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When it comes to engagement rings, the halo setting is one of the most popular choices. With the smaller stones circling the center stone, we get an impressive field of sparkle and shine. Here’s advice on pairing Halo Engagement Rings in Rose Gold.

Undoubtedly, halo rings are the mainstream these days, but there are ways to make them more unique. A halo engagement ring with rose gold mounting and band is the perfect pairing for more adventurous shoppers. Here are 20 fantastic options to consider. 

1. White Round Brilliant Halo Diamond Ring

Fancy white round brilliant halo diamond ring

This halo engagement ring in rose gold is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has a 1.15 CT stone, with a collection of brilliants in closed pave halo. It’s set in 18K rose gold, known for its durability and beauty. Furthermore, the center diamond is round and has a VS clarity.

2. Newry Ring

pear shaped diamond and diamonds halo newly ring

Not all halo settings are round, and a perfect example is the Newry ring. It features a pear shape diamond around 1 CT and has a halo made from antique-cut diamonds. On top of that, the mounting is made from the highest quality rose gold, which will garner attention. 

3. 14K Rose Gold Marquise Cluster Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 

Fourteen karat rose gold marquise cluster halo ring

Cluster halo rings are uniquely beautiful. Indeed, they are romantic but also make a bold statement. This amazing engagement ring is no exception and is the perfect choice for budget-minded shoppers. The average clarity of the diamonds is VS2-Sl, and you can also purchase a wedding band in the same style at James Allen. 

4. 14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo Engagement Ring 

Fourteen karat gold pave halo round engagement ring

Rose gold and a halo setting are an eye-catching combination, but you don’t have to make overly risky choices. For example, this stunning ring combined these two features effectively while maintaining a minimalistic design. Indeed, it’s the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates elegance with the touch of drama. 

5. Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

fourteen karat rose gold Twisted halo diamond ring

An engagement ring gives you a chance to deliver a customized statement of love and devotion. With this gorgeous rose gold twisted halo engagement ring, you showcase the intertwining the marriage represents. 

6. Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic halo diamond rose gold engagement ring

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a classic halo ring design. Not only that, classic halo never goes out of style and is always a fan favorite. This ring has an immaculate 14K rose gold band that holds the beautiful round 0.25 CT diamond, creating a wonderful effect. Undoubtedly, this is the type of engagement ring that becomes a family heirloom. 

7. Cadenza Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Cadenza halo diamond engagement ring with various options

Maximalism is trendy again, and the engagement ring industry got the message. Therefore, it’s imperative to talk about this gorgeous vintage-inspired halo ring. The surrounding diamonds highlight the center stone, all wrapped in dazzling rose gold. Indeed, this ring is for those unafraid to demand attention. 

8. Fancy Halo Diamond Engagement Ring With Side Stones

Fancy halo diamond engagement ring with side stones

Perhaps round shape halo rings are the traditional option, but pear rings offer a special kind of charm. You can purchase this ring from 1/3 to 2 carats and choose the metal color. However, the rose gold fits perfectly with the design, accentuating the center and side stones perfectly. 

9. Waverly Diamond Engagement Ring With Black Diamond

Waverly diamond engagement ring with black diamond accents

Black diamonds make the already perfect combination of the halo ring with rose gold even more special. The Waverly engagement ring features a sparkling halo setting with pavé black diamonds. Furthermore, the rose gold allows the 1/3-carat diamond to truly shine and the black diamonds to stand out brilliantly. 

10. Fortuna Diamond Engagement Ring

Fortuna diamond engagement ring with halo accents

If the pear or round shape is not up to your standards, consider the emerald cut halo ring in rose gold. The Fortuna engagement ring is truly spectacular and was designed to impress. It features a halo of diamond accents, thus providing a truly distinctive look. In addition, the two rows of pavé diamonds shine and sparkle on the eye-catching split shank band. 

11. Bennett Ring

Georgian era antique Bennett ring with pearls halo

Modern and even vintage-inspired halo rings are widely available. However, if you’re on the hunt for a rare find, the Bennet ring fits into that category. This is an antique halo ring in rose gold, designed around 1840, the Georgian era. The center stone is a citrine gemstone, and the halo is made from beautiful pearls. Without question, this is not a standard engagement ring. But those passionate about antique jewelry and history are sure to appreciate it. 

12. Fancy Dark Orange Brown Emerald and White Brilliant Diamond Dress Ring

dark orange brown emerald and white diamond ring

Richly colored diamonds have an amazing appeal and stand out from what the mainstream has to offer. Uniqueness and style are precisely what you get with this dark orange emerald and white diamond ring. As a finishing touch, a collection of eight white round brilliants complement the center stone, delivering the floral prong setting. 

13. Venice Diamond Engagement Ring

Venice diamond engagement ring halo of marquise diamonds

Engagement rings are elegant and glamorous by design. But if you want to see a little bit more playfulness, consider the Venice diamond engagement ring. This ring resembles a star from a distance, and the sparklines will impress you up close. The rose gold enhances the design and gives it an even warmer and more romantic look. 

14. Fancy Brown Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Fancy brown diamond ring in fourteen karat rose gold

With the International Gemological Institute (IGI) certification, this brown halo ring in 14K gold combined several essential features. First, it’s highly detailed and showcases a gorgeous brown diamond. Second, it’s the perfect choice for those shopping for engagement rings on a budget. And third, it offers a unique style and aesthetic. 

15. S Collection Bridal Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Bridal collections include an engagement ring and a wedding band in the same style. Therefore, if you want the convenience of having a halo engagement ring in rose gold with a wedding band that matches, consider this amazing combination from Sam’s Club. 

16. 14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo Engagement Ring (Oval Center)

Oval Fourteen karat rose gold pave halo diamond ring

You can choose the carat weight you want when assembling this rose gold halo engagement ring from James Allen. Therefore, you can still enjoy the design and style while not spending a fortune. Oval-shaped halo engagement rings are a popular choice, and this ring, in particular, will appeal to many.

17. Floating Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

white and rose gold floating halo diamond ring

What to do if you can’t decide between a white and rose gold halo ring? Naturally, you choose an engagement ring that features both metals. This floating halo diamond ring from the Blue Nile has a 1/3 CT round center diamond encircled with beautiful and sparkly pavé-set diamonds. The white gold dominates the design, but the rose gold halo stands out and holds the center stone in place. 

18. Double Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Trends come and go, but understated elegance never goes out of style. This minimalistic and timeless halo engagement ring in rose gold comes with a twist, though. Amazingly, it has an additional halo wrapped around the center gem. The rose gold band is sleek yet discreet, ensuring all the focus is on the diamonds. 

19. Double Halo Pave Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

yellow diamond double halo pave split shank ring

When the price tag is not a concern, you should have the option of building an engagement ring that fits your needs. That’s precisely what customers can do at Diamond Mansion with this double halo engagement ring. You can opt for either natural colorless or yellow diamond, and be sure that either choice has a GIA certification. 

20. Halo Swirl Pavé Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring

GIA certified halo swirl pave natural black diamond

This is an incredibly luxurious halo engagement ring in rose gold and with black diamonds. It features an intricate design, and the center diamond is surrounded by black and white diamonds, simultaneously delicate and powerful. Indeed, this is the kind of design not made for everyone but a select few. 

Talk to Expert on Halo Engagement Rings in Rose Gold

Halo engagement rings are gorgeous and epitomize charm and timeless style. Rose gold contains copper, making the metal more durable and less likely to deteriorate. 

Therefore, combining these two features is a win-win situation. So, all that’s left to do is find the perfect style for your partner and plan a perfect proposal. Perhaps, one of the 20 stunning rings I’ve covered in this list might be the winner. 

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