Antique January Birthstone Ring on Finger

If you’re looking for a non-traditional engagement ring, then consider getting one with your future bride’s birthstone. Birthstones cover an array of colorful, interesting gemstones with special significance. Every birthstone is month-specific and can be a great surprise for your significant other; antique birthstone engagement rings are sure to please any and all. 

I’ve compiled a list of the top 24 antique birthstone engagement rings to help you narrow down your choices. 

The photos were taken WITH PERMISSION from Estate Diamond Jewelry.

1. The Grenada Ring – January

Antique January Birthstone RIng

This impressive ring features three center stones. All three deep-red, round-cut natural garnets weigh around 0.40 carats each. A row of old European diamonds emphasizes their sparkle and saturation. The ring features platinum and 14k gold and was handcrafted around 1910. 

2. Late Victorian Garnet Ring – January

Late victorian diamond tsavorite garnet ring for January

A wonderful tsavorite garnet weighing around 0.54 carats is the center stone of this ring. An old European-cut diamond decorates the right and left sides of the stone, emphasizing its breathtaking hue. 

3. The Augustine Ring – February

Edwardian era antique Augustine ring with amethyst gem

The purple and yellow gold combination featured in this ring is truly impressive. A beautiful, 5.29-carat oval-cut amethyst is the ring’s central character. Diamonds along the shoulders and heart-shaped motifs in the under-gallery make the ring even more delicate. The ring was handcrafted in the Edwardian era and can be resized at no additional cost. 

4. The Verona Ring – February

Purple birthstone amethyst Edwardian gemstone verona ring

This ring centers a bold amethyst that weighs 1.72 carats and has a deep-purple color. The intricate patterns along the under-gallery and the shoulders add to the ring’s sophistication and delicacy, complementing the center stone. This antique ring was handcrafted around 1910. 

5. The Lugano Ring – March

March Birthstone in Engagement Ring on Finger

The Lugano ring combines aquamarine and diamonds, and it’s absolutely lovely. It centers a 2.54-carat emerald-cut aquamarine surrounded by a halo of diamonds. One baguette-cut diamond on each side complements the center stone and leads to diamond-adorned shoulders. Looking at the ring from the sides, you’ll certainly notice intricate details in the under-gallery. 

6. The Rhine Ring – March

March birthstone Rhine ring with aquamarine diamond

Solitaire rings are a classic, and those which are also antique birthstone engagement rings are so especially. If you’re looking to buy such a ring but want to make it even more special, then the Rhine ring is an excellent choice. Above all, the beautiful 1.55-carat aquamarine center stone is set in prongs. Small round diamonds adorn the under-gallery and stretch along the shoulders and the visible part of the shank. 

7. The Tullamore Ring – April

Diamond Engagement Ring April Birthstone on Finger

The Tullamore ring was handcrafted during the Edwardian era, around 1915. It features an old European-cut diamond weighing 1.27 carats as the center stone. One baguette-cut diamond and three leaf-shaped diamonds decorate each shoulder and complement the center stone’s brilliance. The total weight of the additional diamonds is around 1.44 carats. 

8. The Cesena Ring – April

April birthstone cesena engagement ring

This solitaire ring’s center stone is a 0.89-carat old European-cut diamond. Its sparkle is highlighted by a shank that splits into three sections on the shoulders. The Cesena ring was handcrafted in France around 1900. 

9. The Tolu Ring – May

Emerald Engagement Ring May Birthstone on Finger

This beautiful ring features a 1.84-carat natural emerald, bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. A lovely halo of small diamonds wraps around the emerald and points out its color. Small diamonds also decorate the shoulders and cover the visible part of the shank. Fine milgrain and delicate patterns beautifully decorate the under-gallery.

10. Brentford Ring – May

May birthstone emerald cut ring with platinum mounting

The combination of emeralds and diamonds never ceases to impress. All eyes are on the gorgeous, 1.40-carat natural emerald set in 18k yellow gold. Moreover, a row of old European- and transitional-cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.90 carats surrounds the emerald. Detailed patterns in the under-gallery make the ring even more interesting. 

11. Alexandrite and Diamond Ring – June

GIA certified alexandrite and diamond white gold ring

A gorgeous oval alexandrite weighing 1.16 carats is this 18k white gold ring’s central character. Additionally, small diamonds decorate each side of the stone, stretch along the shoulders, and cover the visible part of the shank. 

12. Natural Alexandrite Ring – June

Vintage Alexandrite marquise cut June birthstone moissanite ring

Alexandrite symbolizes fortune, prosperity, and love, so why not give this gemstone to your future June-born bride? This ring features a natural marquise-cut alexandrite as the center stone. Further, three small diamonds flank each side of the stone and highlight its shape. 

13. The Corbette Ring –July

Rubies symbolize passion, protection, and devotion, so they can be a perfect gemstone for an engagement ring. The Corbette ring features a 0.75-carat sugarloaf-cut natural ruby; in addition, 12 small diamonds surround it and are bordered by a lozenge-shaped halo. The ring dates from the Edwardian era and was handcrafted around 1905. 

14. Fine Vivid Red Ruby and Diamond Ring – July

GIA certified untreated fine ruby and diamond ring

This stunning ring features a natural ruby weighing 0.61 carats as the center stone. Most importantly, The platinum shank separates into three sections at the shoulders, and the middle section is covered in diamonds which most elegantly highlight the center stone.

15. Round Peridot Engagement Ring – August

The stone of compassion, peace, and prosperity is none other than the Peridot. In short, it can be a great addition to any engagement ring for those born in August. Most importantly, this ring features a 0.56-carat round peridot and is set in 18k yellow gold. Moreover, a row of small diamonds surrounds the center stone and flanks the shoulders. 

16. Antique Peridot and Diamond Ring – August

Antique peridot and diamond yellow gold cluster ring

This lively, 18k yellow gold ring made around 1910 features an emerald-cut peridot as the main feature. In addition, small diamonds surround the center stone and follow its shape, emphasizing its wonderful color. 

17. The Neston Ring – September

September Birthstone Marquise shaped antique navette ring

If your future bride likes bold, flashy jewelry, then the Neston ring is the perfect choice among all antique birthstone engagement rings. This is a beautiful, 0.68-carat cushion-cut sapphire from Thailand. In addition, a cluster of old-cut diamonds with a high color grade surrounds the sapphire and forms a marquise shape. 

18. Sapphire and Diamond Ring – September

Sapphire Engagement Ring September Birthstone Flat

This impressive ring features a 5.35-carat emerald-cut sapphire with a beautiful, dark hue as the center stone. A barrel-cut diamond sits on each shoulder and certainly points out the sapphire’s gorgeous color. 

19. Tourmaline and Opal Antique Engagement Ring – October

Antique Opal birthstone silver ring with pave diamond

If you’re looking for an unusual engagement ring for your future bride, then you’ve found it. This substantial ring is anything but ordinary. It features both October birthstones (tourmaline and opal) combined with silver. 

20. Antique Art Deco Tourmaline Ring – October

Antique Art Deco ring with platinum pink tourmaline

A beautiful, cushion-cut pink tourmaline is the center stone of this platinum ring. The shoulders are decorated with diamonds and intricate filigree that, above all, add to the ring’s delicacy. 

21. Antique Georgian Topaz Ring – November

Antique Gregorian imperial topaz diamond double halo ring

This ring centers a 1.30-carat natural imperial topaz with impressive orange/peach hues. A double halo with a total weight of around 3.55 carats surrounds the stone and certainly creates a unique floral pattern. 

22. Topaz and Diamond Ring – November

Antique Topaz and diamond yellow gold cluster ring

Topaz represents love and affection, and this gemstone is featured in this ring. The stone weighs 2.38 carats and has an emerald cut. A cluster of diamonds wraps around the topaz and forms a halo. 

23. The Cenon Ring – December

Antique December Birthstone Engagement Ring on Finger

The beautiful navette-style ring is from the Edwardian era and was handcrafted circa 1840-1920. It centers three seed pearls surrounded by turquoise. 18k yellow gold and fleur-de-lis shoulders further emphasize the unique contrast.

24. Turquoise Engagement Ring – December

Rare ring in turquoise ruby and yellow gold

A natural turquoise is the center stone of this engagement ring. Raspberry-red rubies completely surround the turquoise and create a lively contrast, perfect for everyone who enjoys colorful jewelry. If you’re looking for the most unique-looking antique birthstone engagement rings, then look no further!

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