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Jewelry Care during Covid-19 (Sanitizer)

Seoyoung Lee

Posted on September 29 2020

Hope all of you are staying healthy and well!

Now days, we are so used to put on sanitizers all the time and even myself is spraying it every time I go out and touch something. I find myself rubbing it into my hand any time I see it. And it crossed my mind that it not only touches our hand but also our beloved rings we wear.

A good news is that you can use sanitizers while wearing most of our rings as they are made in solid gold and platinum with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies so they are perfectly fine.

But alcohol that kills the bacteria also can dry out organic gems, like pearls, Coral, Amber, Turquoise, Opals.
I suggest you leave those rings with organic gems at home for now.

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