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So, your significant other finally popped the question, and now you’re engaged. Or perhaps you were brave and introduced the ring at a perfect moment. Either way, congratulations! Naturally, wedding plans will start gathering in your mind. But before you call the florist, you might need a “Does this ring make me look engaged?” coffee mug or T-shirt. Here are 20 amazing products that will look fantastic in your engagement photos.

1. White Ceramic Coffee Mug

Does This Ring Make Me look Engaged Coffee Cup

Not everyone will take notice of your engagement ring instantly. That’s fine, because it allows you to use this ceramic coffee mug to convey great news casually.

As you hold this handmade 11-ounce mug in your left hand, the words “Does this ring make me look engaged?” will point the other person’s eyes in the right direction.

2. Powder Coated Stainless Steel Tumbler

oes This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Stainless Steel Tumblr

If you love coffee, but you’re more of an on-the-go person, this “Does this ring make me look engaged?” tumbler is worth your consideration. It’s the perfect gift for a newly engaged person in your life too.

The tumbler comes in mint green or teal, it has a magnetic slider lid, and you can use it for keeping water (or wine!) at the desired temperature longer.

3. 15-Ounce Wine Glass

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Funny Wine Glass 15oz

If you prefer drinking wine or water from elegant drinkware, this “Does this ring make me look engaged?” U.S.-made wine glass will impress. Taking a sip from this dishwasher-safe wine glass as you flaunt your engagement ring will surely start some conversations.

After the wedding, you can use this glass as a mini vase or a decoration as a sentimental reminder of your engagement.

4. 14-Ounce Easy Grip Travel Mug

Does this ring make me look engaged travel mug

Tumblers are handy, but this “Does this ring make me look engaged?” travel mug offers an easy grip and thumb rest. It’s incredibly durable and has a slanted drinking surface.

The double wall keeps coffee or tea hot and is microwave-safe. The printed text is high-quality and won’t wear off even after extended use.

5. Pink Marble Coffee or Tea Mug

Funny Mug Novelty Coffee Mug for Men Women Birthday

This ceramic coffee or tea mug features a pink, trendy marble design. The “Does this ring make me look engaged?” is in gold.

The stunning mug comes with a custom coaster and a gold-colored spoon. All items are neatly packed in a box, making it an ideal gift for yourself or someone you love.

6. Skinny Can Cooler or Seltzer Holder

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged? Skinny Can Cooler

If you prefer sharing the good news over a can of soda, this skinny can cooler will help you do so in style. You can choose from a wide range of colors, including black, royal blue, neon pink, and many more.

The can cooler is handmade, and the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” text takes up most of the space on the product. Without a doubt, this can cooler will get noticed.

7. Campfire Mug

Does this ring make me look engaged mug

The “Does this ring make me look engaged?” merch is versatile, but coffee mugs dominate the choices. This campfire mug is for those who love the outdoors but still want to show off their happiness about the engagement.

The campfire mug is lightweight and has an enamel layer and white coating. The silver rim adds a particularly nice touch.

8. Bride to Be Gift Box

Does this ring make me look engaged engagement mug

Did your friend just announce an engagement? If yes, this bride-to-be box is the ultimate emergency gift.

It contains a must-have “Does this ring make me look engaged?” coffee mug, a special wine glass, ring tray, and hair tie. It’s a thoughtful collection of items that will likely bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

9. Unisex Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Shirt

Some people prefer to make a statement with their outfits. If you recently got engaged, this short-sleeve crew neck T-shirt provides you with a solution.

The tightly knit and soft fabric will feel great on your skin, and the print quality is excellent. Keep in mind that the print goes on the back of the T-shirt instead of the front.

10. Hoodie Pullover

Engaged Ring shirt

If it’s cold outside when you put the engagement ring on your finger, a hoodie is better than a T-shirt. And that is especially true if you choose one as soft and cozy as this handmade hoodie pullover.

The lovely hoodie is available in many colors and contains a 50/50 cotton polyester blend. It’s also available in many sizes, ranging from small to 2X.

11. “Do These Socks Make Me Look Engaged?” Unisex Socks

Engaged Socks Blue and Black

Not everyone is keen on announcing their engagement with mugs or T-shirts. Others choose a sneakier route and choose socks instead.

Indeed, if you want to pull a silly prank on your family and friends, this pair of socks will undoubtedly prompt some questions. They are a cotton, spandex, and nylon blend and are machine washable.

12. Bridal Flowy Tank Top

Does this ring make me look engaged dress on bricks

This flowy tank top with the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” message is comfortable and impossible not to notice. The illustration of the ring comes in two options. You can choose a sparkly glitter material or a metallic foil. Of course, it’s a matter of personal preference.

13. “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged” Digital Print

Diamond Shirt

This digital print download lets you choose where you want others to read about your engagement.

You can download a zip file with different file formats and use them to print stickers and posters or send wedding engagement party invitations.

14. “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” Embroidery Hoop

Does this make engagement embroidery

Embroidery wedding products have a special kind of charm to them. If you want a lovely token that reminds you of your engagement, this embroidery hoop is worth your attention.

The diameter is six inches, and the material used for stitching is muslin. It’s a beautiful choice for those who want to bring a unique gift to an engagement party.

15. Reusable Stainless Steel Soda Bottle

Does this ring make me looked engaged water bottle

Staying hydrated is incredibly important, especially if you need to start planning a wedding. With this 17-ounce water or soda bottle, it is an effortless task.

The text on the bottle will not peel off, as it is not a sticker or decal. You can choose between two options, stainless steel or white coated.

16. “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” Keychain

engagement keychain

This is another fun and thoughtful keepsake one can give a friend in congratulations. It’s also a fantastic product to gift yourself if you want a reminder of the moment of your engagement.

The keychain comes with a gold tassel, which is another fun detail. You can request that the manufacturer add your initials to the keychain.

17. Compact Folding Mirror

Does this ring make me look engaged mirror

Finding a small but meaningful engagement keepsake is an important tradition to many. This rose gold folding mirror with the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” text is both funny and sentimental.

It’s an elegant accessory with both standard and magnifying mirrors. It’s a wonderful gift for your friend who travels frequently.

18. Ring or Trinket Dish

Ring Dish Engagement Gifts for Women Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged

You probably love your engagement ring. But it needs to come off your finger occasionally. This 4 x 4-inch glazed porcelain tray is where you can place your ring, other jewelry, and trinkets.

The background is white, the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” text is black, while the ring illustration and tray borders are silver and gold. The tray arrives in an elegant black box, making it a phenomenal gift option.

19. Printed Tote Bag

cute printed tote shopper bag

When you go out for groceries with a tote bag, this “Does this ring make me look engaged?” merch is a winner. The text is in black and pink, and the material is durable.

Walking down the street could become an adventure with this tote bag on your shoulder. You may even hear an occasional “Congratulations!” from well-meaning strangers.

20. Blank Lined Journal for Wedding Notes

Does this ring make me look engaged notebook

Are you obsessed with writing down detailed plans? If the answer is yes, this “Does this ring make me look engaged?” notebook will come in handy right after you get engaged.

You can start writing down venue or wedding attire ideas or use the empty pages for your wedding vows.

Understanding the “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” Meme

You might have seen some memes online that contain the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” message. As with most memes, the point is to poke fun at a trend, and in this case, the target is all the brides with their “Does this ring make me look engaged?” coffee mugs on Instagram.

An average meme would contain a generic image of this trend and another image that makes fun of the concept. For example, a woman may hold a ham sandwich instead of a fancy mug or wine glass.

Memes are usually super fun, but that doesn’t change the fact that this type of merch helps you celebrate those big moments in life.

Talk to an Expert

Before choosing the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” merch, it’s vital to find the perfect engagement ring. But that’s not always a straightforward task.

So many options are available, and the price ranges vary drastically. If you’re worried you’ll make the wrong choice, I am more than happy to help you avoid a mistake. Please fill out the form below, and let’s talk about your perfect engagement ring.

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