Top 20 Kite Cut Engagement Rings


If you’re looking for an unusual engagement ring, then consider choosing one with a kite cut diamond. These diamonds have a unique shape and sharp edges that will definitely attract everyone’s attention. To narrow down your choices, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 kite cut engagement rings.

What Is a Kite Cut Engagement Ring?

Kite cut engagement rings feature a diamond that looks like a kite flying in the sky. These diamonds have four straight edges, usually two shorter and two longer ones. The shape of kite cut diamonds can vary depending on the cut. For example, elongated kite diamonds often look like shield cut diamonds.

Moreover, you may come across kite cut diamonds with symmetrical edges. Since kite cut diamonds appear larger than their carat weight, they’re a great option for those with a limited budget.

Top 20 Kite Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Kite Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring

Stunning Kite cut moissanite and diamond engagement ring

This ring features a kite cut moissanite with step cut faceting as the center stone. Several smaller marquise and round cut diamonds adorn each shoulder and add to the ring’s delicate style while emphasizing the center stone’s sparkle.

2. The Aster Ring

Kite cut white diamond ring with bezel setting

This beautiful ring centers on a gorgeous kite cut diamond with an excellent color grade and bezel-set in 14k yellow gold. At the bottom, you can see five smaller diamonds that give the ring a unique appearance. The thin shank makes the diamonds look even larger.

3. The Willow Ring

The willow ring with a red kite diamond

The Willow ring features a beautiful red kite-shaped diamond as the center stone. The diamond was ethically sourced from the Argyle Mine in Australia and has natural red coloring. Twelve small round white diamonds decorate the shank and create a subtle contrast, emphasizing the center stone’s color.

4. Salt and Pepper Lagom Diamond Kite Ring

Kite cut salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

This impressive Art Deco style ring displays a salt and pepper kite cut diamond as the center ring. Several smaller diamonds on the side highlight its unique colors. You can choose the material and order a matching band for additional protection and an enhanced visual effect.

5. Art Deco Style Kite Ring

Art deco salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

If you enjoy Art Deco style jewelry, then look no further than this ring. It centers on a salt and pepper kite-shaped diamond with impressive coloring. A halo of small white stones highlights the center diamond’s sparkle.

6. Kite Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Salt and pepper Kite cut diamond engagement ring

The ring’s main star is an asymmetrical diamond with impressive salt and pepper coloring. Small diamonds surround the center stone, creating a beautiful halo that emphasizes its hue. The same stones cover the visible part of the shank. You have three color options to choose from: rose gold, white, and yellow.

7. The Hazel Ring

hazel ring with salt and pepper kite diamond

The Hazel ring is anything but ordinary. It centers on a beautiful kite cut salt and pepper diamond with step cut faceting. The 14k rose gold band creates a lovely contrast and makes this minimalistic ring very effective.

8. Halo Kite Engagement Ring

Halo kite engagement ring with unique geometric design

If your other half enjoys unique and delicate jewelry, then she’ll love this ring. It centers on a salt and pepper kite cut diamond that weighs around 0.40 carats. Small stones create a lovely halo around the center, making the ring even more visually appealing.

9. Half Halo Kite Diamond Ring

Half halo kite cut diamond engagement ring

This unusual ring can be an excellent choice for those who like subtle yet effective jewelry. The center stone is a lovely salt and pepper diamond with asymmetrical edges. The stone’s bottom edges are shorter and highlighted by a v-shaped half-halo adorned with small stones. These stones also stretch along the visible part of the shank.

10. Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Let’s start with the ring’s center stone: it’s a beautiful salt and pepper diamond with a unique hue. Small stones adorn the upper part of the center diamond and follow its shape. You can choose the desired material and, if you want, pair the ring with an open nesting band that compliments the ring’s style.

11. The Dahlia Ring

The dahlia ring with a kite cut diamond

The ring’s center stone is a kite-shaped salt and pepper diamond with an approximate weight of 0.57 carats. A wonderful halo of smaller white diamonds surrounds the center stone, following its shape and emphasizing its hue.

12. Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring Set

Kite cut nesting wedding band galaxy diamond set

This set consists of two rings. The first one features a salt and pepper kite-shaped diamond as the center stone, while the second is a matching v-shaped band. You can choose the center stone and the ring’s material and size to ensure it matches your preferences.

13. Kite Diamond Cluster Ring

Unique Kite cut diamond cluster modern engagement ring

Many ladies consider classic solitaire rings dull and want something different but not too extravagant, and this ring may be the perfect option for them. It centers on a salt and pepper kite diamond with breathtaking coloring. Three small stones decorate each side and put a spotlight on the center diamond’s interesting shape.

14. Kite Salt and Pepper Diamond and Tanzanite Ring

Salt and pepper diamond ring with side tanzanites

Thanks to the combination of diamonds and tanzanites, this ring has a unique visual effect that never goes unnoticed. The center stone is a kite cut diamond that displays numerous shades of gray. Natural kite-shaped tanzanites decorate each side and complement the stone.

15. Natural Salt and Pepper Kite Diamond Ring

Minimalist salt and pepper Rhombus halo diamond ring

The salt and pepper kite cut diamond featured as this ring’s center stone looks even better because it’s combined with a halo of small white stones. It’s up to you to choose the preferred ring size and material.

16. Unique Kite Diamond Ring Set

Art deco diamond engagement ring three piece set

This Art Deco style ring set features three rings. The middle one has a kite-shaped diamond as the center stone, whose brilliance is emphasized by three small stones on each side. The other two rings are v-shaped and designed to complement the center stone.

17. Delicate Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring Set

One of a kind salt and pepper ring

If you want something delicate and unique, then this ring set is the way to go. The two rings feature small stones that ensure all eyes are on the lively kite cut diamond. You can choose whether you want 14k yellow, rose, or white gold.

18. The Sage Ring

The sage ring simple design with black diamond

This ring is a great choice for any lady who wants simplicity. It centers on a natural black diamond with step cut faceting. The thin 14k yellow gold band makes the stone look bigger and creates a visually-appealing contrast.

19. Red Diamond Ring

Minimalist Art Deco Red diamond kite engagement ring

A wonderful red kite-shaped diamond is this ring’s center stone. Its color and sparkle are highlighted by smaller white stones that stretch along the visible part of the shank. Since the shank is thin, the center stone looks bigger than it really is.

20. Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring With a Split Shank

Kite salt and pepper diamond ring with halo

This ring’s kite-shaped center diamond is adorned with a halo of smaller stones that highlight the stone’s hue. The split shank makes the ring even more attractive and complements the center stone.

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