Top 20 Moss Agate Engagement Rings

Moss Agate Skull Engagement Ring With Simulated Diamonds

Moss Agate is a hard gemstone that falls in the chalcedony quartz class. Many Moss Agate rings have a clear or milky white base with green flecks that give them their distinctive and appealing look. Below, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 Moss Agate engagement rings:

1. Oval Faceted Moss Agate Solitaire Ring

14x10 Oval Faceted Moss Agate Solitaire Engagement Ring

Price: $160

This oval Moss Agate solitaire ring is listed on The Bea Line website. It best suits brides who adore engagement rings with a minimalist look and simple settings. It features an elegant and sleek oval Moss Agate, so you can rest assured it will make a lasting impression.

2. Vintage Coffin-Shaped Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Leaf Motif Vintage Coffin Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Price: $96

Maximalism can be beautiful, and this coffin-shaped Moss Agate engagement ring is a testament to that. The Moss Agate rests in an intertwining vine setting, an accurate representation of the inseparable love that the two of you share.

3. Moss Agate Skull Engagement Ring

Moss Agate Skull Engagement Ring With Simulated Diamonds

Price: $159.99

This ring features a natural green Moss Agate that weighs 2.0 carats. The center stone is surrounded by a halo of white simulated diamonds with additional simulated diamonds on the shoulders that reveal a mesmerizing floral design.

4. Capucinneblue Flora Round Moss Agate Engagement

Flora Round Moss Agate Ring with Black Spinel

Price: $260

What makes Capucinneblue’s Flora Round Moss Agate engagement ring stand out from the crowd is the tantalizing floral-inspired setting. The black spinel stones harmonize with the dark green color of the Moss Agate flecks, creating a whimsical but chic effect.

5. Giliarto Emerald-cut Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Moss Agate Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $1,350

If your bride-to-be has a preference for simple yet stunning engagement rings, consider Giliarto’s Emerald-cut Moss Agate Ring. The center stone is minimalist and sophisticated, but it rests in a glittering gold bezel setting, so your partner will surely stand out from the crowd.

6. Aurelius Hexagon Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Hexagon Moss Agate and Marquise Diamond Ring

Price: $1,190

Aurelius’ Hexagon Moss Agate engagement ring is the perfect choice for the modern bride-to-be who loves a geometric cut gem. The center stone is flanked by marquise diamonds that further highlight the beauty of this unique design.

7. Capucinne’s Addison Hexagon Moss Agate Ring


Price: $1,360

If you thought that the Moss Agate engagement rings on this list couldn’t get any more beautiful, then Capucinne’s Addison Hexagon Moss Agate Ring is here to prove you wrong. The dazzling accent stones on the shoulders highlight the center stone’s beauty showcasing a truly one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

8. Aurelius Pentagon Moss Agate Engage

Pentagon Moss Agate and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $1,390

For a woman who is drawn to Mother Nature, consider Aurelius’ Pentagon Moss Agate engagement ring. The pentagon-style Moss Agate that sits at the center is flanked by baguette diamonds, striking the perfect balance between vintage and modern styles.

9. The Bea Line Moss Agate Trilogy Ring

Emerald Cut Moss Agate Engagement Ring With Topaz

Price: $595

Minimalism is the new trend, and The Bea Line’s Moss Agate Trilogy Ring gives you just that. The blue hue from the London topaz stones on the shoulders complements the green flecks from the Moss Agate, creating a modern but alluring aura.

10. Lindsey Vintage-inspired Emerald-cut Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Vintage Inspired Emerald Cut Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Price: $1,850

Emerald-cut rings feel traditional, while Moss Agate feels modern. But this Lindsey’s Ring is a testament that the two aspects can harmoniously coexist and bring out a genuinely show-stopping jewelry piece. The Moss Agate is surrounded by a halo of round-cut natural diamonds in a stunning vintage-style setting.

11. Midwinter Custom Orion Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Moss Agate Engagement Ring With White Accent Diamonds

Price: $1,850

This captivating jewelry piece is another exciting addition to the top 20 Moss Agate engagement rings list. The small white diamonds in an asymmetric setting highlight the Moss Agate perfectly, proving that not every engagement ring requires a complex cut. The center stone rests in a four-prong setting flanked by clusters of round, brilliant-cut diamonds.

12. Felicegals Oval Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Oval Moss Agate And Moissanite White Gold Ring

Price: $899

If she’s feminine and has a love for floral patterns, then Felicegals’ Oval Moss Agate Ring will not fail to impress her. The central Moss Agate stone is surrounded by a halo of moissanite accents, creating a whimsical and chic floral design that will have heads turning.

13. Capucinne’s Beatrice Moss Agate Cluster engagement ring

Floral Themed Yellow Gold Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Price: $1,660

Of course, we couldn’t forget Capucinne’s Beatrice Moss Agate Cluster Ring. It is a fitting choice for those who love the unconventional route. The interspersing Moss Agate stones beautifully combine with the round diamonds, resulting in an edgy but fashionable juxtaposition.

14. Midwinter Imogene Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Dual Pear Moss Agate Ring White Accent Diamonds

Price: $1,350

Next on the list of the best Moss Agate engagement rings is another breathtaking offering from Midwinter— The Imogene Ring. The minimalist pear-shaped Moss Agate stones work harmoniously with the diamond accents creating a design that’s elegant, timeless, and fashion-forward.

15. Shygem Oval Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Moss Agate Engagement Ring with Pearl and Moissanite

Price: $369

Consider Shygem’s Oval Moss Agate Engagement Ring if she loves stepping out in bold colors and appreciates all the attention that comes with it. The Moss Agate is richly colored and is flanked by a pearl on each side. The band is encrusted with moissanite stones, so stepping out in this engagement means she’ll get all the attention she deserves.

16. 1stDibs Kite-cut Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Moss Agate Engagement Ring With Three Diamond Shoulders

Price: $1,100

This vintage-inspired kite-cut moss agate engagement ring fits the modern bride-to-be who also has an appreciation for vintage designs. Round diamonds accent the Moss Agate, and all the gemstones beautifully rest on a minimalist rose-gold shank, creating a chic appearance.

17. 1stDibs 14K Dendritic Moss Agate Signet

Dendritic Moss Agate 14k Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $1,900

Next on the list of the best Moss Agate engagement rings is another enchanting offering from 1stDibs; the Dendritic Moss Agate Engagement Ring. The geometric Moss Agate rests on an alluring gold band, eluding sophistication, elegance, and timeless femininity.

18. Mollyjewelryus Round Cut Moss Agate Ring

White Gold Engagement Ring Featuring Round Moss Agate

Price: $178

This ring borrows some Art Deco elements, such as marquise-cut and round-cut stones, making it an excellent choice for women who love vintage designs. It is also budget-friendly for most people, proving that elegance doesn’t have to be expensive.

19. Penfine Leaf Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Leaf Motif Moss Agate Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $693.75

Finishing off the list of the top 20 Moss Agate engagement rings is Penfine’s Leaf Moss Agate Engagement Ring. It suits any woman with a love for unique nature-inspired jewelry pieces. The ring is available in a variety of metals, including 10k rose gold, 10k white gold, 10k rose gold, etc., so choose the one that tells your love story.

20. Hera in the Garden Moss Agate Bridal Set

Moss Agate Ring Set With Diamonds And Alexandrite

Price: $2,445

This ring set is another unconventional but fashionable choice for those searching for show-stopping Moss Agate engagement rings. The two rings complement one another in a unique design and showcase femininity, elegance, and unwavering love.

Is Moss Agate Good for Engagement Rings?

Young Man Proposing To Young Woman On Floor

Yes, Moss Agate is unique and definitely a good choice for an engagement ring. It is a hard material, so it can be worn every day with little to no wear and tear. However, its hardness isn’t comparable to that of a diamond. Let’s also not forget that it is less expensive than other options like diamonds, so it suits those on a tight budget.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom Afshin Helping A Customer

The Moss Agate engagement rings we’ve listed above should be enough to spark some inspiration and help you pick the right ring for your bride-to-be. But if you’re still stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our engagement ring experts here at Lel Jewelry to help you out. We have years of experience in the jewelry business, so you can trust us to help you choose the Moss Agate engagement ring that will appeal both to you and your partner. Simply, fill out the form below, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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