Top 20 Best Moonstone Promise Rings

Moonstone Promise Ring in Leaf Motif Setting

Moonstones, and by extension Moonstone Promise Rings, are the birthstone of June, along with pearl and alexandrite. It has been used for jewelry since antiquity, and it was even associated with lunar deities in ancient Rome and ancient Greece. Today, it’s a popular gemstone for jewelry and the perfect promise ring for someone born in June. 

When looking for the perfect moonstone promise ring for your significant other, take a look at this list of the top 20 moonstone promise rings. 

  1. Harlow Moonstone Ring

Price: $125 

Moon Magic is one of the best stores for moonstone promise and engagement rings. The Harlow moonstone ring is one of their top-selling rings. It’s set in 14k rose gold, and it features an 8 mm x 10 mm oval-cut authentic rainbow moonstone. The gem is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

  1. Dainty Rainbow Moonstone Promise Ring

Price: $52.99

This moonstone promise ring centers a 6-millimeter round rose-cut stone that has a rainbow effect. It’s set in sterling silver and has a vintage design. If you’re looking for an affordable moonstone promise ring, this might be the perfect option. 

  1. Gold-Plated 925 Silver Moonstone Promise Ring 

Price: $149 

This promise ring features a stunning bluish moonstone that’s surrounded by golden leaves. The ring is set in 925 silver, and it’s plated in 18k yellow gold. The light blue and gold combination makes this promise ring ideal for vintage-style jewelry lovers. 

  1. Lavirra Moonstone Ring 

Price: $60 

The Lavirra moonstone promise ring is a beautiful combination of elegance and brilliance. The moonstone has a pear cut, and it’s held by three prongs. The material is 925 sterling silver, and it comes in sizes 6 to 9. 

  1. Soma Moonstone Ring 

Price: $92 

Capture the moon’s magic with the Soma moonstone ring, which features three moons – the waxing, full, and waning moon. The marquise-cut moonstone represents the full moon. The ring is handmade, and it’s set in sterling silver. 

  1. Teardrop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Price: $159 

This moonstone ring is so beautiful, it can be used it as a promise ring or an engagement ring. The moonstone has a teardrop shape (traditionally called a pear cut), and it’s surrounded by a moissanite halo. It’s available in rose gold and silver. 

  1. Raw Moonstone Ring

Price: $100

For those that prefer raw gemstones to tumbled ones, take a look at Moon Magic’s raw moonstone ring. Its uncut shape makes it stand out, since it’s completely unique. It’s held by four prongs, and it comes in sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold settings. 

  1. Omain Moonstone Ring 

Price: $60

The Omain moonstone ring is the perfect promise ring for lovers of blue gemstones. The light-blue pear-cut moonstone sits between two blue zircons, which accentuate its charm. The moonstone is set in 925 sterling silver, and it comes in sizes 6 to 9. 

  1. Glenn Moonstone Kite Ring

Price: $210 

The simple and elegant design of the Glenn Moonstone Kite Ring will take your breath away. The kite-shaped moonstone is sheer with soft-blue undertones. The thin bands come in solid yellow gold, sterling silver, and rose gold vermeil. 

  1. Dainty Moonstone Promise Ring 

Price: $269 

This moonstone promise ring has a floral design, and it centers a round rainbow moonstone. Each flower petal is decorated with small zircons. The ring is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold finishes, while you can choose between 9k and 14k gold for the material. 

  1. Soulmate Ring

Price: $900

For those with a budget for a moonstone and diamond promise ring, the Soulmate ring is the best choice. The center stone is a round-cut rainbow moonstone, which is framed by 28 diamonds. The ring is set in 14k solid rose gold. 

  1. Stella Solitaire Moonstone Ring

Price: $220 

The Stella Solitaire Moonstone Ring is elegant, beautiful, and charming. The oval-shaped moonstone is held by six prongs, while the band is adorned with round moissanite stones. Choose between rose gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. 

  1. Pear-Shaped Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Price: $199 

For those who prefer detailed rings, this moonstone promise ring is embellished with moissanite stones on the shoulders. What makes the ring special is the entwined silver band. The moonstone has a pear cut, and it’s held by three prongs. 

  1. Moonstone and Sapphire Promise Ring 

Price: $689 

This promise ring features a natural oval-cut blue moonstone and three round sapphires on each side. It’s handcrafted in 14k white gold, which adds to its enchanting beauty. It’s customizable, guaranteeing a perfect fit. 

  1. Handmade Moonstone Rose Gold Promise Ring

Price: $45 

If you’re on the lookout for a dainty yet mesmerizing promise ring, this moonstone ring won’t disappoint. It’s a solitaire ring with a large oval-cut moonstone set in rose gold. 

  1. Taia Three Stone Moonstone Ring

Price: $125 

This moonstone promise ring has a three-stone setting with a round, 0.28-carat moonstone being the center stone. The two side stones are moissanite. It’s available in a variety of sizes and materials. 

  1. The Queenly Ring

Price: $130 

The Queenly Ring features attractive rainbow moonstone and blue topaz embellishments. The moonstone has a pear cut, and it’s GIA-certified. It looks amazing from all angles. 

  1. Dora Trillion Moonstone Ring

Price: $160

Those who prefer band promise rings will find the Dora Trillion Moonstone Ring absolutely gorgeous. It’s reminiscent of the Art Deco era. This ring is set with tiny moonstones, and it’s available in yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. 

  1. Moonstone Tourmaline Ring

Price: $175 

This moonstone promise ring is for those who like to wear bold and eye-catching jewelry. The pear-shaped moonstone is surrounded by a pink tourmaline frame. It’s set in rose gold. 

  1. Aimée Moonstone Ring 

Price: $180 

Another moonstone and topaz combination, the Aimée promise ring is from Moon Magic’s Luxe Collection. The moonstone has a kite shape, and it sits on top of a white topaz-studded band. It’s set in sterling silver. 

What Is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring signifies love, loyalty, and commitment. In traditional terms, a promise ring is a romantic gift one partner gives to the other at some point in the relationship. Even though it’s sometimes called a pre-engagement ring, it doesn’t necessarily precede a proposal. A promise ring is a perfect present for an anniversary or birthday. 

Promise rings come in different shapes and a variety of styles. Birthstone rings are the most popular choice and a great way to make the ring special. Promise rings can also be simple bands, cluster rings, or even smaller diamond rings. Meant to be worn every day, a promise ring should be simple and discreet enough to match any outfit. 

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Promise rings are the perfect way to celebrate your relationship and strengthen it. If your significant other was born in June, a moonstone promise ring is an ideal present. If you have any questions about moonstone promise rings, feel free to fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible. 

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