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Re-purposing Old Jewelry

Posted on November 17 2017

Other than creating jewelry from the scratch, LEL JEWELRY also re-purpose old jewelry and turn it to something new. 

Many customers ask if old gold can be melted to make a new jewelry but gold from old soldered jewelry can weaken as it's remelted, so it's best to use fresh alloy.  I remove the jewels from the customer's pieces and send their gold to my refinery, giving the customer a credit for their gold by weight and karat. The refinery utilizes lengthy and expensive processes to make the recycled gold strong again.

Diamonds were pulled from the old diamond trims that were part of necklace.  Customer wanted to make two sets of necklace out of these.  

I designed two full bezel curved pendants.  The bezels were precisely built for exact measurement of each diamond, shaped slightly rounded for soft look.  They were then assemble with my favorite 'diamond cut' cable chain.  Simple and timeless design that you can wear everyday.  


 Take your jewelry box out and start making something!




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