Top 20 Gold Nugget Earrings

Stone Bowl Containing Several Pairs Of Gold Earrings

Gold nugget earrings are an excellent choice when looking for jewelry that will make a statement. They vary in size and shape like any other earring design. However, it’s the finish that makes them truly unique. These types of earrings look raw, like a piece found in nature during the Gold Rush. Historically, these earrings have become a symbol of grit, wealth, and hard work.

In this article, we’ll review the top 20 gold nugget earrings.

1. Diamond Cut Medium Nugget Earrings

10k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Medium Nugget Earrings

Price: $148

The diamond-cut nugget earrings have a typical clumpy shape that looks like you’ve truly found them while mining for the precious metal in the 1850s. They are made of 10K yellow gold and weigh approximately 2 grams. These earrings are medium size measuring 0.5 inches wide and 0.8 inches long. They have a push-back lock.

2. Elegant Gold Nugget Earrings

Gold Oblong Earrings With Small Gold Nuggets Inside

Price: $999

The Elegant Gold Nugget Earrings have an eye-catching modern design suitable for every occasion. They feature a cluster of 14k yellow gold raw nuggets surrounded by an oval golden halo. They measure 0.7 inches long.

3. Gold Nugget Drop Earrings with Diamonds

Gold Drop Earrings With Accent Diamonds And Gold Nuggets

Price: $1,187

These Gold Nugget Drop Earrings with Diamonds uniquely combine nuggets and precious stones. The raw nuggets are 14k yellow gold with a round 0.04-carat diamond set at the top. The gold nugget and diamond are set on an intricated golden base attached to a small golden pearl where you’ll find the post and screw backing.

4. Gold Nugget Tear-Drop Stud Earrings

Subtle Gold Stud Earrings With Suspended Gold Nuggets

Price: $430

The Gold Nugget Tear-Drop Studs are a perfect choice if you’re looking to make a statement. They feature a 14k tear-drop setting with a raw gold nugget in the center. These medium size earrings measure approximately 0.5 inches.

5. Natural Gold Nugget Ribbon Earrings

Unique Gold Ribbon Earrings Featuring Gold Nuggets

Price: $571

The 14k chunks on the Natural Gold Nugget Ribbons are in a gold setting with a unique ribbon shape, suitable for special occasions and everyday wear. These earrings measure approximately 0.6 inches.

6. Lady’s Gold Nugget Heart Earrings

Heart Shaped Gold Nugget Earrings

Price: $525

If you’re looking for a set that has a romantic touch, you’ll love the Lady’s Gold Nugget Heart Earrings. The 14k gold studs have the nuggets in a heart-shaped gold setting.

7. Gold Nugget Semi-Hoop Earrings

14k Gold Nugget Semi-Hoop Earrings

Price: $870

The Gold Nugget Semi-Hoops are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something simple and elegant. The gold nuggets are 14k gold set along the hoop giving the earrings a unique yet classic look.

8. Gold Diamond Cut Nugget Earrings

14k Gold Diamond Cut Nugget Earrings

Price: $162

The Gold Diamond Cut Earrings are made of 14k yellow gold. These solid gold pieces have a raw shape classic to the style, weighing approximately 1.5 grams. They measure approximately 0.2 inches wide and 0.4 inches long.

9. 14k Gold Diamond Cut 10.5mm Nugget Earrings

14k Gold Diamond Cut 10.5 mm Nugget Earrings

Price: $170

These Gold Diamond Cut Nugget Earrings have a classic round shape with the unique style of polished chunks. They measure approximately 0.4 inches. They are 14k solid gold and weigh approximately 1.5 grams.

10. Lovebling Earrings

Small Gold Earrings By Lovebling

Price $68

The Lovebling Earrings have a classic, elegant look that is also eye-catching. They are round nugget studs with a 10K yellow gold bright finish. You can choose different sizes ranging between 0.4 and 0.8 inches.

11. Trau Margot Earrings

Unique Heart Shaped Earrings Made From Silver

Price: $108

The Trau Margot Earrings are an elegant and romantic set perfect for everyday wear. These are gold nugget studs made of sterling silver. These earrings are available in three sizes, 0.4, 0.6, and 0.7 inches.

12. John Harding Earrings

Price: $76

The John Harding Earrings are 10K yellow gold studs with an irregular and stylish shape. These earrings measure 0.46 inches wide and 0.77 inches long from top to bottom with a bright finish.

13. Yellow Gold Unisex Nugget Earrings

10k Yellow Gold Stud Earrings Gift for Women

Price: $126

These Yellow Gold Unisex Nugget Earrings are an excellent design for women and men looking for something that can be worn with any outfit. They have a round shape made of 10k yellow gold. These earrings are medium-sized with a bright finish.

14. Gold Nugget Love Heart Earrings

10k Yellow Gold Womens Nugget Heart Stud Earrings

Price: $226

The Love Heart Earrings are perfect for every occasion with their rustic finish and elegant shape. They are 10k gold studs in a medium-sized heart shape.

15. Round Nugget Earrings

Round Yellow Clump Earrings In Three Different Sizes

Price: $299-$649

These exquisite Solid Round Nugget Earrings are suitable for men and women. These are made with the finest 24K yellow gold and come in three sizes. Their round shape and rustic, bright finish provide this earring set with an elegant and classic look.

16. Gold Nugget Heart Earrings

Orocal Clumpy Hollow Heart Earrings For Women

Price: $233

Nothing says I love you more than these Nugget Heart Earrings. They have a heart shape outline made of 14k yellow gold. These earrings are paved with gold nuggets, giving the pair a unique and exquisite look. They are medium-sized and weigh 1.03 grams.

17. Gold Nugget Earrings with Diamonds

Orocal Ribbon Earrings With Gold Nuggets

Price: $737

The Nugget Earrings with Diamonds are eye-catching jewelry you can wear for any occasion. They are semi-hoops made of 14k yellow gold with gold nuggets and diamonds set along the hoop. The earrings weigh 2.29 grams.

18. Gold Nugget Whale Tail Earrings

Orocal Whales Tail Earrings

Price: $865

For lovers of the ocean, the Gold Whale Tail earrings are an excellent option. These earrings are whale tails made of 14K yellow gold with nuggets set on the tail end. They are medium size and weigh 3.76 grams.

19. Gold Nugget Bear Earrings

Orocal Gold Nugget Bear Earrings

Price: $1,171

The Gold Nugget Bears are an excellent alternative for animal lovers. These earrings have the shape of a cute bear paved with gold nuggets. They are made of 14k yellow gold and weigh 4.86 grams.

20. Yellow Diamonds with 18k Gold Band

Yellow Diamonds With 18k Gold Band

Price: $1,400

If you want to complement a pair of gold earrings, you’ll love these Yellow Diamonds with an 18k Gold Band. The 18k yellow gold band has an intricate open design paved with yellow diamonds resembling the gold nugget’s rustic look. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.40 carats.

Tips for Shopping Gold Nugget Earrings

A Couple Happily Browsing A Selection Of Jewelry

If you’re looking for gold nugget earrings, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect pair for you:

  • Size. These items come in different shapes and sizes depending on the mounting. If you’re looking for something unique to wear on special occasions, you might want to choose medium or large earrings that will attract attention. On the other hand, small and delicate options are a more suitable alternative for daily wear.
  • Price. Gold is one of the most expensive metals you’ll find. The purity of the gold determines the price of the pieces. This makes 24k gold the most expensive and 10k the most affordable variety.
  • Gold karats. These earrings come in different gold qualities. You may choose between 10, 14, 18, and 24 karats. The higher the karats, the purer and more expensive the gold earrings. 10k gold earrings are trendy because they are durable and affordable. 14k gold, however, is also a popular alternative.
  • Skin Sensitivity. When choosing the gold karats, you must take skin sensitivity into account. 10K gold is usually alloyed with nickel which may cause skin discomfort. For hyper-sensitive people, the best option is 24K earrings.
  • Durability. Being the purest form of gold, 24k is the softest and not the best option for daily wear. Choose 14 and 18 karat gold if you want your earring to last for many years in excellent condition.

Choose Long-Lasting Earrings

Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom Afshin Helping A Customer

As earrings aren’t a piece of jewelry prone to wear and tear even when worn daily, any pair you choose will last for a long time. However, there are other essential factors you need to consider, such as your skin sensitivity and the size of the earrings. Experts at Lel Jewelry can provide professional advice on the best earrings for every occasion and the different kinds of gold characteristics to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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