Top 20 Green Wedding Bands

Macro Photograph Of Ring With Emeralds And Diamonds

Green is the ideal color for a spring or summer wedding, and a green wedding band will look amazing on the finger of that special someone on that beautiful day. Green wedding bands symbolize that your love is natural and pure. What’s more, they can show off a discreet and stylish look. These are the most beautiful green wedding bands I found on the market.

1. The Hamden Band

Estate Diamond Jewelry Hamden Wedding Band With Emeralds

Price: $1,850

Let’s start with this platinum half-eternity ring. It combines calibre-cut emeralds and round brilliant-cut diamonds. The emeralds are channel-set, while the diamonds are set in prongs within rectangular bezels. This lovely band has a width of 2.6mm. The total emerald weight is 0.28 carats while the total diamond weight is 0.14 carats.

2. The Barden Green Band

Estate Diamond Jewelry Barden Wedding Band With Emeralds

Price: $2,500

Another beautiful ring I quite like is, again, a half-eternity band. This one, however, features baguette-cut green emeralds. These gorgeous emeralds give a beautiful pop of green which I adore. Fine milgrain adds a delicate touch to the ring. This 18k yellow gold band has a low profile, and its width is 2.5mm.

3. The Bell Grove Band

Price: $2,200

The subtle elegance of this ring is what caught my attention. It features an alternating pattern of diamonds and emeralds. The band also combines shapes as the diamonds have a round brilliant-cut and the emeralds are calibre-cut. A delicate milgrain embellishes the whole ring.

4. Emerald Ring With Diamond Accents

Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents in 18kt Gold

Price: $140

This is another fun wedding band with alternating emeralds and diamonds. The emeralds are in a square cutting style, while diamonds are round brilliant cut. I recommend this ring to anyone who likes gold, as it is 18k yellow gold over sterling silver.

5. Emerald Ring in 18k Gold Over Sterling

Emerald Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling

Price: $180

This ring is quite delicate, but I consider it a statement ring. It’s a wonderful blend of gold and green that would look amazing on any hand! The ring combines round-cut emeralds with 18k yellow gold over sterling silver for an alluring effect.

6. Half Eternity Five Stone Emerald Wedding Band

Half Eternity Five Stone Emerald Wedding Band

Price: $1,449

A row of five luxurious round emeralds lines the face of this ring. These gemstones are in a prong setting that also forms the under-gallery of the ring. This is a 2.3mm wide half-eternity band in 14k yellow gold. The gemstone quality, metal type, carat weight, and ring size can be adjusted.

7. Diamond and Emerald Stackable Ring

Emerald Stackable Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

Price: $395

This ring is what I recommend for anyone who likes clear stones but still wants a hint of green; baguette-cut emeralds with sets of slightly smaller baguette-cut diamonds. Since the green won’t overwhelm other rings, this 14k yellow gold ring is also stackable.

8. Abrielle Diamond & Emerald Wedding Band

Abrielle Diamond & Emerald Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Price: $1,450

This is a delicate, vintage-inspired ring with an elegant shape. The soft curve of this sophisticated wedding band makes it perfect for combining with low-profile engagement rings. The combination of alternating emeralds and diamonds gives a delicate sparkle. Additionally, the gold beaded milgrain adds to its beauty. This band is handcrafted in 14k yellow gold but also has a white gold option.

9. Emerald Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

14kt Yellow Gold Wedding Band With Emeralds

Price: $550

Gold accents are what I adore about this ring. It features square-cut emeralds that are channel-set. This wedding band is perfect for those who prefer simple gold jewelry but still want an elegant twist.

10. Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

Ross Simons Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

Price: $349

The combination of diamonds and emeralds crowning this half-eternity ring provides a lively sparkle. The alternating play of the stones provides this ring with charm. Even though it is a little bolder, this band is also perfect for stacking.

11. Green Emerald Wedding Band

Joseph Jewelry Green Emerald Wedding Band

Price: $1,595

This is a minimalistic yet impressive wedding band that will complement any engagement ring. It is a 14k yellow gold featuring round emeralds. The stones are in a prong setting trailing along the half-eternity band.

12. Emma Green Gemstone Wedding Ring

Best Brilliance Emma Green Gemstone Wedding Ring

Price: $1,216

This luxurious wedding ring features no less than 100 emeralds. The pave-mounted gemstones line the ring in three rows, and the band is 18k rose gold with a width of 3.45mm. Even though this ring is a statement in itself, it can still be worn with an engagement ring.

13. Simulated Emerald and Cubic Zirconia Eternity Band

Simulated Emerald Eternity Band in Sterling Silver

Price: $79

It’s easy to fall in love with this intricately designed eternity ring. The icy sparkle of the cubic zirconia spiraling the round emeralds would complement your wedding dress perfectly. If you like adding glamour to your style, I believe you have found the perfect ring.

14. Peridot Eternity Band in Sterling Silver

Ross Simons Peridot Eternity Band in Sterling Silver

Price: $95

I included this ring in my favorites because of its sophisticated colors. This eternity ring showcases round-cut peridots which are more on the yellow side. Peridot is a birthstone of August, making this sterling silver ring perfect for a late summer wedding.

15. Oval Shape Gemstone & Diamond Wedding Band

Dunkins Diamonds Emerald And Diamond Wedding Band

Price: $1,078

This ring showcases five emeralds and six diamonds, perfect for an elegant wedding. Oval-cut emeralds alternate with six smaller round-cut diamonds in a 14k yellow gold ring.

16. Diamond and Emerald Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

Ross Simons Emerald Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

Price: $389

Next, we have a diamond and emerald ring in 14k yellow gold. Round brilliant-cut diamonds and round emeralds trail along the band in a bezel setting. I find it sophisticated yet playful.

17. Emerald Eternity Band in 14k Yellow Gold

Ross Simons Emerald Eternity Band in 14kt Yellow Gold

Price: $596

The most unusual ring on my list boasts 23 round-cut emeralds. They are carefully set along this bright 14kt gold band. It is easily stackable, but its unique look also makes it pop out independently.

18. 18k Yellow Gold Green Emerald and Diamond Band

Jewelry Bliss Yellow Gold Diamond And Emerald Ring

Price: $1,199.99

This elegant yellow-gold ring with a leafy branch design is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. It features alternating marquise-cut diamonds and emeralds in an intriguing pattern.

19. Marquise Emerald and Moissanite Women Wedding Band

Vintage Marquise Emerald And Moissanite Women Wedding Band

Price: $320.31

This slim and elegant wedding band combines two kinds of gemstones. Marquise-cut emeralds and round-cut moissanite alternate along the length of the ring. The ring is made of 10k rose gold, complementing the gems nicely.

20. Diamond and Green Emerald Band

Le Vian Diamond And Emerald Yellow Gold Band

Price: $1090

This simple yet elegant ring in 14k yellow gold showcases two rows of gemstones set in prongs. One row consists of round emeralds, while the other features round-cut diamonds.

What Are the Gemstones to Use for a Green Wedding Band?

Jeweler Making An Emerald Ring

Emeralds are the most popular green gemstone, so most people associate it with this color. This is unsurprising since the name comes from the ancient Greek word “smargados,” meaning “green gem.”

Their crystal structure, however, has many imperfections. Although this makes each stone unique, it also can introduce vulnerability in regards to fractures and breaking. However, with the proper care, there is no reason to worry.

One of the gemstone facts I found most interesting is associated with peridots; this gem literally falls from the sky! Peridots can be scattered on the ground around volcanos after eruptions, as some volcanos eject these gemstones into the sky. However, these special stones are sensitive to temperature changes and acids, so ensure you care for your peridot wedding band.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom Afshin Helping A Customer

Hopefully, my list of the top 20 green wedding bands will help you find the perfect ring. However, if you need to learn more about particular green gemstones, or have questions about rings in genera, then feel free to fill out the form below. An expert consultant will reach out to you and answer your questions.

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