Verragio Engagement Rings Website Review

Verragio is one of the best-known bridal jewelry designers in the world. Each Verragio ring is made with impeccable attention to detail. Considering their prestige, Verragio rings tend to come at a high price and don’t fit everyone’s budget. The question is, are Verragio rings worth the money?

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed review of Verragio rings and go over all six Verragio engagement ring collections.

About Verragio

Barry Verragio founded the Verragio house of jewelry in 1996. He moved to New York at a very young age, where he studied at the Fashion Institute of New York. During this period, Verragio became an apprentice to Maurice Galley, who designed jewelry for Tiffany & Co. The first ring Verragio ever designed was an engagement ring for his wife.

What made Verragio stand out from the crowd was the unique setting technique he developed. The Lumino setting suspends the center stone in a manner that ensures maximum light exposure. It also makes the ring more comfortable to wear.

Today, Verragio sells engagement and wedding rings for men and women. You can find different kinds of designs and styles at Verragio, from modern, and contemporary cuts to antique and vintage designs. Verragio offers six different collections of engagement rings, but more on that later.

Ranking Score of Verragio

Verragio rings are loved by women all over the world. And with good reason. Verragio combines cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to create exquisite engagement and wedding rings. But before I give Verragio a score, let’s talk about what exactly it has to offer.

When it comes to diamond cuts, you can choose between round, princess, cushion, oval, pear, and emerald cuts. In terms of the ring style, Verragio offers halo, solitaire, three-stone, and pave-style rings. Each comes in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. You can even choose two tones for the same ring.

Customers can also design their own engagement and wedding rings, helping them create the ring of their dreams. You can pick the precious metal, the number of accent diamonds, and even how high or low you want the center diamond to be. What’s more, Verragio engagement rings can be paired with matching wedding bands from any collection.

As beautiful as they may be, Verragio rings don’t come cheap. Keep in mind that the ring’s total price depends on many factors, like the 4 Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight). The price also depends on the type of precious metal you choose for the ring. More affordable engagement rings are set in 14k gold, while 18k gold and platinum command a higher price.

Verragio rings are famous for their detailed design, which may not appeal to those who prefer plain, solitaire ring settings. If you’d like a single center stone on a solitaire ring with no additional details, then you might not be able to find what you’re looking for at Verragio.

Weighing up all the pros and cons, the final score I’ll give Verragio is 4.2/5.

Verragio Ring Collections

There are six Verragio ring collections, which have been inspired by modern fashion trends and timeless designs from the past.

1. Parisian Collection

Verragio rings shop Parisian engagement rings collection

The city of lights and its never-ending beauty inspires the Parisian Collection. Naturally, the central theme is romance. Tiny details, lacework, beading, and sparkles characterize the engagement rings from the Parisian collection. Other elements include diamond tiaras and rose gold settings. The Parisian collection is also Verragio’s most customizable collection.

2. Venetian Collection

Verragio rings shop venetian engagement rings collection

The breathtaking city of canals inspires The Venetian Collection. These rings have a vintage style compared to the trendy settings of the Parisian collection. They come with lacy details, floral halos, and the Verragio signature beading.

Some of the rings from the Venetian collection feature decorative halos, which are made to look like brooches. The main focus is on the side profile of each ring. However, these rings look amazing no matter which angle you view them.

3. Couture Collection

Verragio rings shop couture engagement rings collection

The Couture Collection is all about modern jewelry trends. Each piece is ornate, with various intricate details. Every single ring from this collection exudes luxury and extravagance. What makes this collection special is that it features Verragio’s signature Lumino setting style and crown-shaped bezel beneath the center stone.

Couture collection two tone marquise round engagement ring

Like with other collections, you can combine two types of precious metal. For example, take a look at this two-tone marquise-round engagement ring. The outer layer is set in platinum, and the inner layer is in rose gold.

4. Insignia Collection

Verragio rings shop insignia engagement rings collection

The Insignia Collection is Verragio’s original collection. The rings from this collection feature Verragio’s signature beadwork and the crown logo. Each model has a special design, catering to different tastes and budgets. These rings come in various styles, sizes, and metals.

The Insignia Collection perfectly captures what Verragio is all about – impeccable details, elegance, and extravagance. There’s something for everyone in this collection.

5. Renaissance Collection

Verragio rings shop renaissance engagement rings collection

The Renaissance Collection looks like it came from a fairytale. Inspired by the Renaissance era of the 14th and 15th centuries, this collection combines the timelessness of historic jewelry with Verragio’s trademark elements.

Each ring looks stunning from all sides, especially the profile that reveals the detailed ring settings. These pieces are characterized by symmetry and proportion, and of course, mesmerizing details.

6. Tradition Collection

Verragio rings shop tradition engagement rings collection

Finally, we have the Tradition Collection. This Verragio collection pushes the limits of craftsmanship and represents the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and romance. Unlike any other collection, the uniform precision and stunning brilliance are hallmarks of meticulous craftsmanship.

The Tradition Collection captures the true spirit of Verragio and its symbolism. Even though it’s called the Tradition Collection, it actually represents tradition with a twist.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Verragio rings are famous for their intricate beauty and timeless designs. Customers can choose from six different collections, which offer various cuts, styles, sizes, and elements. But they may not be for everyone.

If you’re interested in Verragio rings, but you’re not sure which one to pick, then I can help you make the right decision. Just fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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