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Taylor-Burton Diamond Held in Fingers Close Up
The Taylor-Burton diamond is considered to be one of the most impressive diamonds. This pear-shaped diamond started as a rough stone weighing a whopping 241 carats. Throughout its history, the diamond has switched owners and names, but it’s best known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. Let’s dive into the fascinating history...
4 Carat Diamond Princess Cut Engagement Ring on Finger
If you want a stunning diamond engagement ring, then a 4-carat princess-cut diamond is the best way to go. The princess cut is one of the most popular shapes due to its brilliance and sparkle. A princess-cut diamond weighing four or more carats will create an even more dramatic...
Diamond Jewelry and Rings with Pearls
There are several ways to differentiate two diamonds that appear identical. For example, we can look at the optical properties, hardness, specific gravity, refractive index, and density of a diamond. If you’re new to the world of gemstones, all these scientific terms might seem confusing. I know how much I...

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