Top 20 Crystal Engagement Rings

Double Shank Crystal Engagement Ring In A Rose

Are you searching for a unique engagement ring for your intended? We have trawled the internet to find you the top 20 crystal engagement rings, so you won’t have to. While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, some women adore crystal engagement rings just as much. The variety of colors, cuts, and designs can take your breath away. From black onyx to watermelon tourmaline, the abundance of elegance and beauty is unmistakable. Plus, a crystal engagement ring no doubt makes a stand-out statement.

1. Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut London Blue Topaz Diamond Halo Ring

With a mesmerizing palette of blue hues, a blue topaz makes a majestic center stone to any engagement ring. Master jewelers create cuts to maximize the light reflection, creating shimmers to die for. Of all the gems apart from diamonds, rubies, and sapphires- topaz is the most durable thanks to its 8 Mohs scale rating. Our favorite is this Cushion-Cut London Blue Topaz Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring costing $1,340.

2. Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Ruby And Oscar Oval Cut Alexandrite And Diamond Ring

Alexandrite ranks 8/10 on the Mohs scale, making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring. The crystal symbolizes good fortune and balance, and its colors vary from green in sunlight to fascinating red under a light bulb. Our favorite is this Oval Cut Alexandrite & Diamond Ring with a white gold band. At $479, not only is it an excellent value for money but also delivers romance and beauty in spades.

3. Chrysoberyl Engagement Ring

Chartreuse Engagement Ring With Round Chrysoberyl And Diamonds

A chrysoberyl ring must feature among our top 20 crystal engagement rings. The gem’s durability and stunning yellow-green hues set it apart. While searching for the best, a chrysoberyl ring featuring a large chrysoberyl center stone and diamonds caught our eye. The ring’s focal point is a large chrysoberyl flower with tiny diamonds running along the band. The Chartreuse Engagement Ring with Round Chrysoberyl & Diamonds costs $2,450.

4. Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Freesia Solitaire Ring On Rose Gold

The color of a tropical ocean, an aquamarine center stone creates waves of mystery and light, an apt expression of love and commitment. The gem symbolizes communication and courage. For an extraordinary and eclectic contrast, we have chosen the Aquamarine Freesia Solitaire Ring in rose gold at $1,870 as our favorite.

5. Spinel Engagement Ring

Dark Tone Spinel Stone Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mostly in black and gray tones, spinel is stylish and durable thanks to its high Mohs rating. Spinal is available in pink, black, dark violet, and gray. The dark color creates a mesmerizing contrast to yellow or white gold. We found a stunning spinel engagement ring featuring an emerald cut gray spinel as the center stone and a white gold band for $3,470 from Anna Sheffield.

6. Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Engagement Ring On 14k White Gold

Ruby engagement rings are among the most gorgeous, symbolizing passion and everlasting love. Rubies are only slightly less durable than diamonds. Like the sapphire, it belongs to the corundum gem family and may feature some inclusions. The Ruby Ring 1.46 Ct. 14K White Gold costing $9,996, boasts a large deep red ruby on a simple white gold band.

7. Kunzite Engagement Ring

Kunzite is a light-purple and translucent gem of exquisite allure, making it a worthy centerpiece for any engagement ring. This knock-out engagement ring features a gorgeous 24.10-carat oval-cut kunzite stone at the center, while a small halo of rubies surrounds it. The Wesley Court Ring also features a diamond-laced under-gallery, raising this ring to perfection. The ring is available for $9,900.

8. Pearl Engagement Ring

Dainty Black Pearl Engagement Ring With Diamond Accents

While a pearl engagement ring is unsuitable for someone who works outdoors because of its softness, stunning designs still bump it onto our list of the top 20 crystal engagement rings. Cultured freshwater pearls are available in many colors, with our favorite pearl engagement ring featuring a black pearl and six 0.03-carat diamonds on a white gold band. This ring retails for $1,032.

9. Opal Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Featuring Opal Center Stone

The opal has long been a symbol of romance, even in Roman times. Like pearl rings, opal engagement rings are fragile, with a 5.5 to 6 Mohs rating. Nevertheless, the beautiful color patterns make it an excellent choice for true romantics who want something a little different. Our favorite opal engagement ring is the Round Opal Cathedral Ring with Diamond Halo for $1,134.

10. Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

Juliet Oliver Rose Quarts Engagement Ring With Halo

As the ultimate symbol of love, rose quartz makes an excellent center stone. We couldn’t resist the Juliet Oliver Rose Quartz engagement ring, featuring an oval-cut rose quartz center stone with a halo of 22 diamonds for stunning shimmer. The band also has seven diamonds on each side. This beauty costs $1,240.

11. Onyx Engagement Ring

Combining black onyx with diamonds always creates a striking work of art. With a 6.5-7 Mohs scale rating, onyx is sure to last as long as any marriage. Estate Diamond Jewelry’s Walden Ring looks sophisticated yet classic and features a center diamond inside a black onyx hexagon with delicate milgrain and diamond shoulders. It costs $4,500.

12. Sapphire Engagement Ring

Floating Oval Sapphire And Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring

The sapphire’s deep blue shimmer will make your future bride feel like royalty. The gem is durable and is especially stunning with a diamond halo, making this our favorite sapphire engagement ring. The Floating Oval Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring features a large sapphire as its center stone on a white gold band. This ring sells for $1,392.

13. Amethyst Engagement Ring

Macy's Amethyst Engagement Ring Featuring Yellow Gold Setting

Although amethysts may show scratches over time as a result of daily activity, they still belong among the top 20 crystal engagement rings, thanks to a 7/10 Mohs rating. Amethysts come in various shades of purple and often feature inclusions. Our favorite is the deep purple amethyst engagement ring on yellow gold with diamond accents, available from Macy’s for $799.22.

14. Emerald Engagement Ring

Symbolizing growth and vitality, the rich green emerald is a top choice among engagement ring designers. Emeralds often feature stunning inclusions, referred to as ‘gardens.’ We have found an exemplary emerald engagement ring, large in size and with a unique design. With a price tag of $28,500, the Ardena Ring has a large emerald at its center and baguette diamonds surrounding it set on a stunning openwork under-gallery.

15. Almandine Garnet Engagement Ring

ARt Deco Almandine Garnet And Diamond Engagement Ring

The deep red almandine represents love, passion, and protection, making it a top engagement ring crystal. The Art Deco Almandine Garnet and Diamond Ring features 14 Karat White Gold and a price tag of $885. The ring features an almandine garnet at its center with four diamonds on each shoulder and a white gold band.

16. Moonstone Engagement Ring

Gold Pear Shaped Vintage Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone gems feature gorgeous color patterns. Our top choice was the 14K/18K Gold Pear Shaped Vintage Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring Set. The platinum three-band ring features a pear-shaped moonstone with a crown of tiny diamonds on both sides. The price ranges from $899 to $1,249 depending on the type of band you choose.

17. Morganite Engagement Ring

Warm Pink Morganite Stone Solitaire Engagement Ring

Warm pink-colored morganite is the ultimate feminine stone symbolizing everlasting love. We adore the simplicity and natural beauty of the Morganite 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Ring, available for $1,440. The solitaire style accentuates the allure of the gem.

18. Peridot Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Oval Peridot Solitaire Engagement Ring

A peridot center stone sets this engagement ring apart with its warm green translucent hue. The gem symbolizes love and laughter, making it an excellent choice for anyone. The 14K Yellow Gold Oval Peridot Engagement Ring is our top choice; it’s beautiful, simple, and only costs $926.50.

19. Tanzanite Engagement Ring

White Gold Round Blue Tanzanite Ring With Diamond Halo

For something truly unique, tanzanite must be the top pick. Tanzanite is known as the magic stone, symbolizing everything that makes love a real-life fairytale. We couldn’t resist the 14K White Gold Round Brilliant Tanzanite Ring with Diamond Swirls for $5,560.

20. Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Garland Tourmaline And Diamond Engagement Ring

As a symbol of the power of love, a pink tourmaline is a perfect gem for an engagement ring. We found this beauty, the Garland Tourmaline And Diamond Ring, available at $1,495. The ring features a garland of pink tourmalines and diamonds, which make it a veritable stunner.

Tips for Shopping for an Engagement Ring

A Couple Browsing Engagement Rings With Excitement

Now that you’ve checked out our top 20 crystal engagement rings, let’s look at some preparation tips you should consider before making a final decision on which ring you want to purchase:

  • Narrow down the style and home in on your choice of gem and metal.
  • Set a budget.
  • Imagine what the ring will look like next to the wedding band.
  • Seek the help of a reputable jeweler that will provide you with authenticity certificates.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Expert Jeweler Consulting With A Customer About Rings

Visiting a jeweler to try on engagement rings and get expert advice is always best. We at Estate Diamond Jewelry would love to partake in your exciting journey and play a small part in your love story. Feel free to fill out the form below to learn more about rings, get general guidance on making a choice, or schedule a visit to our showroom.

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