Top 20 Floating Diamond Engagement Rings

floating diamond engagement ring with sparkling jewel background

Floating diamond rings, also known as illusion rings, are unique and stunning pieces of jewelry. Here we will review the top 20 floating diamond engagement rings currently available. 

1. Devon Floating Engagement Ring

Floating Devon Diamond Engagement Ring With Adorned Shank

If you’re looking for an engagement ring to customize to the last detail, then you might want to consider the Floating Devon ring. The center diamond is set in four prongs and the shank features three micro-pave rows of diamonds, making the ring sparkle from every angle. Additionally, you can customize this engagement ring by choosing the cut of the stone and the color of the metal. Prices start at $12,000.

2. Floating Diamond Engagement Ring by Blue Nile

Blue Nile Floating Diamond Engagement Ring On Platinum

Firstly, this engagement ring by Blue Nile centers on a diamond set in four prongs. Then, the mounting can be platinum, 14k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. Above all, the shank features additional diamonds clustered on each side. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 0.85 carats. Prices start at $4,280.

3. Platinum Floating Center Engagement Ring

Barons ring featuring floating diamond above channel row

This ring designed by Barons features a floating round diamond weighing 0.50 carats (sold separately). What’s more, above the floating stone is a 9-channel set diamond with an approximate weight of 0.23 carats. Finally, the price of the ring without the center stone is $1,516.

4. Floating Ring by Do Amore

Do Amore Floating Ring Featuring Unique Setting

This floating diamond ring by Do Amore uses a modern tension band to hold the centerpiece diamond in place. In addition, at the bottom of the stone, the ring features hidden support, which guarantees that the floating diamond will be secure. Finally, the mounting may be 14k rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or palladium. Contact Do Amore for more information. 

5. Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

With Clarity Twist Floating Diamond Engagement Ring

The Twist Floating Diamond Engagement Ring features a petite tapering end to create the floating illusion. The mounting features pavé set diamonds with G color and VS2 clarity with a total weight of 0.26 carats. Every detail of the ring can be customized according to your tastes, including the diamond cut and the shank metal. The $1,180 price doesn’t include the center stone. 

6. Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

With Clarity Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

You can customize the Tapered Halo ring’s center diamond, from the cut to the carat weight. Additionally, it features a halo setting paved with accent diamonds weighing 0.32 carats. The mounting can be yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, according to your preferences. The price for the set starts at $1,200. Note that the center diamond is sold separately. 

7. Floating Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

With the Floating Split Shank diamond engagement ring, the mounting splits in two to hold the diamond in the center. Additionally, an under bezel provides extra support. The mounting and the cut of the ring can be customized and the setting is paved with G color, VS2 clarity diamonds weighing 0.27 carats. The price for the setting starts at $1,470.

8. Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

With Clarity Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

This tapered diamond engagement ring has a diamond centered on a shank that appears to trail off in either direction. The setting features pavé-set diamonds with G color, VS2 clarity, and a total of 0.18 carats. The rin starts at $1,220, while the diamond is sold separately. In addition, you can choose the cut and weight. 

9. Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

With Clarity Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring can also have a floating diamond. The Flourish Solitaire diamond engagement ring features a smooth band that curves around the center diamond and finishes in an upward curve. You may choose the cut of the diamond as well as the metal of the shank. The price for the setting starts at $690.

10. Monaco Diamond Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth Luxe Floating Diamond Engagement Ring Monaco

The Monaco Diamond Engagement Ring by Brilliant Earth features an 18k white gold setting and four diamonds set along the shank on either side of the center stone. Above all, the floating center diamond itself is held by four prongs and is your choice of cut and carat. The setting starts at $2,550.

11. Floating Center Engagement Ring by Masseys

Floating Center Engagement Ring  By Masseys Jewelers

The Floating Center engagement ring by Masseys features a 14K white gold mounting with pavé-set diamonds weighing 0.45 carats in total. The shank separates to accommodate the center diamond, making it look like it’s floating. Contact Masseys for more information.

12. Floating Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

I Gorman Jewelers Floating Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring

This floating diamond engagement ring uses a unique patented technique. The mounting is an 18K white gold band. An additional platinum band is used to hold the round brilliant-cut diamond in place. The diamond is 0.26 carats, G color SI1 clarity. Price: $4,750.

13. Helix Flat

Brian Gavin Helix Flat Fancy Floating Diamond Ring

The Helix Flat ring holds the diamond in the center with a tension setting. The mounting can be platinum or 18k white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. With a 2-carat center diamond, the price is $4,960. Contact Black by Brian Gavin if you require a larger stone. 

14. Floating Floral Halo Diamond Ring

Fascinating Diamonds Floating Floral Halo Diamond Ring

The Floating Floral diamond ring features a round center diamond set in prongs in an elevated position, surrounded by a diamond halo. The center stone weight can be adjusted within the range of 0.40 to 3 carats according to your preferences. Contact Fascinating Diamonds for more information. 

15. Spiral Tension Engagement Ring

Round Cut Diamond Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring

Tension is one of the most popular methods used to create floating diamond rings. The Spiral Tension Engagement Ring by James Allen features a simple band which spirals out where the center diamond is set in order to create a tension setting for the floating diamond. The diamond is 0.70 carats and the ring costs $5,580.

16. Platinum Tension Set

Platinum Tension Set Round Cut Diamond Ring

The Platinum Tension Set Round Cut Diamond Ring features an open shank holding a 1.01-carat, round-cut, GIA-certified diamond. The top bars of the shank closest to the diamond are polished. Price: $34,900.

17. White Gold Tension Set Round Diamond Ring

White Gold Tension Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The White Gold Tension Set Round Diamond Ring holds a floating 0.17-carat, round, brilliant-cut diamond. The shank features additional diamonds channel set along the shank with an approximate weight of 0.16 carats in total. Price: $6,800.

18. Split Tension Set Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Split Tension Set Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Split Tension Set Marquise Cut Diamond Ring features a marquise-cut diamond weighing 0.80 carats and with F color and VS2 clarity grades. The delivery of tension on this design is a bit different; one of the shoulders is split in two thus creating tension on the ends of the diamond while the other shoulder cradles the center of the diamond. Price: $14,800.

19. White Gold Polished Wide Tension Set Round Diamond Ring

White Gold Wide Tension Set Round Diamond Ring

The White Gold Polished Wide Tension Set Round Diamond Ring features a 0.80-carat, GIA-certified round diamond held in place by tension in the center of an open shank. With this particular design, the white gold band is a bit wider than other options, so the diamond does not portrude. Price: $14,890.

20. Marquessa Ring

Split shoulder Marquessa white gold half round ring

The Marquessa ring features an 18k white gold split shank, holding a 1.11-carat marquise-cut diamond in the middle. The design is truly unique in how the shank is split, almost giving the impression of the center stone being held between two separate bands. Additional diamonds are set along the shank. Price: $21,850. 

What Is a Floating Diamond Ring

Off White Word What With A Pink Background

A floating diamond ring is a unique design in which the center stone appears to be separated from the setting. As a result, the diamond looks extra prominent, as it appears to be floating free from the band. This kind of design became popular in the 1980s thanks to Harry Winston. 

Floating diamond rings can come in various setting styles. In the setting that encircles the ring, you’ll find prong, bezel, and claw settings. Alternatively, you’ll find tension rings, where the shank itself holds the ring in place. 

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom Afshin Helping A Customer

Buying a floating diamond engagement ring is about much more than the quality of the stone. You also want to make sure the diamond will be strongly secured in place. Before choosing the ring, consult a professional jeweler for useful advice on everything from the different types of settings and metals to the diamond itself.

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