

If you’re looking for something truly special for your future bride, then you’ve found it. This ring displays a beautiful twig pattern, suitable for any lady who enjoys nature. A maple leaf and a pear-cut diamond placed at an angle add to the ring’s uniqueness and beauty.

20. The Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Nature inspired Rainbow moonstone twig engagement ring

Many praise the moonstone because of its blue-to-white adularescence resembling moonlight. This eye-catching gemstone represents sensitivity and new beginnings, so it’s no surprise jewelers add it to engagement rings. Here, we have a nature-inspired ring with a twig band that holds a moonstone.

21. The Twig and Leaves Solitaire With a Diamond

Twig and leaves gold solitaire diamond engagement ring

This naturalistic ring displays a twig-inspired band with extra details. We can see a gorgeous round brilliant-cut diamond in the middle. Textured leaves flank each side of the diamond and emphasize its sparkle.

22. The Willow Twig Ring

Willow twig ring minimalistic gold twig engagement ring

This gorgeous ring was cast from a real willow tree twig, which gives it a unique appeal. Its design is simple, making it perfect for ladies who don’t like flashy jewelry. You can choose the desired material and surprise your future bride with this nature-inspired ring.

23. The Tiny Silver Twig Ring

gold and silver Open design tiny twig rings

This is an open-design ring that has a lovely and delicate twig design. It’s suitable for ladies who enjoy minimalism and simplicity. You can choose between three options: silver, gold-plated silver, and oxidized silver.

24. The Driftwood Ring With Diamonds

Minimalistic Gold Driftwood ring with thirteen diamonds

Driftwood symbolizes an eternal relationship between water and wood, and forest and sea. It can also symbolize the eternity of your relationship. This beautiful ring was inspired by driftwood and contains 13 small diamonds that make it even more attractive.

25. The Tree Branch Ring

Handmade Sterling silver twisted Tree branch engagement ring

This handmade ring features a gorgeous twig pattern. We see one branch that has entwined around itself. This can symbolize you and your significant other becoming one, making the ring an excellent choice for an engagement.

26. The 14K Gold Twig Ring

14k gold twig ring with various reaching branches

This ring is inspired by Vermont’s trees in their “leaf-off” season. It displays an interesting design and reminds us of the extraordinary landscapes we witness in the fall. If you and your significant other met in the fall or if you’re planning to propose in the fall, this ring could be the one.

27. The Twig Engagement Ring

Rose gold Twig ring with clear center stone

This ring displays a twig design embellished by a lovely diamond or moissanite in the middle, depending on your choice. Since the band is thin, the ring has a lengthening effect. You can make the ring unique by choosing the metal type and size.

28. The Sterling Silver Twig Ring

Simple Handmade Sterling silver twig engagement ring

This gorgeous open-style ring features a minimalistic design and can look great on its own or when combined with other rings. The ring is handmade and can be adjustable, so you don’t have to worry whether it will fit your future bride.

29. The Branch and Leaves Peridot Ring

Handmade silver Dainty branch and leaves peridot ring

Peridot is a symbol of prosperity, protection, and good fortune. This ring features precisely this gemstone in the middle. The twig-inspired band that splits into two emphasizes the gemstone’s beauty and gives the ring a unique appeal.

30. The Braided Branch Ring With a Heart

Braided branch twig engagement ring with heart

This ring combines the symbols of love and nature. The entire ring features a twig design. The twig splits into two in the front and forms a lovely heart shape. This ring is made of silver, and you can select the desired size and finish.

What Is a Twig Theme Engagement Ring?

A twig-themed engagement ring is a ring that features twig motifs. In many cases, the rings are cast from actual twigs that give them a unique appeal. In others, jewelers that create such rings are simply inspired by twigs, branches, and nature in general.

As you can assume, twig rings are an amazing choice for every lady that enjoys spending time in nature or generally feels connected to it.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Finding the perfect twig-themed engagement ring can be a daunting task, and we hope that this list of the top 30 twig engagement rings has helped. However, if you’re still not sure what ring to choose, then don’t hesitate to talk to our expert consultants. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect ring for your significant other.

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