Drop Pearl Earrings on Ears

While pearl stud earrings might not be in style anymore, pearl cluster drop earrings will always be classy. They can be the perfect accessory for a formal event, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or even a wedding. As long as you know how to style them, pearl cluster drop earrings can add that special effect to any outfit. 

Here are the top 20 pearl cluster drop earrings that can take anyone’s style to the next level. 

  1. Jordan Pearl Cluster Drop Earrings in Ivory

Price: $32 

These pearl cluster drop earrings have a metal base and gold plating. They’re 1.1 inches long, and combine elegance with a bold design. These earrings would look great with hair tied up in a ponytail, braid, or bun. 

  1. Victorian Pearl Cluster Earrings 

Price: $27.11

Not only are these pearl cluster earrings perfect for an elegant setting, they can also make ideal accessories for everyday wear. They feature natural freshwater pearls while the studs are gold-plated. They’re not too large, so can be paired with a slender gold chain. 

  1. BriLove Wedding Multi-Beaded Cluster Chandelier Earrings 

Price: $18.99

Looking for something bolder? These BriLove pearl drop earrings are 3.4 inches long. They have a multi-beaded chandelier design, perfect for brides who plan to wear their hair up. They can be worn for other occasions as well, so they make a great gift. 

  1. White Pearl Cluster Earrings

Price: $116

These stylish and dainty cluster drop earrings are made with cultured freshwater pearls. They’re delicate and elegant, and go beautifully with any wedding dress. They’re not so big that they’ll draw too much attention, yet will still add that special detail to any outfit. 

  1. Everleigh 24k Antique Gold-Plated Pearl Cluster Drop Earrings

Price: $168 

Pearl cluster drop earrings are expected to take an outfit to the next level, and these Everleigh 24k antique earrings will do just that. They offer a 2.5-inch drop, and they are plated in 24k antique gold. The pearls are freshwater, and they form a playful shape. 

  1. Kenneth Jay Lane Pearl Earrings 

Price: $90 

These pearl cluster drop earrings come with whimsical shell-shaped studs that make them unique. The white freshwater pearls are held together by gold-plated steel strings. They’re about 2.5 inches long, giving a dangling effect every time you turn your head.

  1. 18k Gold-Plated Freshwater Pearl Cluster Earrings

Price: $135.15 

For those who prefer pearl earrings that can be worn on a variety of occasions, take a look at these 18k gold-plated freshwater pearl cluster earrings. The freshwater pearls are held by gold-plated copper rings. These earrings are resistant to tarnishing, and they’re lead and nickel free. 

  1. Freshwater Pearl Cluster Earrings

Price: $28.99

These freshwater pearl cluster earrings are made with brass and titanium. They’re approximately 58 mm long and are attached to round, gold-plated shell studs. They go with any color, but would look best accessorizing summer outfits. 

  1. Grape-Shaped Pearl Cluster Earrings 

Price: $47.97 

These handmade freshwater pearl earrings add the finishing touch to any elegant, stylish outfit. They’re set in brass and stone, and have a drop length of 1.97 inches. Since they’re statement pieces, there’s no need to wear a necklace with them. 

  1. Mermaid Pearl and Shell Earrings 

Price: $305 

When searching for unique pearl cluster drop earrings, take a look at these stunning pearl and shell earrings. Not only are they extremely beautiful, they’re also purposely mismatched. The pearls are set in gold-plated brass. 

  1. Bridal Statement Earrings 

Price: $67.40 

When looking for pearl cluster drop earrings for your big day, these Bridal Statement Earrings could be the solution. They’re 2.75 inches long, and they’re set in silver. They’re inspired by the Art Deco era, perfect for any bride. 

  1. Loose Pearl Drop Earrings 

Price: $39.73

For those who want dainty pearl drop earrings that won’t draw too much attention, check out these loose freshwater pearl drop earrings. These earrings are 2.25 inches long, and they’re held by gold threads. 

  1. Ethereal “Purity and Peace” Pearl Amla Cluster Dangle Earrings

Price: $270 

These earrings combine freshwater pearls and diamonds set in 18k gold vermeil diamond pavé hoops. Not only do they add a finishing touch to any look, they also shine. What also makes them the ideal choice is the removable cluster set, so they can be worn as hoops alone.

  1. Sophie Bille Brahe Rose Pearls 

Price: $1,960

For those having the budget for it, these pearl earrings are stunning and unique. The cultured freshwater pearls are covered with a rose gold finish, and they’re 1.1 inches long. 

  1. Mariell 14k Gold Dangle Bridal and Wedding Earrings

Price: $32.92 

These sophisticated dangle bridal and wedding earrings are made from freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia. They’re set in 14k gold plating, and they’re 2.5 inches long. Even though they may seem large, they’re quite lightweight. 

  1. S925 Grapes Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Price: $209 

Another grape-inspired pearl earring set, these cluster drop earrings are made from 925 silver. They’re handmade, and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. 

  1. Gold Pearl Earrings

Price: $235 

For pearl cluster drop earrings that don’t come with too many pearls, this gold pearl combination might be what you’ve been looking for. The pearls are set in 14k yellow gold, and each cluster only consists of five pearls. 

  1. Vintage Dangling Pearl Cluster Earrings

Price: $17.92 

For a simple pearl cluster, take a look at these vintage dangling pearl cluster earrings. They’re 1.5 inches long and were made in the 1980s. 

  1. Rosalie Pearl Cluster Drop Hoop Earrings 

Price: $34 

Another dainty pair of pear cluster earrings, these drop-style earrings come in ivory. They’re simple yet elegant, and go with a variety of outfits. 

  1. Maddie Anese Pearl Earrings 

Price: $118

These pearl cluster drop earrings are stunning, and are plated in rose gold. They come with golden vines and flower petals that make these earrings stand out. 

Pros and Cons of Wearing Pearl Cluster Drop Earrings

Pearl cluster drop earrings can be elegant, dainty, and minimalistic, or bold and eye-catching. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and lengths. They’re the perfect earrings for brides who plan to wear their hair up. 

Pearl cluster drop earrings can be slightly heavy, just like any other cluster drop earrings. Those with sensitive ears may not feel comfortable wearing them. They can also be seen as tacky or draw too much attention to your ears if they’re oversized for the occasion. That’s why it pays to be careful about finding a pair that suits each person and situation best. 

Talk to an Expert Consultant

When looking for the perfect pair of pearl cluster drop earrings and you’re not sure where to start, feel free to fill out the form below. I’ll use my expertise to find the pearl earrings of your dreams. 

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