25 Coolest Candy Jewelry to Wear

woman wearing candy jewelry and eating marshmallows

Candy jewelry can be so sweet that you want to eat it! A colorful pair of candy earrings can always add a nice coating of sugar to your style. If you’re going to flash summer vibes, then you can rock a necklace pendant that looks like an ice cream cone. Candy brings happiness and joy everywhere, and accessorizing your style brings nothing but good vibes. As a fan, I’d love to show you 25 of the most stunning candy jewelry pieces.

1. Colorful Lollipop Earrings

Cute dangle earrings of candies with transparent wrappers

Wearing lollipops as earrings can add some sweetness to any look. These cute earrings are even more beautiful in person than in the pictures, as the transparent bags give them a shiny appeal. They’re perfect for any occasion, including birthday parties or any setting that calls for costume or unique jewelry.

2. Marshmallow Necklace

Handmade cute multi colored pastel marshmallow candy necklace

The lovely pastel colors of this marshmallow pendant make it a great jewelry piece to wear around your neck. The Marshmallow Flump is made of polymer clay and looks very realistic and inviting to eat it. It’s soft-looking and ideal for accessorizing a summer outfit. The chain is silver plated and you have the option of a snake chain.

3. Marshmallow Heart Earrings

Handmade cute multi colored pastel marshmallow candy earrings

These marshmallow earrings look delicious and they’re handmade with great attention to detail. The pink ribbons add to the soft and sweet appeal, making them a cute accessory for various occasions. Wear them to birthday parties and impress everyone with your sweet look!

4. Rainbow Lollipop Necklace

Two piece colorful swirl lollipop pendant necklace set

Lollipops are certainly a fashion statement. Not only are they sweet, but wearing a lollipop necklace can help show off your whimsical style. This lollipop necklace is suitable for daily wear, parties, concerts, or even formal events. Rainbow-colored pops are stylish, and definitely can attract some attention.

5. Candy Earrings Pack

Twelve pair set of various color candy earrings

If you love to change your looks often, then this candy earring pack is for you. These gummy bear earrings are convenient for everyday wear. Moreover, you can balance your candy-inspired outfits with some flashy lollipop earrings. They’re cute, colorful, and so lightweight that you won’t even feel them in your ears. The package includes 12 pairs of earrings, allowing you to mix up your style in sweet ways.

6. Pink and Teal Lollipop Earrings

Two pair set green and pink lollipop earrings

These lollipop earrings make a dazzling addition to your style. Coming in pink and teal versions, they are stylish due to the matte finish. Wearing them with a classy outfit will make you irresistible, and your adorable accessory will draw attention. They’re soft clay, and the pack includes one pair of each color.

7. Transparent Candy Earrings

Cute and colorful dangle drop glass candy earrings

Wearing a pair of candy-shaped earrings will make you stand out from the crowd. The transparent surface of the candy gives them a glittery appeal. They’re colorful and sweet, making them suitable for a variety of occasions ranging from birthday parties to dates! The earrings are acrylic, and they’re comfortable for daily wear.

8. Heart Lollipop Earrings

Cute pink heart shaped resin lollipop dangle earrings

Heart-shaped lollipops are a lovey-dovey thing. Earrings that take on this shape are a perfect gift for your girlfriend or a crush. They’re so cute that it’s impossible not to melt with a sweet feeling when you see them! Most importantly, they suit various styles of clothing. You can wear them with anything since you can easily pair their subtle pink hue with many other colors.

9. Marshmallow Bracelet

Handmade bracelet with several polymer clay pastel marshmallows

Marshmallow jewelry pieces are super sweet trinkets. That’s why wearing a marshmallow bracelet makes any fashion choice appear softer. The candy pendants are polymer clay and dangle from a stainless steel chain with a lobster claw closure. Wear this cute candy jewelry piece anytime you want to feel light and fluffy. Marshmallows won’t make you look childish because everyone loves them.

10. Fortune Cookie Necklace

Handmade gold colored brass fortune cookie necklace

This simple necklace features a tiny fortune cookie pendant. It looks lovely whether you wear it with casual or formal outfits, adding a touch of playfulness to the style. Coming in silver or gold variations, you can easily match it to any outfit and add some classy appeal. Since fortune cookies attract luck, this necklace makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s day or a birthday.

11. Gummy Bear Necklace

Eight piece set of transparent gummy bear necklaces

These cute gummy bear pendants come in many different colors, so you can match them with skirts, dresses, shirts, or coats of different styles. Gummy bears remind me of childhood, and wearing them can add playfulness to any look. The pack contains 8 pieces of various colored gummy bear necklaces, so you can share them with your friends or family.

12. Candy Corn Jar Necklace

Silver chain necklace with candy corn jar pendant

cute handmade necklace featuring a glass jar of miniature candy corn is a sweet accessory. Wear this piece of candy jewelry for Halloween or other costume parties. This candy necklace will certainly lighten up your outfit if you love rocking an eccentric look. The necklace comes on an 18-inch sterling silver chain.

13. Peppermint Stick Candy Jar Necklace

Silver chain necklace with peppermint sticks jar pendant

What says “Christmas” better than a peppermint stick? Rock this candy jar necklace to enhance the holiday vibe of your outfits. It’s perfect for Christmas gatherings and channeling the good vibes! The peppermint stick pendant comes on an 18-inch silver chain.

14. Rainbow Lollipop Earrings

These sweet earrings display some playful rainbow colors. They’re vibrant and adorable and can help add a youthful allure to any occasion. Delicately made from clay and metal, these lollipop earrings are quite durable. They don’t rust easily, so they are safe for extended use.

15. Candy Corn Earring and Necklace Set

Candy corn earrings and eighteen inch chain necklace

Candy corn always looks inviting, even when you wear it! This candy jewelry set features a pair of candy corn earrings and a necklace on an 18-inch chain. They’re a subtle yet sweet accessory and make any fashion style shine with festive vibes.

16. Custard Cream Biscuit Necklace

Handmade realistic clay custard cream chunky biscuit necklace

If you’re up for some tea-time fashion, then this custard cream biscuit necklace is just for you. It’s polymer clay and is so realistic that it looks good enough to eat. Perfect for cookie lovers, this quirky necklace is truly an original piece of candy jewelry!

17. Jam Biscuit Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings

Realistic looking heart shaped jam biscuit stud earrings

I find these studs to be one of the cutest pieces of candy jewelry on this list. An adorable pair of heart-shaped earrings that resemble jam-filled biscuits. The holiday spirit gets better when you accessorize your style with these earrings. They’re sweet and one of a kind, making them a great Christmas gift for your loved ones.

18. Chocolate Biscuit Necklace

Necklace with realistic looking chocolate digestive biscuit charm

biscuit charm is what every chocolate cookie lover needs! Spice up your style with this biscuit necklace that almost invites you to take a bite. However, watch out – the biscuit pendant is polymer clay, so try to resist those urges, as you will be disappointed. This lifelike charm hangs on a long silver chain with a lobster clasp.

19. Lilac Marshmallow Bracelet

Handmade cute girly pastel lilac rainbow marshmallow bracelet

Be careful not to eat this lively marshmallow bracelet. The clay bracelet showcases soft pink and blue hues and looks extra sweet. It features a glittery finish for a sparkling effect. Wearing this piece of candy jewelry will make your style simply adorable.

20. Skittles Rainbow Necklace

Skittles taste the rainbow genuine gemstone candy necklace

This rainbow necklace takes its inspiration from Skittles and features a variety of colorful gemstones. These include jade, amethyst, lapis lazuli, prehnite, and others on a hand-knotted silk thread. Due to the simple design and the color variety, this necklace could pass as a boho-style piece. Who would have thought that Skittles could make such an impressive fashion statement?

21. Chocolate Chip Cookie Necklace

Optionally scented delicious looking chocolate chip cookie necklace

Chocolate chip cookies are simply delicious and look so irresistible. Rock this realistic chocolate chip cookie necklace with any outfit to show appreciation for these tasty treats. The cookie pendant comes on an 18-inch silver chain and is made of polymer clay.

22. Personalized Rainbow Candy Necklace

Personalized rainbow candy bead necklace with name plate

Imagine sporting a candy necklace with your name on it. This adorable candy jewelry necklace features a bunch of colorful beads with a delicate personalized nameplate. Such a magical and sweet accessory will bring a smile to any candy lover’s face. The chain is stainless steel with a lobster claw closure.

23. Ice Cream Rings

Adorable polymer clay pastel colored ice cream rings

Bring the summer vibes anytime with these cute rings inspired by ice cream. These rings are handmade from polymer clay and are an adorable addition to any colorful fashion choice.

24. Chocolate Charm

Sterling silver choco chocolate bar charm for jewelry

This unique charm draws inspiration from chocolate bars. It’s delicate and charming and enhances the looks of any bracelet or necklace. The charm is enamel and genuine 925 sterling silver exquisitely carved by top-level craftsmen.

25. Gummy Bear Pink Necklace

Cute small multilayer acrylic gummy bear choker necklace

Lastly, this adorable gummy bear necklace is a “kawaii” piece of candy jewelry. It hangs from two metal chains in pink and violet hues. This gummy bear necklace will delight your special person if you’re searching for a sweet gift.

Coolest Jewelry Candy

Imagine getting the best of both worlds – jewelry that, not only looks like candy, but is actually edible! Luckily, there are plenty of edible sweets that you can wear. Candy necklaces are a treat that many people remember from childhood. Wearing a lollipop ring or a Skittles bracelet is a sweet detail that could improve any party outfit. Here are some of the coolest edible treats you can wear as a fashion accessories:

Talk to an Expert

There’s so much fantastic candy jewelry that it makes it challenging to pick, but if you asked me, they are all worth owning! If you still don’t know about the candy jewelry that will coat your style in sugar, then fill in the form below. I’ll take it from there and ensure that we can narrow down your wish list to the perfect choice of candy jewelry!

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