Top 30 Star Wars Jewelry in 2023

Star Wars Inspired Rings

Star Wars is one of the most iconic movie franchises in history. Its powerful storytelling created a dedicated cult following over the decades. The Star Wars brand has spawned iconic films, TV shows, franchise deals, and branded jewelry. In fact, Star Wars jewelry is something many fans of George Lucas’ space odyssey admire most.

As an avid Star Wars fan, I’m eager to show you my pick of the top 30 Star Wars Jewelry pieces for 2023.

What Is Star Wars Jewelry?

Every brand has a recognizable symbol or even several of them. But many Star Wars fans like me think this great franchise’s world is too big to limit it to just one characteristic motif.

Star Wars jewelry takes inspiration from this epic’s best-known themes and characters. There are plenty of rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets inspired by Jedi Master Yoda, R2D2 and C3PO’s friendship, or the infamous Darth Vader masks. Most importantly, you recognize them instantly. I can show my love for this fantasy universe by simply wearing these trinkets.

So many appealing jewelry pieces give a nod to this epic world. Without a doubt, I’d wear all of them at the same time to show that I’m a big fan of the galaxy far, far away.

1. Star Wars Unisex Mandalorian Necklace

Star Wars jewelry stainless steel mandalorian symbol pendant

This necklace is an impressive tribute to Din Dujardin. Additionally, it is a perfect choice for the fans of the Mandalorian saga. It features a stainless steel Mandalorian pendant that hangs on a leather cord. Besides, it fits men and women equally. Show your respect to the great bounty hunter wearing this fabulous piece of Star Wars Jewelry.

2. Star Wars Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull Pendant Necklace

Star Wars mandalorian mythosaur skull pendant on chain

The Mandalorian saga inspires this 22-inch-long chain. The necklace features a skull pendant showing the Mythosaur, which you can find on Boba Fett’s armor. Celebrating the mystery of the galaxy “far, far away” with this stylish trinket makes a perfect way to give some edge to your looks.

3. Star Wars Japor Snippet Necklace

Star Wars japor snippet necklace for good fortune

The japor snippet image inspires this attractive necklace on this list. It resembles Luke Skywalker’s gift to Padme Amidala in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. This trinket may be a romantic gift to someone dear to you. You can also wear it as a bold piece of Star Wars jewelry, showing your affectionate side in an edgy way.

4. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Hook Drop Earrings

Star Wars jewelry rebel alliance stainless steel earrings

These stainless-steel hoop earrings are a stylish addition to the collection of any lady belonging to the Rebel Alliance. They’re elegant yet bold and stand out as statement pieces. Show off your support for the Rebels by rocking these earrings to a party.

5. Xwing Star Wars Cufflinks

Handmade steel X wing Star Wars cuff links

Add some style to your formal outfits with these X-wing cufflinks. These two starfighters nicely fit any shirt cuff and mark you as a member of the Rebel Alliance in classy ways. Add this fashionable detail to take a stand in the war for the Galactic Republic.

6. Star Wars Lightsaber Rings

Star Wars red and blue lightsaber brass rings

This impressive pair of silver rings takes the shape of lightsabers, making them bold pieces of jewelry. Gift them to your significant other or present them to a friend. The rings come in red and blue versions and have the same design as the lightsaber handle.

7. May The Force Be With You Bracelet

May the force be with you cuff bracelet

A simple stainless-steel bracelet with a famous saying is a fashionable trinket. The metal bracelet has a high-quality finish. It comes with a gift box, making it ready for gifting to someone you hold dear. It’s a thoughtful gift for any Jedi in training.

8. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Earrings

Star Wars millennium falcon  dangle French wire earrings

These dangle earrings are another statement piece for ladies. They pay tribute to the Millennium Falcon design, and you can rock them with any outfit. By wearing them, you’ll pay homage to Han Solo and Chewbacca. And which true Star Wars fan would skip an opportunity to appreciate the daring smugglers who used this ship?

9. Star Wars Logo Cufflinks

Star Wars logo enamel cufflinks and tie clip

True Star Wars fans can go back to basics with these unique cufflinks, as they suit any professional or formal suit. Wearing these pieces on your cuffs makes you stand out as a part of the fleet. The cufflinks come in a black velvet gift pouch if you want to gift them to someone you hold dear.

10. Boba Fett Helmet Necklace

Star Wars jewelry stainless steel boba fett helmet

Give respect to the great Boba Fett by rocking a pendant inspired by his helmet. The 24-inch-long chain and the helmet pendant are stainless steel and durable. The pendant has black and gold ion-plating details. It allows you to show off your admiration for the famous bounty hunter.

11. Glowing Jedi Necklace

Glow in the dark Star Wars Jedi necklace

This unique, handmade necklace glows in the dark and adds to your Jedi vibe. The chain consists of high-quality materials, including stainless steel, and the glow works with fluorescent powder. All you need to do to channel your Jedi energy is to charge the necklace with some external light.

12. Han Solo™ Carbonite Men’s Bracelet

carbonite black diamonds silver bracelet with leather strap

A part of the official Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection, this elegant bracelet is a homage to our favorite rogue smuggler. The bracelet features black diamond details. It’s stylish, and most importantly, it’s a love charm.

13. Princess Leia Organa Leather Cuff Bracelet

Star Wars Princess Leia Organa inspired leather bracelet

This cuff bracelet is for princesses who are brave freedom fighters. It takes inspiration from Princess Leia’s belt, as seen in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. It’s perfect for any occasion, including taking out enemy forces.

14. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pin Badge

Star Wars jewelry metal millennium falcon pin badge

The Millennium Falcon inspires this badge’s design making it perfect for any passionate Star Wars fan. You can wear this pin anywhere you want. It’s a statement piece that shows respect for the Galaxy’s fastest vessel. Pin it to your shirt or bag and walk with the power of a spaceship.

15. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Rings

Star Wars rings with various options of logos

Put these rings on your fingers and become a part of the order. The stainless-steel rings show symbols of your favorite orders, including the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Mandalorians, Jedi Order, and Sith Empire.

16. Threepio Series Women’s Ring

C3PO inspired white diamonds and yellow gold ring

This 10k yellow gold ring belongs to the Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection. It takes inspiration from one of our dearest robots, C-3PO.The ring’s design echoes the details of the C-3PO’s frame, with white diamond details to add a note of sophistication. This ring is an as rebellious piece of Star Wars jewelry as it is stylish.

17. Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Necklace

Star Wars customizable Mandalorian and baby Yoda necklace

The handmade 925K sterling silver Mandalorian and Baby Yoda necklace is a sweet reminder of the famous friendship. It uses recycled materials and is a thoughtful gift to anyone who is the Baby Yoda to your Din Djarin, or vice versa.

18. Darth Vader™ Women’s Light Saber Ring

Darth Vader sterling silver diamonds and garnet ring

This intense diamond ring is for ladies who want to show their appreciation for the Dark Side. It radiates from these black and red diamonds that take the shape of the Darth Vader Lightsaber. I’m sure that his elegant diamond ring will make anyone fall for it if you wear it.

19. The Jedi™ Order Women’s Diamond and Silver Pendant

The Jedi order pendant diamond accent and onyx

If you feel like you belong to the light side, wear this elegant necklace and join the Jedi order. The round pendant shows off the Jedi order symbol to show your side in the battle for good.

20. Ahsoka Tano™ Women’s Sterling Silver Pendant

Ahsoka tano pendant with sterling silver and diamonds

If you support the ex-Padawan Ahsoka Tano, channel her grace by wearing this necklace. The sterling silver pendant takes inspiration from the Togruta’s montrals and lekku. Diamond details cover the ring and add a touch of elegance to the former Jedi Padawan.

21. Dark Armor Unisex Studs

Star Wars jewelry Dark armor diamonds stud earrings

The Darth Vader-inspired studs are bold and inviting to the dark side. The sleek black diamond design takes a triangle shape and resembles the Dark Lord’s armor design. The gemstone inside the outer borders is black onyx and turns the attention to the darkness of the Galactic Empire.

22. Dark Armor Black Diamond Men’s Ring

Star Wars jewelry dark armor black diamond ring

This powerful ring pays respect to the Dark Lord’s infamous armor. The ring’s design includes garnet and black diamond details. It is an elegant piece of jewelry carrying the force of the Galactic Empire. Rock this ring confidently and tell everyone around you about the power of the Dark Side.

23. Grogu™ Women’s Diamond Earrings

Grogu diamond and pearl sterling silver earrings

Everybody loves Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda. These sterling silver diamond earrings with mother-of-pearl details take inspiration from this mysterious cute creature. These adorable earrings are elegant and equally fit formal and casual style, adding a touch of space elegance.

24. Star Wars Silicone Ring

Star Wars classic etched silicone  ring

The Star Wars motives also inspire this silicone ring. It is an edgy and stylish addition to your look. The simple design of this bold silicone trinket remains true to the Star Wars style. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be unnoticed if you rock this piece of galactic jewelry.

25. Ashoka Tano Necklace

Star Wars jewelry ahsoka tano pendant necklace

The simple blue and ivory pendant is a sweet trinket any Star Wars fan would adore. This necklace features an outline of our favorite ex-Padawan’s face. It’s a fashionable accessory that completes your wardrobe.

26. Stormtrooper Cufflinks

Star Wars brass storm trooper helmet cuff links

If you want to make a bold statement with your formal outfit, you can wear Stormtroopers’ helmets as cufflinks. These details make any elegant or professional outfit special. The cufflinks are stainless steel and have a highly polished finish.

27. Darth Vader Pendant

Darth vader black ion plated pendant necklace

The black pendant with ion plating features the Dark Lord’s helmet and makes an impressive jewelry piece. You can wear it daily, as the black design perfectly fits any occasion. Additionally, it’s a strong statement piece that will have others fearing the Dark Side.

28. Star Wars Logo Spinner Ring

Stainless steel engraved Star Wars logo spinner ring

The classic metal ring is inspired by the Star Wars logo and is for those who want to go back to basics. You can express your fandom by rocking it on any occasion.

29. Stormtrooper Tie Bar

Black and gold storm trooper tie bar

Add stylish Star Wars details to your formal outfits by adding a Stormtrooper tie bar to your tie. It won’t make you look less serious. Wearing this formal piece of Star Wars jewelry will impress any Star Wars fan.

30. Stormtrooper Chain Link Bracelet

storm trooper stainless steel curb chain link bracelet

This stainless-steel bracelet takes inspiration from the Stormtroopers and is a fantastic addition to your style. It’s dashing, bold, and cleanly represents your affection for the “Bucketheads.”

What is Star Wars Fine Jewelry?

Cover photo for Star Wars fine jewelry website

If I wanted to feel like the force was always with me, I’d wear something from the Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection. These impressive Star Wars jewelry pieces are the official Star Wars merchandise. And they’re something every fan needs to own.

The iconic characters and themes from the Star Wars universe stand firm in gold and silver. Their design also includes diamonds and gemstones. I recommend visiting the Star Wars Fine Jewelry official website to check out the high-end collection of these stunning pieces.

Star Wars Jewelry Box

So much cuteness Star Wars grogu jewelry box

Is there a better present for a Star Wars fan than an elegant, mysterious box containing jewelry that looks like it’s brought straight from space? Complete your Star Wars experience with the official Star Wars Jewelry box.

I was blown away when my favorite lightsaber-inspired ring arrived in this unique box. I was in awe of the galactic light surrounding the accessory, making it seem like it was from Tatooine.

Star Wars Fine Jewelry Discount Code

If you’re an avid Star Wars fan like me, then you’re most likely yearning for a piece from the Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection. Thankfully, there are a few discount codes you can use to buy that Jedi Mark pendant you were eyeing at a nice discount.

  • Use code FIRST10 for 10% off on your first order. *On regular-priced items
  • Use code THANKS10 for 10% off storewide at Star Wars Fine Jewelry
  • Use code HI6VQGZQ for 20% off on Women’s Jewelry

Talk to an Expert

I know how it feels when you can’t decide which Star Wars jewelry piece to buy. There are so many incredible Star Wars jewelry pieces that it’s hard to choose just one.

If you need extra help shopping for Star Wars jewelry, fill out the form below. I’ll do the rest of the work, and help you narrow your search to find that one trinket you will absolutely love.

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