Couple holding hands with Grateful Dead Bracelets

The Grateful Dead is one of the greatest and most important American bands of all time. Their 50-year career and 2,300 performed concerts have paved the way for many rock bands, and their music is still being listened to every day. That’s why you can find various Grateful Dead merchandise online, including Grateful Dead jewelry. 

As a fan of the Grateful Dead, I’ll show you the best 20 pieces of Grateful Dead jewelry. 

What Is Grateful Dead Jewelry? 

All famous rock bands have an insignia that instantly reminds you of them. For example, for Guns and Roses, it’s the iconic skeleton cross. Some of the most iconic Grateful Dead symbols include skulls and roses, dancing bears, the “Steal Your Face” skull (more commonly known as the “Stealie”), dancing terrapins, Uncle Sam skeletons, and the jester. 

Top 20 Grateful Dead Jewelry 

1. Grateful Dead Billy’s Bling Pendant

Grateful Dead Lightening Jewelry

This 13-point lightning bolt is part of the iconic “Steal Your Face” design and was often worn by Bill Kreutzmann. It’s a handmade silver pendant with an inlaid turquoise stone, and it’s 59 mm (or 2.3 inches) long. 

2. Stainless Steel Stealie Necklace

Grateful Dead logo pendant on snake chain necklace

This necklace has the famous “Steal Your Face” or “Stealie” design I was talking about. It’s made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust over time. You can choose the length of the stainless-steel chain from 16 to 50 inches. 

3. Grateful Dead Opal Pendant

Grateful Dead Round Skeleton Skull Necklace on Man

If you want a more colorful pendant, then check out this piece. It features blue and red opal, which is cast in sterling silver. On the back of the pendant, you’ll see the “Flower of Life Sacred Geometry” design. 

4. Dancing Bear Necklace

Handmade Grateful Dead dancing bear charm pendant necklace

The dancing bear is another iconic symbol you’ll see on various Grateful Dead jewelry. Both the pendant and the necklace are stainless steel, and they come in a black velvet bag. The pendant measures 21 mm x 15 mm x 2.5 mm.

5. Grateful Dead Skull Handmade 3D Pendant

Handmade Solid sterling silver Grateful Dead skull pendant

This is another Grateful Dead skull pendant, except this piece combines blue and silver. It’s 25 mm long and wide. Not to mention this pendant is handmade and 100% unique. 

6. Hemp Necklace with Bear Dancing Face Skull

Hemp necklace with dancing bear on skull pendant

For those who don’t like to wear silver chains, take a look at this hemp necklace and pewter charm. The pendant combines the two famous Grateful Dead jewelry symbols, the skull and the dancing bear. You can choose the color of the skull. 

7. Dancing Bear Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

Grateful Dead dancing bear sterling silver spinner ring

If you’re looking for Grateful Dead rings, then this dancing bear spinner ring might be the perfect option. It’s available in sizes 5 to 12, and it’s made from sterling silver. The dancing bears are engraved on the ring while on the inside it says “dancing circle.” 

8. Steal Your Face Earrings

Metal Grateful Dead band skull logo charm earrings

The skull and lightning symbol is also incorporated into earring designs. These earrings are slightly larger, so they’re best suited for those who like big hoops. 

9. Steal Your Face Sterling Silver Signet Ring

Grateful Dead Steal your face  sterling silver ring

If you’d like a “Steal Your Face” ring, then take a look at this sterling silver signet ring. It’s available in sizes 8 to 14, and it’s unisex. 

10. Steal Your Face Sterling Silver Leather Bracelet

Couple holding hands with Grateful Dead Bracelets

For those looking for Grateful Dead jewelry made from leather, check out this “Steal Your Face” bracelet. You can choose between 7.5 inches, 8.5 inches, and custom sizes. The bracelet is a woven black leather cord, and it comes with a sterling silver closure button. 

11. Grateful Dead Sunflower Earrings

Acrylic stud Grateful Dead sunflower earrings for deadheads

Another Grateful Dead symbol is a sunflower. Though it’s not as popular as the skull or the dancing bears, it still represents this band’s music. These sunflower earrings are studs, and they’re made from acrylic. 

12. Oxidized Sterling Silver Grateful Dead Skull Ring

Handmade Oxidized sterling silver Grateful Dead skull ring

If you’re looking for edgy Grateful Dead jewelry, then check out this skull ring. It’s a handmade, oxidized sterling silver ring that can be resized. It’s great for those who like to wear silver rings. 

13. Terrapin Station Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

Grateful Dead terrapin station sterling silver spinner ring

The dancing terrapins are another famous Grateful Dead symbol. This sterling silver spinner ring is available in sizes 7 to 12. On the inside, there’s a “Terrapin Station” inscription. Various images of terrapins are engraved on the outer side. 

14. Dancing Bear Sterling Silver Charm Necklace

Grateful Dead dancing bear sterling silver charm necklace

This is another dancing bear charm necklace, except this one comes with adjustable chains. You can choose between a 16-18-inch, 24-26-inch, and 34-36-inch adjustable sterling silver chain. The pendant is also made from sterling silver. 

15. 13-Point Lightning Bolt Drop Earrings

Grateful dead lightning bolt sterling silver earrings

If you’re looking for Grateful Dead earrings, then these 13-point lightning bolt mother of pearl drop earrings are an excellent choice. They’re made from sterling silver, and they’re easy to put on and take off. 

16. Dancing Skeletons Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

Grateful Deal Ring with Skeletons around

The dancing skeletons are also a common symbol you’ll see on various Grateful Dead jewelry. This sterling silver spinner ring comes with the “Shake Yer Bones” inscription on the inside. 

17. Grateful Dead Necklace

Grateful Dead skeleton playing guitar oval pendant necklace

If you want something with color, then this Grateful Dead oval necklace won’t disappoint. It comes with a personalized pendant and an aluminum print panel. The picture is of the Grateful Dead skeleton with a rose garland. 

18. The Sterling Silver Wheel Pendant 

Grateful Dead the wheel sterling silver pendant

This sterling silver wheel pendant is inspired by the Grateful Dead song “The Wheel.” It’s handmade and comes with a 20-inch or 24-inch sterling silver chain. 

19. Dancing Skeleton Sterling Silver Charm Necklace

Grateful Dead dancing skeletons sterling silver charm necklace

This dancing skeleton charm necklace is the perfect Grateful Dead jewelry piece. You can choose an adjustable length that’s 16-18 inches, 24-26 inches, or 34-36 inches long. Both the chain and the pendant are made from sterling silver. 

Talk to an Expert

There are various types of Grateful Dead jewelry you can find online, from dancing bear rings to skull and roses pendants. If you need help shopping for Grateful Dead jewelry, then I can help you narrow down the search. All you need to do is fill out the form below, and I’ll do the rest.

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1 year ago

This is great, thanks. My girlfriend turns 35 on Nov 15, and she’s a huge fan. Gonna get her the Tshirt and the bear ring.