Best 20 Jewelry Stores in New Jersey

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New Jersey offers plenty of shopping opportunities and many shops to explore. However, shopping for jewelry isn’t something you can do anywhere. New Jersey harbors many jewelry stores, but finding a reputable retailer can be challenging. Here’s a roundup of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey that can offer you the best bang for your buck.

Best 20 Jewelry Stores in New Jersey

1. Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry store items near New Jersey

If you’re looking for exquisite vintage jewelry near New Jersey, look no further than Estate Diamond Jewelry. They’re based in New York City and specialize in selling vintage and antique pieces. Established in 1980 as a family business, Estate Diamond Jewelry offers reputable services.

This store offers an exceptional choice of the finest pieces from past eras. Their collection features unique vintage pieces of Art Deco engagement rings, which capture the soulfulness of the past. Additionally, they offer some breathtaking jewels from the Georgian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Victorian eras.

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2. Venus Jewelers

Venus Jewelers in New Jersey model with rings

Venus Jewelers is another jewelry store with a reputable history. This store’s beginning dates back to 1982, building its journey to becoming one of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey. Their collection features high-quality certified jewelry, including both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

While they’re best known for their own collection, Venus Jewelers offer other certified jewelry pieces. Their collection features estate, gemstone, diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and rings. If you need a versatile jewelry store, visit Venus Jewelers for an excellent shopping experience.

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3. W. Kodak Jewelers

W. Kodak Jewelers New Jersey rings and necklaces

W. Kodak Jewelers feature luxury jewelry pieces and emphasize bridal and engagement rings. They have almost 50 years of jewelry retail experience and a GIA-certified team of experts. This means that whatever purchase you make there, you’re bound to receive professional feedback from experienced jewelers.

This jewelry store highly values craftsmanship and is reputable for offering high-end service. Their collection features designer engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, and diamonds.

Take a look at W. Kodak Jewelers on their social media channels, including Instagram and Pinterest.

4. Chandel Jewelers

Chandel jewelers fine diamonds New Jersey jewelry store

Chandel Jewelers also falls under the umbrella of reputable New Jersey jewelry stores. With more than 50 years of tradition, they have established a high-integrity approach to luxury jewelry retail. They specialize in providing a wide variety of designer jewelry and certified diamonds.

Besides offering top designs of valuable rings, earrings, and necklaces, Chandel Jewelers are known for providing dependable service to customers. Their custom department will help you create your own unique design, providing you with a truly special jewelry piece.

Visit Chandel Jewelers’ profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Kornspan Jewelry

Kornspan Jewelry Company customer service showing off necklace

Kornspan Jewelry Company is one of the younger jewelry stores on this list, founded in 1984. This jewelry store sells exquisite wedding bands, engagement rings, diamonds, gold, platinum jewelry, and precious stones. Kornspan Jewelry also offers expert jewelry services, ranging from jewelry repair and cleaning to laser welding.

This jewelry store also offers custom jewelry designs guided by experienced craftsmen. You’ll be able to personalize your jewelry piece to fit your aesthetic preferences. Kornspan Jewelry demonstrates high-quality manufacturing, and that’s why it made this list of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey.

Find out more about Kornspan Jewelry on Facebook.

6. Hoboken Gold & Diamonds

Hoboken gold and diamonds New Jersey jewelry store

Hoboken Gold and Diamonds sell diamond, gold and silver, and precious stone jewelry. Besides stunning precious stone rings, pendants, watches, chains, and bracelets, they specialize in creating custom engagement rings and wedding bands. Hoboken Gold & Diamonds’ team are professionals in custom design and are committed to offering quality service.

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7. Love Locked

Love locked jewelry shop model wearing three rings

Next on the list is Love Locked jewelry retail, its versatility making it one of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey. Love Locked is a unique store featuring handcrafted jewelry, which ranges from everyday styles to classy engagement rings.

Love Locked’s designers are exclusive to the store. Their collection features custom rings with precious stones and lab-grown diamonds. This store is an excellent choice for conflict-free stones and highly-personalized jewelry.

Check Love Locked’s page on Instagram.

8. St Jude Jewelry

St. Jude Jewelry New Jersey jewelry store rings

St. Jude Jewelry features an extensive collection of stylish jewelry. This store makes the best choice for purchasing fine jewelry at competitive prices. Their assortment features high-quality necklaces, modern watches, and engagement rings, ranking them high on this list of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey. Additionally, their friendly customer service will provide you with professional feedback.

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9. Taj Diamonds

Taj Diamond Jewelers Jewelry store in New Jersey

Indian jewelry is well-known worldwide for its quality and highly skilled craftsmanship. Taj Diamond Jewelers are renowned across the USA, and their store in New Jersey is reputable. This store offers plenty of exquisite gold, diamond, and silver jewelry. They’re most famous for their 22-karat Indian jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones. Their commitment to the best jewelry craftsmanship assures you get proficient feedback when making a purchase.

Check Taj Diamonds on Instagram.

10. Martin Jewelers

Martin Jewelers five diamond rings in New Jersey

Martin Jewelers is an independent jewelry retailer, one of the oldest on this list of the best jewelry stores in New Jersey. They offer complete jewelry services and an extensive collection of engagement and wedding rings, watches, designer jewelry, and other valuable collectibles. Additionally, they’re known to educate their customers on every purchase, so you’re bound to find value in every jewelry piece you buy there.

Find out more about Martin Jewelers on Instagram and Facebook,

11. Woodbridge Jewelry

Woodbridge jewelry exchange categories New Jersey jewelry store

Woodbridge Jewelry features one of the largest jewelry collections in New Jersey, including about 100,000 pieces in a single store. They have decades of experience and provide a full-service jewelry shopping experience, and are often praised for their excellent customer service. Their offer includes engagement rings, wedding bands, color stones, necklaces, earrings, and more.

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12. M.A. Jewelers

M.A. Jewelers fine jewelry and diamonds categories

Launched in 1970, the M.A. Jewelers company has built an unblemished reputation and made the list of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey for a reason. They are a full-service store offering high-quality jewelry and excellent customer service. M.A. Jewelers collection consists of fine jewelry and diamonds, including beautiful engagement rings, wedding bands, designer watches, and other accessories.

You can find M.A. Jewelers’ store in New Jersey. Find out more about their collections on Instagram.

13. Family & Co Jewelers

Family and co jewelers in New Jersey store

Family & Co is another New Jersey jewelry store with a long tradition. With over 80 years in the jewelry business, they have been turning jewelry wishes into reality for decades. Their collection features beautiful engagement rings, wedding bands, and elegant watches. Their bridal jewelry is world-class, and they offer great advice to their customers.

Explore Family & Co’s collection on Pinterest.

14. Henry’s Fine Jewelry

Henrys fine jewelry store favorite items with prices

According to Courier News, this jewelry store has been voted Best Jeweler in Somerset County. Henry’s Fine Jewelry offers an exquisite collection of engagement rings featuring natural and lab-grown diamonds. They also provide expertise in custom design.

Find Henry’s Fine Jewelry on Instagram for more.

15. Corinne Jewelers

Corinne jewelers jewelry store in New Jersey rings

Corinne Jewelers’ stock includes a great variety of unique gems and beautiful bridal jewelry. Their engagement rings feature timeless designs which seamlessly fit any occasion. Corinne Jewelers offers one of the most extensive collections in New Jersey, making it one of the most popular jewelry-shopping destinations. It’s one of our top picks for the list of the best jewelry stores in New Jersey.

View Corinne Jewelers’ collection on YouTube and Instagram.

16. Carbo International Jewelers

Carbo Jewelers New Jersey Jewelry and watch repair

Dating back to 1964, Carbo International Jewelers made the list of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey due to their experience. They provide an extensive array of jewelry services and a wide selection of pearls, diamonds, gold, and beautiful timepieces. Carbo International Jewelers is your place to go if you’re seeking to create custom jewelry.

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17. Sona Jewelers

earrings from sona jewelers New Jersey jewelry store

Sona Jewelers are one of the younger competitors on this list of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey. They specialize in handcrafted 22 karat gold and provide an extensive collection of top-quality Indian jewelry. Their main focus is bridal and women’s jewelry but offer men’s and kids’ collections too. Sona Jewelers’ retail was launched in 1989.

Visit Sona Jewelers’ page on Instagram.

18. D’Amore Jewelers

Damore jewelers models showing off necklace and bracelet

D’Amore Jewelers retail features a GIA-certified diamond collection. They’re also one of the oldest jewelry stores in New Jersey, having been in the industry for almost 100 years. Their designer jewelry collections are some of the most versatile on this list, including designers like Judith Ripka, Carolina Bucci, and Ivanka Trump.

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19. Shin Brothers Jewelers

Shin brothers jewelers inc new jersey jewelry store

A strong family tradition makes Shin Brothers Jewelers one of the best 20 jewelry stores in New Jersey, especially considering they’re relatively young in the jewelry business. Their collection features authentic custom designs made with 14 and 18 karat gold, silver sterling, and platinum. Additionally, they focus on providing top-notch jewelry services.

Visit Shin Brothers Jewelers’ page on Instagram.

20. Clifton Jewelers

clifton jewelers inc new jersey jewelry store rings

Clifton Jewelers reside in Clifton, New Jersey, and make a great jewelry shopping destination. They offer a wide selection of jewelry brands for bridal jewelry, including Triton wedding bands and Verragio engagement rings. Aside from jewelry, they also sell designer sunglasses and watches.

Explore Clifton Jewelry’s collection on Facebook.

Best Online Jewelry Stores in New Jersey

  • Estate Diamond Jewelry
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds
  • Jewlr
  • Venus Jewelers
  • Totaram Jewelers

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