4 Carat Diamond Princess Cut Engagement Ring on Finger

If you want a stunning diamond engagement ring, then a 4-carat princess-cut diamond is the best way to go. The princess cut is one of the most popular shapes due to its brilliance and sparkle. A princess-cut diamond weighing four or more carats will create an even more dramatic effect.

Take a look at the top 20 beautiful 4-carat princess-cut diamond rings from James Allen, Brilliant Earth, 1st Dibs, and Uneek.

1. 14K White Gold Pavé Engagement Ring

Fourteen karat white gold petite pavé engagement ring

We’ll start with James Allen, where you can design your own engagement ring. This mesmerizing 4.10-carat diamond ring is set in 14k white gold and has a solitaire design. Smaller diamonds are placed along the ring’s shank, making it sparkle from every angle.

2. Hand-Engraved Channel-Set Princess-Cut Ring

Hand engraved channel set princess shape diamond ring

This breathtaking rose gold ring is certainly worth every penny. The ring centers a channel-set 4.10-carat princess-cut diamond. The ring is hand-engraved, and features ten princess-cut diamonds along both sides of the shank.

3. White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Round and marquise shape diamond engagement ring

This princess-cut diamond ring looks like it came from a fairytale. The 14k white gold ring features round-cut and marquise-cut diamonds. In addition, this ring is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

4. Perfect Pavé Engagement Ring

Four carat white gold perfect pavé engagement ring

This princess-cut diamond ring features the classic solitaire design and a wide pavé-tapered band. Each side of the ring is set with a row of smaller diamonds, which certainly complement the center stone.

5. Yellow Gold Bow-Tie Channel-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Bow tie channel set diamond engagement ring

This 18k yellow gold mesmerizing princess-cut diamond has 4.10 carats. It has a bow-tie channel-set design and comes with eight round-shaped diamonds on both sides.

6. Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Four carat tapered baguette diamond engagement ring

If you’re looking for a more detailed 4-carat princess-cut diamond ring, then this engagement ring features tapered baguette diamonds on each shoulder. Four prongs hold the center diamond and the ring is platinum.

7. Double-Shank Halo Ring

Four carat double shank halo diamond engagement ring

For those who want an engagement ring that will grab everyone’s attention, this 4.10-carat princess-cut diamond is shiny from all sides. It consists of a double-shank diamond halo and a platinum base.

8. Waverly Diamond Engagement Ring

Customizable waverly diamond engagement ring with halo

Moving onto Brilliant Earth, we’ll start with the Wavery diamond engagement ring. This 4.03-carat princess-cut ring is stunning, to say the least. It has a sparkling halo setting and comes in 18k white gold. It has a thin band that’s set with smaller round-cut diamonds.

9. Willow Diamond Engagement Ring

Customizable willow diamond engagement ring with entwined band

The Willow diamond engagement ring comes with wispy lines made from 18k gold (you can choose between white, rose, and yellow gold). Its intricate design is certainly interesting to look at from any angle.

10. Reina Diamond Engagement Ring

Reina diamond engagement ring with distinct halo

Another attention-grabbing rose gold engagement ring, the Reina diamond engagement ring centers a 4.03 princess-cut diamond. The halo has a regal appearance, set with tiny diamonds, which also accent the ring’s body, therefore it is quite eye-catching indeed.

11. Fiorella Diamond Engagement Ring

Fiorella diamond engagement ring with diamond leaves

Nature inspires the Fiorella diamond engagement ring. Leaf-shaped diamonds surround the center princess-cut diamond, and most notably, the shank is designed to make the diamond look like a flower when viewed from the side.

12. Four-Prong Petite Comfort-Fit Engagement Ring

Customizable four prong petite comfort fit engagement ring

This comfort-fit engagement ring is elegant, featuring a 4.03-carat princess-cut diamond. The diamond is held by four prongs and sits on an 18k gold ring.

13. Entwined Celtic Love Knot Engagement Ring

Entwined Celtic love knot engagement ring

If you love Celtic culture, then take a look at this beautiful princess-cut diamond ring. The center stone is surrounded by entwined knots, which is the Celtic symbol for love and devotion.

14. GIA-Certified 4.77-Carat Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

GIA certified princess cut diamond ring on platinum

This princess-cut diamond ring is all about sparkle. It’s a three-stone ring, featuring a GIA-certified 3.01-carat diamond. All three diamonds weigh 4.77 carats in total and have G color and SI1 clarity.

15. Princess-Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

GIA certified princess cut diamond platinum engagement ring

If you want a princess-cut diamond with a solitaire setting, then this ring might just be the piece for you. The ring centers a brilliant 4.5-carat diamond, which is GIA-certified. It has F color and VS2 clarity.

16. Three-Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Platinum Ring

Four carat thee stone princess diamond platinum ring

Three-stone engagement rings will always be in style, just like this GIA-certified, 4-carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring. All three diamonds have G color and VVS1 clarity. The two stones on the side each have 1.01 carats.

17. Princess-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This halo-style engagement ring comes with a 4.07-carat, princess-cut diamond. The princess-cut halo is also embellished with tiny diamonds, as well as the ring’s shank. It was made to shine from all directions.

18. 18k Yellow Gold Three-Stone Ring

Princess diamond engagement ring with simple gold band

Another three-stone ring, this 18k yellow gold engagement ring centers a fabulous princess-cut diamond. Together, all three stones weigh 4.2 carats and sit on an 18k yellow gold ring.

19. Yellow Diamond Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

Four carat princess cut yellow diamond engagement ring

This ring might be the most beautiful piece on this entire list. It’s a 3.5-carat yellow diamond, which are extremely rare. The ring has a halo style, featuring smaller diamonds on the halo and the shank. The total carat weight is 4 carats.

20. Uneek 4-Carat Princess-Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Four carat princess cut 32 stone halo ring

This stylish 4-carat princess cut diamond from Uneek has a halo design. Set with 32 round-cut white diamonds, the ring is 14k white gold.

Tips for Buying a 4-Carat Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

If you’ve decided to invest in a 4-carat princess-cut diamond, then there are a couple of factors you should consider. Diamonds that weigh four or more carats are known for their brilliant sparkle. To maximize the shine, choose a diamond that has been precisely cut. If possible, then look for a 4-carat diamond with VS1 or VS2 clarity. When it comes to the color-grading scale, select a stone that is colorless or nearly colorless.

Buying a 4-carat princess-cut diamond is a huge investment. Expect to pay anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000 for a diamond of this size. Of course, other factors determine the price, like the color, clarity, cut, and availability of the diamond itself.

The good news is that princess-cut diamonds are extremely popular, so finding one that meets all your requirements shouldn’t be too challenging. In terms of settings, princess-cut diamonds look best on solitaire rings, but they can be just as beautiful in other designs.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

As mentioned, buying a 4-carat princess-cut diamond ring is a huge investment. That’s why it’s important to do your research before making an informed decision.

If you’ve set your sights on a 4-carat princess-cut diamond from this guide, but you’d like to know more about it, feel free to contact me by filling out the form below. I’ll help you find the diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

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1 year ago

Wow, this is such a helpful article, thaaanks!!
Hopefully getting engaged around new years, so I’m getting really excited 🙂 <3

John Brown
John Brown
1 year ago

My girlfriend wants princess cut diamonds but I don’t like them.
any advice?

11 months ago
Reply to  John Brown

Great question! If she’s open to compromising, then you may consider an Ascher, cushion, or cut-cornered princess. Of course it all depends on what aspects of a princess cut appeal to you and your girlfriend, and what does not. Good luck!