Best 20 Jewelry Stores in Connecticut

Estate diamond jewelry Customer Looking at a Ring

Connecticut offers plenty of shopping opportunities. It has a lively shopping culture, providing hundreds of malls and stores for finding what you need. However, jewelry shopping requires more consideration, and finding a reliable jewelry store can take time and effort. We have your back here with this list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut. Let’s see your choices there!

Best 20 Jewelry Stores in Connecticut

1. Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate diamond jewelry top jewelry store near Connecticut

Estate Diamond Jewelry is our top pick on this list. This title is due to being the best vintage jewelry store near Connecticut. They provide one of the world’s top-tier diamond jewelry collections of antique pieces, featuring jewelry from the Art Deco, Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian eras. Estate Diamond Jewelry provides exquisite customer service with half a century of experience.

Explore Estate Diamond Jewelry’s collections on their Instagram and Pinterest pages.

2. Robertson Jewelers

robertson jewelers jewelry store in new Milford Connecticut

Founded by a family of jewelry professionals, Robertson Jewelers provide an extensive selection of quality jewelry pieces. They specialize in custom jewelry and bridal accessories like engagement rings and wedding bands. Suppose you need a jewelry vendor with reasonable pricing. In that case, Robertson Jewelers is a great choice from the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut.

Take a look at their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Lux Bond & Green

Lux bond and green jewelry store in Connecticut

Lux Bond & Green is a jewelry store chain with a shop in West Hartford, Connecticut. They’re one of the oldest jewelers on this list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut. Since its beginning more than a hundred years ago, they have provided customers with top jewelry brands. Diamond, gold, and pearl jewelry are only small parts of their collection.

Explore Lux Bond & Green’s page on Instagram for more.

4. Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Beckers diamonds and fine jewelry store in Connecticut

Another exquisite jewelry store in West Hartford, Becker’s, has made this list for a reason. Their collection features the finest diamond and gemstone jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands. They also sell stunning estate jewelry and pre-owned watches. Visit Becker’s Jewelry if you prefer jewelry retail with a versatile selection.

Check Becker’s Jewelry online on Instagram and Pinterest.

5. Kasson Jewelers

Kasson Jewelers of Southport jewelry store in Connecticut

Kasson Jewelers is a jewelry store with a significant family tradition. Founded in 1949 in Bridgeport, they have been offering exquisite jewelry for decades. They’re located in the New England Village of Southport, which has been said to have a movie-like charm. The store displays many unique jewelry pieces, including diamond jewelry, top-notch designer, and estate jewelry.

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6. Sterling Jewelers

Sterling Jewelers independent jewelry store in Wethersfield Connecticut

Among independent retail jewelry stores, Sterling Jewelry made our list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut. This store resides in Wethersfield, which is a famous historic town. Sterling Jewelers’ collection features an extensive choice of diamonds, specializing in wedding jewelry. Additionally, they provide a great selection of top-quality designer jewelry brands and offer the finest custom design services.

Check out Sterling Jewelers on Instagram.

7. Nagi Jewelers

Nagi Jewelers jewelry store display case in Connecticut

Nagi Jewelers is one of the youngest jewelry stores on this list. Besides providing beautiful jewelry for every occasion, they’re well-profiled in custom jewelry design. We highlight their Swarovski diamond collection and designer jewelry since it features some genuinely stunning pieces! Besides traditional jewelry, Nagi Jewelers offers a great selection of loose diamonds of all grading levels.

Explore Nagi Jewelers on Pinterest and Instagram.

8. Glastonbury Jewelers

Glastonbury Jewelers jewelry store in Connecticut ruby pieces

Glastonbury Jewelers is in the Connecticut town of the same name. Professional European goldsmiths create their sophisticated jewelry pieces, ensuring high-quality results. Their collection provides stunningly beautiful precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, and designer jewelry. Glastonbury Jewelers have something for everyone, and that’s why they’re on our list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut.

Explore their collection on Instagram.

9. Rumanoff’s Jewelry

Rumanoffs jewelry store in Connecticut staff members

Founded in 1938, Rumanoff’s Jewelry has a solid tradition in the jewelry business. Every engagement ring or wedding band in their collection has a touch of sentimentality, making these moments genuinely memorable. Aside from providing a vast collection of the finest jewelry, Rumanoff’s Jewelry exceeds all expectations regarding custom design. This attentiveness is what makes it an excellent destination for jewelry shopping.

Explore Rumanoff’s beautiful collections on Instagram and Pinterest.

10. Hannoush Jewelry

Hannoush jewelers jewelry store in Connecticut three rings

Hannoush jewelry extends over multiple Connecticut locations, including Danbury, Enfield, Farmington, and South Windsor. They offer many exquisite jewelry brands, including Verragio and Tacori, custom-made pieces, and designer jewelry. Finally, their bridal jewelry collection truly stands out and makes them one of our top picks.

Find Hannoush Jewelry’s collections on Facebook.

11. Diamond Designs

Diamond designs Connecticut jewelry store founder at counter

Diamond Designs are a trusted independent jewelry vendor in Connecticut. They provide all types of jewelry, from designer engagement rings to exquisite wedding bands. Their customer service is often highlighted by customers since they provide professional advice when buying high-class jewelry. Fine jewelry in their collection often features a sophisticated and elegant design.

Explore Diamond Designs’ Instagram page.

12. Onyx Fine Jewelers

Onyx fine jewelers jewelry store in Connecticut interior

One of our favorites from the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut is Onyx Fine Jewelers. They arrived on the jewelry scene in 1970 and have been providing fine jewelry ever since. Their extensive collection features high-quality diamond jewelry as well as stunning engagement rings. Currently, they offer a few fashionable jewelry connections, and it’s up to you to explore them.

Check Onyx Fine Jeweler’s Instagram account for more inspiration.

13. Malloves Jewelers

malloves jewelers Connecticut jewelry store staff at counter

Malloves Jewelers have been in the business for almost a century. They provide diamond jewelry for every occasion, and you’re bound to find something for yourself in their store. Their collection features lab-grown diamonds and natural ones, from which they create breathtaking jewelry. And best of all, their staff is amicable and eager to help you pick the perfect piece.

Find Malloves Jewelers on Pinterest.

14. Turgeon Jewelers

Turgeon jewelers Connecticut jewelry store ring in rose

Turgeon Jewelers have everything from stunning bridal accessories to pearls and colored gemstone jewelry. They provide you with plenty of choices, and you’re sure to enjoy visiting their store. A passion for fine craftsmanship makes this jewelry store special, and every piece they sell promotes excellence. Jewelry stores with a long tradition make the top of our list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut.

See Turgeon Jewelers’ designs on Instagram and Facebook.

15. Lenox Jewelers

Lenox jewelers jewelry store located in Fairfield Connecticut

If you need to build a unique engagement ring, look no further than Lenox Jewelers. They will help you design a perfect jewelry piece from loose diamonds. Their stunning jewelry collection is worth the investment, and we’re sure you’ll find something beautiful to suit your taste.

Explore Lenox Jewelers’ collection on Instagram.

16. Andersons Jewelers

Andersons jewelers jewelry store located in Wellesley Massachusetts

Anderson Jewelers are experts in blending high-end designer jewelry and traditional pieces. Their store has something for everyone and every budget, so you’re sure to find what fits your needs. Andersons’ Jewelers provide professional service and quality custom designs and jewelry evaluation. Their bridal jewelry collection is famous for its exceptional value and GIA-certified gems.

Follow Anderson Jewelers on Instagram.

17. Cellini Design Jewelers

cellini design jewelers jewelry store in Connecticut showroom

Cellini Design Jewelers have a solid place on our list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut. With 70 years of experience in the jewelry business, they are sure to provide you only with the best pieces. They work with some of the biggest names in the industry and feature the highest quality diamond cuts in their creations. Their current jewelry collection sparks the imagination, and you’re bound to find a perfect engagement ring in their store.

Check Cellini Design’s Pinterest account for inspiration.

18. Baribault Jewelers

Baribault jewelers jewelry store in Connecticut elegant showroom

Styles come and go, but the value is forever. That’s what Baribault Jewelry stands for. It’s been their mission to create quality jewelry for over 70 years, successfully blending trends with sophistication. Baribault Jewelers have GIA-trained gemologists as staff to aid you in making a perfect investment in your jewelry. They primarily focus on bridal accessories, including engagement rings and wedding bands.

Explore Baribault Jewelers’ collections on Instagram.

19. Tiffany & Co

tiffany and co models wearing various jewelry pieces

The most famous jewelry store in the world, Tiffany & Co, has been in the industry for almost two centuries. Its collections are top-notch; they are luxurious and present timeless choices for jewelry shopping. Their Connecticut store is in Farmington, and you should visit it if you want jewelry that withstands the test of time.

Explore Tiffany & Co on Instagram and YouTube.

20. Libero Jewelers

libero jewelers diamonds and fine jewelry Connecticut store

If you’re near North Haven, Connecticut, we suggest you visit Libero Jewelers. They’re a renowned jewelry store offering stunning fine jewelry collections and complete services. This store made our list of the best 20 jewelry stores in Connecticut because they provide an extensive collection of bridal pieces. You’ll also find stylish watches and exquisite designer jewelry brands when you stop in.

Check their Instagram page for more.

Best Online Jewelry Stores in Connecticut

  • Estate Diamond Jewelry
  • Jewlr
  • Eragem
  • Zales
  • Blue Nile

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

Jewelry shopping can become challenging when searching for a store that perfectly balances your budget and style preferences. However, don’t hesitate to ask for advice. If you still have trouble finding the best jewelry store in Connecticut, fill out the form below. One of our jewelry experts will reach out to you and point you to the best jewelry store for your needs.

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