Top 30 Dragon Necklaces in 2022

oxidized sterling silver dragon pendant necklace with chain

Dragons are powerful creatures, and they’re rooted in almost every folklore. People have been fascinated by these fierce creatures for centuries, and there are uncountable stories about the ferocious beasts. They symbolize many things in different mythologies, from rage to protection and wisdom. Hence, there’s a whole collection of dragon jewelry items, like dragon necklaces.

As someone who likes to wear dragon charms as a style accessory, I’m pleased to show you my 30 favorite dragon necklaces for 2022.

1. Dragon Urn Necklace

Sterling silver blue crystal heart dragon pendant necklace

This magical dragon urn necklace uses rhododendron details combined with a dragon motif. There’s an elegant blue crystal in the pendant’s heart to collect positive spiritual energy. This design achieves a feminine and fierce look at the same time. Wearing this necklace protects you from evil and brings you good luck.

2. Pytali Dragon Necklace

Sterling silver pendant dragon necklace with red birthstone

This necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and is easily paired with any style, from jeans to a fancy dress. The red crystal is a potent charm in itself. When paired with a dragon design, the power a trinket like this has becomes exceptional. It’s a great gift with an elegant gift box.

3. Dragon Head Necklace

Stainless steel vintage gothic dragon head pendant necklace

This necklace features a large, dark steel dragon head that radiates power. Its vintage gothic style equally fits formal and informal styles and makes a great accessory to wear to a party. The necklace features a large wide link chain, and a stainless steel head, making it resistant to rust.

4. Dragon Moon Necklace

Necklace of blue wing dragon in crescent moon

The dragon moon necklace is simply ethereal. A crescent moon shields the amulet with the dragon motif, bringing the wearer a soft yet powerful, lunar feel. This necklace has a magical, feminine touch. It’s a perfect choice for ladies who want to add some dragon powers to their attire.

5. Dragon Claw Crystal Ball Necklace

Three piece gothic crystal dragon claw pendants

The fine craftsmanship of these dragon claw pendants will make you feel like a true wizard or a witch. Dragon claws are another powerful dragon symbol. They often make their appearances in goth or rock and roll style. Hence, consider owning these fierce accessories to spice up any outfit with punk-ish details.

6. Enamel Alloy Dragon Necklace

Enamel alloy dragon pendant of multiple colors

Enamel alloy makes any piece of jewelry look sweeter. This fantasy dragon necklace has some cute details and is brightly colored. Hence, it may not look as intimidating. But it will add some soft fantasy vibes to your style, for sure. It’s an excellent accessory for any occasion.

7. Dragon Sword Necklace

Dragon wrapped around silver sword pendant necklace

This dragon sword necklace has a kind of The Witcher touch. I can easily imagine Geralt of Rivia wearing this necklace. The dark copper dragon motif surrounds an elegant sword with crystal details, adding a note of magical power to the whole look.

8. Cute Dragon Necklace

Cute baby dragon pendant necklace with rainbow colors

If your little sister or daughter loves dragons, then this crystal dragon necklace is perfect for her. Colorful crystals cover the adorable dragon pendant. Regardless of the cuteness of this accessory, you can wear it too if it fits your style. Dragons are powerful even when they look innocent.

9. Amethyst Dragon Necklace

Dragon on large point amethyst crystal  pendant necklace

Amethyst necklaces are potent amulets, and anyone who knows about crystals will tell you that. The protective powers of the dragon enhance the healing powers of this gemstone. Additionally, this dragon jewelry piece is an excellent fit for goth-style outfits. This dragon necklace is handmade and makes a perfect gift for anyone wanting protective charms.

10. Love Dragon Necklace

Necklace with pendant of dragons forming a heart

Two dragons forming a heart shape are a pure expression of love. Gift this original dragon necklace to your significant other and add dragon protection to your relationship. The pendant is made of sterling silver and there is an alternative brass version.

11. Targaryen Dragon Pendant

925 silver round three headed dragon pendant necklace

This dragon necklace takes inspiration from Game of Thrones. The pendant features the Targaryen house symbol – the three-headed dragon. Wear this necklace to show you belong to the House of Dragons, and complete any outfit with a bold accessory. The silver pendant comes with a leather cord. The vendor alternatively offers two types of chains.

12. Silver Moon Dragon Necklace

Silver oxidized crescent moon with dragon pendant necklace

The silver necklace features a dragon lying on a crescent moon. Wear this pendant to add a bold yet soft look to your attire. Moon and dragon motifs always make a great pairing, and the spiritual meaning of this combination has soft yet intense energy. You can personalize this necklace and gift it to a loved one or add it to your jewelry collection.

13. Medieval Silver Dragon Necklace

Sterling silver crescent moon with dragon pendant necklace

The subtle sterling silver pendant shows a dragon embracing the shape of a crescent moon. This necklace has a note of medieval-style design. It is a perfect accessory for those who like smaller-sized jewelry. It’s a fine addition to your style and elegantly completes any look.

14. Yin and Yang Dragon Necklace

Dragon necklace set of yin and yang pendants

Yin and Yang are powerful symbols. Adding a dragon motif to a necklace that features these symbols makes a fierce impression. This necklace features two separable pendants and you can gift half of it to your best friend or significant other. It’s eco-friendly and nickel-free, so you’re safe from allergies.

15. Tribal Dragon Necklace

Glow In the dark tribal dragon pendant necklaces

Some people like tribal design, and some hate it – rarely does a middle ground exist regarding this style. Regardless, this tribal-inspired dragon necklace is a bold addition if that’s your style. The necklace glows in the dark after being in the sunlight for some time. It’s a perfect party accessory, and wearing this will make you stand out in the crowd.

16. Punk Rock Dragon Sword Pendant

Titanium steel sword with coiled dragon pendant necklace

The design of this dragon and sword necklace reminds me of the famous punk rock bands’ style. Its steel look with prominent dragon wings has a grimy vibe, making it an excellent accessory for various looks. You can pair this necklace with any outfit you want to spice up with a powerful detail.

17. Elegant Glow in the Dark Dragon Necklace

Glow in the dark silver dragon pendant necklace

This dragon necklace is a prime example of glowing jewelry that radiates a soft hue in low light. The dragon design is elegant and adds to the sophisticated look of the necklace. The pendant must stay under a light source for a while to deliver a longer-lasting glow. You can wear it with a dress or a casual outfit to add a touch of elegance.

18. Wooden Dragon Necklace

Walnut wood carved dragon pendant on leather cord

The hand-carved wooden dragon pendant with a leather strap is a perfect choice for those who like rustic jewelry. Hard wax oil is used in order to protect the walnut wood pendant. A wooden dragon symbolizes spiritual grounding and protection, so wearing this charm may aid you in these ways.

19. Gold Chinese Dragon Necklace

Fourteen karat solid gold Chinese dragon pendant necklace

A 14k solid gold medallion with a dragon motif symbolizes high status in China. It’s a compelling charm, and wearing this infuses you with spiritual power and magnetism that brings abundance. Being small in size, it’s a subtle accessory that adds class and sophistication to your attire.

20. Mini Dragon Necklace for Ladies

Sterling silver tiny flying dragon pendant necklace

Ladies adore these subtle dragon necklaces. This silver jewelry piece features a tiny dragon pendant which is big enough to be noticeable. Anyone who likes minimalist jewelry to accessorize their looks will love this piece of dragon jewelry. It allows for adjusting the length and closes with a spring ring.

21. House Targaryen Medallion Necklace

Sterling silver Game of thrones Targaryen dragon necklace

The two-sided sterling silver medallion featuring the famous House Targaryen emblem is a statement piece. If you’re an avid Game of Thrones fan, then this dragon necklace is a perfect way to show off your love for Westeros affairs. The pendant has a Targaryen house slogan on the background, so you’ll come forward as an avid Daenerys supporter right away.

22. Choker Dragon Necklace

Adjustable size Silver dragon choker necklace with personalization

Wearing a dragon choker is a bold move. This kind of dragon necklace brings a touch of fantasy to any outfit. Its large size and strong polymer build make it perfect for cosplay or simply rocking a bold accessory. If you put on this piece, then you’ll never go unnoticed. The size is adjustable to fit anyone.

23. Matching Dragon and Phoenix Necklace

Purple quartz Dragon and phoenix matching necklace set

Another one for couples, this matching dragon and phoenix necklace makes a great gift for someone you hold dear. The dragon and the phoenix design holds the crystal and add to this charm’s intriguing appeal. The necklace is silver-plated and won’t fade quickly.

24. Gold Dragon Necklace

Real gold plated clear zircon lucky dragon necklace

A golden dragon is a lucky charm. These 14k or 24k gold dragon necklaces are a charm for protection, fortune, and good luck. The color has tarnish protection that keeps it shiny for at least one year. Additionally, it comes with a black velvet jewelry bag, so you can present it as a thoughtful gift.

25. Double Dragon Tribal Necklace

Stainless steel double dragon cross sword pendant necklace

This dragon necklace gives off cyberpunk vibes. It features a double dragon design and a sword cross, with a tribal finish underneath. It’s a bold piece of dragon jewelry and adds a daring touch to any outfit.

26. Wrapped Dragon Cylinder Necklace

opalite ball and cylinder with wrapped dragons necklace set

These dragon necklaces feature a synthetic opalite crystal beside the copper dragon that holds it. While the dragon provides some power to this jewelry piece, the opalite has a soft hue, giving it an overall tender look. The necklace pair comes in the shapes of a ball and a cylinder, adding to the ethereal appeal of this trinket.

27. Wyvern Necklace

Sterling silver dragon with blue ring pendant necklace

Wyverns symbolize power and strength, which makes this necklace an excellent charm for enhancing these qualities in the wearer. The wyvern sits on a blue crystal circle, keeping its energy protected. While having a powerful meaning, the necklace is elegant and feminine and can be paired with various fashion choices.

28. Draconic Tryst Necklace

English pewter double dragon black and silver necklace

A grimy heart-shaped necklace is perfect for couples who like a touch of darkness. The two draconic consorts intertwine, making a symbolic union that represents love. The chain is detachable, and you can gift it to your other half. Two hidden magnets connect the dragons, and you can reunite them whenever you want

29. Silver Dragon Amulet

oxidized sterling silver dragon pendant necklace  with chain

The medieval-style jewelry always gives off power and strength. This 925 Sterling Silver dragon amulet is a simple but impressive piece of dragon jewelry and features a fierce dragon motif. You can choose the finish that appeals to you. This amulet makes an elegant and classy addition to formal and everyday attire.

30. Wyvern Heart Necklace

Sterling silver necklace of dragon with blue heart

This is another necklace inspired by the wyvern’s appeal. The focused sterling silver wyvern keeps an eye on an Austrian crystal, protecting its energy from evil. Wear this symbolic necklace as a charm, or pack it in an elegant gift box to create a meaningful present.

Why Are Dragon Necklaces So Popular Now?

Dragons are mystical beings. They’re a powerful spiritual symbol, and people who wear dragon necklaces often regard them as their lucky charms. The dragon is a creature of the highest status in many mythologies. Hence, rocking a dragon pendant around your neck gives you a vibe of power and vigor.

I got interested in dragon jewelry after watching HBO’s widely acclaimed show “House of the Dragon.” Since getting into the Targaryens’ affairs, I started researching the dragon’s symbolism. I found out that dragon necklaces make a powerful talisman.

Wearing a dragon necklace adds boldness to the style. It’s a protective amulet and makes you feel as fierce as a dragon. Finally, dragon symbols also attract financial success, as many associate them with wealth.

Dragon Tooth Necklaces

Celtic style polymer clay dragon tooth pendant necklace

Dragon Fangs are another potent symbol featured in dragon jewelry. They’re a symbol of exquisite strength. Additionally, a dragon tooth is a protective charm against evil. Wearing a dragon tooth necklace warns anyone who tries to cross you that you’re guarded by powerful spirits.

Here are a few dragon tooth necklaces I like that you might find appealing.

Talk to an Expert

While all dragon necklaces carry strong symbolism, I know it’s not easy to decide on the design. There are so many bold and appealing dragon necklaces that it’s challenging to pick just one. I hope my top picks for these inspiring amulets have helped you choose the perfect one for you or your loved one.

If you need additional help shopping for dragon necklaces, then fill out the form below. I’ll do the rest of the work, and we’ll narrow down the search to find the dragon necklaces you will adore.

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