Where to Hide Your Engagement Ring Until You Propose

someone hiding an engagement ring from their partner

We’ve all seen the movies where the girl finds a wedding ring in her boyfriend’s sock drawer. Evidently, this isn’t a good hiding spot for an engagement ring. If you’re looking for clever places to hide your engagement ring until you propose, you’ve come to the right place.

15 Places to Hide Your Engagement Ring Until You Propose

You found and bought the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Now, all you need to do is find the ideal spot to store it until it’s time to pop the question. It can be tricky to hide your engagement ring if you already live with your partner. So here are the best 15 hiding places for engagement rings:

1. A High Spot That’s Hard to Reach

people high up in a cable car in london

One of the best places to hide your engagement ring is somewhere high. It could be the top of a wardrobe, the highest shelf on the bookshelf, or even above the kitchen cabinets. The higher, the better. Just make sure to put it in something else, like a box or container, where it will blend in plain sight.

2. Outside of Your Home

outside view of a home with two sheds

If your partner likes to snoop through your stuff, it’s best to avoid keeping the ring inside the house. You can hide your engagement ring in the garage, shed, or backyard. It goes without saying that the box should be kept in a safe place where it won’t be damaged by moisture or the elements and where no one can steal it.

3. Somewhere They Would Never Look

Woman searching for something with a puzzled look

This one might be a little vague, but you get the idea. Think of a place in the house your partner isn’t interested in and rarely notices. For example, if you have a LEGO collection that your partner doesn’t take any interest in, hiding a small box there should be easy.

4. In Your Car

view of car interior with tan color seats

Hiding the engagement ring in the car is another great idea. When I say car, I definitely do not mean the glove compartment or under the passenger’s seat. Try being more creative. You can put the box in something and hide it in the trunk—for example, in the first aid kit.

5. At Your Office

Office desk perfect for hiding an engagement ring

Your office is a great place to hide your engagement ring until you propose. If you don’t have an office to yourself, you can put it in your desk drawer. Just make sure to lock it when you’re not at work. While hiding the ring in public spaces increases the chances of your partner not finding it, it may not be safe. Also, don’t tell anyone where you put the ring, just to be safe.

6. In Your Sports Bag

Sports bag perfect for hiding an engagement ring

Putting the engagement ring in your sports or gym bag is a good idea if you know your partner won’t go through it. But if they do your laundry, this won’t make a good hiding space. Another option is to put the box in a large, empty plastic container that isn’t see-through, like a supplement bottle.

7. In Your Toolbox

Tool boxes perfect for hiding an engagement ring

If your partner doesn’t repair things around the house, putting the ring in the toolbox is a clever idea. Just make sure to protect the ring so it doesn’t get damaged by the tools. If the box doesn’t fit, you can place it in a small cotton bag. It will be easier to hide that way and can fit in small places.

8. At the Bank

Safety deposit boxes in bank to hide ring

Hiding your engagement ring at the bank might sound like too much, but it’s definitely the safest place, especially if you bought a large diamond ring worth $30,000 or more. Not only will your ring be safe, but your partner will never suspect a thing.

9. In Your Luggage

Man with luggage to Hide his engagement ring

Unless you’re planning to propose to your partner during a trip or vacation, hiding the ring box in the luggage is a good idea too. If you have an old suitcase that no one uses anymore, place the ring in a safe container and put it there. This is a foolproof plan without any unnecessary worries.

10. In Fake Containers

Fake container to hide engagement ring among Spice jars

If you don’t mind buying some props, you can find loads of fake containers for hiding small items. What’s great about fake containers is that they can blend in perfectly, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or pantry. The idea behind this is to hide the ring in plain sight.

11. In a Box of Holiday Decorations

Storage box perfect place to hide engagement ring

As it’s best to put the ring in a place that no one will touch or go through, you can hide your engagement ring in a box of holiday decorations. However, don’t do this if Christmas is approaching. On the other hand, if you’re planning to propose on Christmas, you can put the ring inside a different present and surprise them even more.

12. In Storage

Walk in closet perfect to hide engagement ring

If you have a closet or a wardrobe you use for storage, the engagement ring box can blend in perfectly. You can even ditch the box and put the ring in a cotton bag to make sure no one finds the ring. That way, it will be easier to hide.

13. In a Houseplant With a False Bottom

Engagement ring hiding in house plant among others

Similar to fake containers, you can buy a houseplant pot with a false bottom. This idea might sound like it’s too much, but if you want to make sure your partner doesn’t find the ring until it’s time to propose, it’s the best way to go.

14. In Your Satchel

Yellow Satchel perfect for hiding an engagement ring

The same rule applies to putting the ring in the satchel or laptop bag as to the gym bag – as long as your partner won’t go through it, it’s a decent hiding place. However, a box might be harder to hide, so putting it in a pouch and hiding it in a secret pocket is better. That way, it won’t stick out.

15. Give the Ring to Someone

Trusted friend agrees to hold onto engagement ring

If none of these ideas work for you, you can always give the ring to someone you trust, whether a close friend or a family member. When the time is right, ask them to bring you the ring, and your partner will never suspect a thing.

Talk to an Expert

If you want to propose the right way, every step of the plan must be perfect, including hiding your ring until you pop the big question. You can hide the ring in any of these 15 places, and your partner will never find it.

If you have any more questions about this topic or you want more ideas, feel free to fill out the form below.

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