The 20 Best 3-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

3 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring on Finger

Cushion cut diamond rings are an excellent choice for an engagement ring. They have high brilliance and fire, reflecting both sunlight and artificial light well, which makes them very attractive and popular. Because of the specific cut, you can get fewer carats and still enjoy a breathtaking stone.

Here’s a list of the 20 best 3-carat cushion cut diamond rings that will leave everyone speechless.

1. Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Cushion cut diamond solitaire platinum cathedral engagement ring

You can never go wrong with a classic ring like this one. The center stone is a 3.60-carat cushion-cut near colorless diamond, featuring a hidden halo of pave diamonds underneath. This halo makes the ring impressive from every angle and complements the stone. The ring is handmade from platinum.

2. Cushion-Cut Three-Stone Ring

Three stone halo pave split shank diamond ring

The center stone of this impressive ring is a 2.70-carat cushion-cut near colorless diamond. Meanwhile, a halo of smaller diamonds highlights its sparkle. The split shank also features small diamonds contributing to the ring’s elegance and style.

3. Montreal Ring

Ring with cushion cut diamond and sapphire halo

If you like the blue-and-white combination, then you’ll love this ring. The center stone is a 3.63-carat cushion-cut diamond, and a beautiful halo of natural French-cut sapphires surrounds it. Small diamonds adorn the shoulders, connecting the halo to the triple wire shank, while the details in the under gallery make the ring breathtaking from every angle.

4. Cushion-Cut Eternity Ring

Big three stone cushion cut diamond eternity ring

This ring is nothing but impressive. All eyes are on the three cushion-cut diamonds at the center. Round and marquise-cut diamonds in a shared prong setting highlight its brilliance. The ring looks breathtaking from every side, since the diamonds are studded along the entire band.

5. Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Natural yellow cushion cut diamond three stone ring

If your significant other likes color diamonds, then this is the perfect ring. The center diamond is a beautiful 3.05-carat cushion-cut fancy light yellow diamond set in 18k yellow gold that emphasizes its color. The two side stones are brilliant-cut trapezoid diamonds that create a subtle yet effective contrast.

6. Cushion-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Three carat cushion cut classic diamond eternity ring

Many ladies prefer a ring with no center stone like this one. It features numerous smaller diamonds with a total weight of 3.00 carats. Since the diamonds are colorless, they have impressive brilliance and transparency without that pesky yellowish tint.

7. Three-Stone Trillion Ring

Cushion cut natural diamond three stone trillion ring

This is another three-stone ring featuring a wonderful 3.00-carat cushion-cut diamond with impressive color and clarity grades. The two side stones are trillion-cut, emphasizing the stone’s brilliance. The shank is made of 14k white gold and features a simple design so all eyes are turned towards the center stone.

8. Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Two tone rose gold diamond pink morganite ring

The center stone of this lovely ring is a 2.80-carat cushion-cut pink morganite set in rose gold. A halo of small diamonds surrounds the center stone and highlights its unique color, while the intricate under gallery makes the ring even more interesting.

9. Cushion Halo Pavé Ring

Cushion cut diamond ring with halo pavé

This ring’s center stone is a 3.00-carat lab-grown, cushion-cut diamond. Its beauty is emphasized by a single halo and cathedral shoulders. Choose your halo and band diamond sizes for the perfect ring to suit your needs.

10. Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Timeless three carat elongated cushion cut engagement ring

The ring centers around a 3.07-carat cushion-cut diamond of impressive characteristics, set in 18k white gold. Its brilliance is emphasized by a thin 18k yellow gold band that creates a subtle contrast. This ring is an excellent choice for everyone who likes the yellow-and-white combination.

11. Cushion Halo Bold Engagement Ring

Cushion halo bold three row engagement ring

The ring’s center stone is a 3.00-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds resembling flower petals. While I can’t deny the center stone’s beauty, my favorite part is the three rows of diamonds on the ring’s shoulders.

12. Cushion Diamond Five Stone Engagement Ring

Lab grown cushion diamond five stone engagement ring

If your future bride loves rings with a five-stone setting, then she’ll enjoy this one. The focus is on the 3.2-carat lab-grown cushion-cut diamond. Each shoulder is embellished by a trapezoid-cut diamond and a tapered bullet that emphasize the center stone’s shape and size.

13. Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Cushion cut diamond eternity ring with various options

This ring is interesting because it doesn’t have a center stone. Instead, it features small, cushion-cut diamonds along the entire shank. The band is made from platinum and has a delicate style. The total weight of the featured diamonds is 3.00 carats.

14. Cushion-Cut Half and Half Eternity Ring

Cushion cut half yellow and half white gold

Eternity rings feature an unbroken circle of gems that represent a symbol of lasting affection. If you want to give something special to your significant other, then this ring is an ideal choice. It features cushion-cut diamonds with a total weight of 3.33 carats. The half-and-half combination of yellow and white gold makes the ring stand out.

15. Diamond Duo Ring

Oval cut and cushion cut diamond duo ring

This ring will definitely attract attention, thanks to its unusual design. It features two diamonds: a smaller cushion cut that weighs 1.20, and an oval-cut gem, weighing 1.51 carats. The combination of different diamond shapes at varying angles creates a unique visual effect.

16. French Pavé Halo Ring

cushion cut diamond ring with French pave halo

The lovely ring centers around a 3-carat cushion-cut diamond as the center stone. Its impressive sparkle is highlighted by a french halo of small diamonds that stretch along the double shank. The 48 halo stones total weight of 1.4-carat. If you’re looking for one of the most extravagant rings on the list, then here it is.

17. Tournus Ring

stunning tournus geometric ring with natural sapphires

If your significant other likes to wear unusual, bold jewelry, then she’ll love the Tournus ring. The ring’s center stone is a 3.38-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by sapphires that form a floral pattern. Small diamonds wrap around the sapphires and emphasize the ring’s unique shape. This platinum ring is inspired by Art Deco.

18. Signature Wrap Diamond Ring

Elongated three carat cushion cut diamond solitaire ring

The ring’s main character is a 3.00-carat cushion-cut diamond. If you look at the ring from any side, then you’ll see a hidden halo that complements the center stone. The ultra-thin yellow gold shank has a simple design so that it doesn’t steal attention from the beautiful diamond.

19. Antique Cushion-Cut Ring

Antique cushion diamond three stone halo engagement ring

This stunning ring features a 3.8-carat cushion-cut diamond as the center stone. A double halo of small diamonds wraps around the center diamond and along the split band. Each shoulder is decorated with a trillion-cut diamond. Of all cushion cut diamond rings on this list, this one is certainly spectacular.

20. Fancy Yellow Ring

Cushion cut fancy yellow halo diamond engagement ring

If you enjoy the white-and-yellow contrast, then you’ll fall in love with this fancy yellow diamond ring. The center stone is a cushion-cut yellow diamond of impressive characteristics. Small diamonds stretch around the center diamond and along the shank’s visible part. The ring’s total weight is 3.07 carats.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

With so many options on the market, finding the perfect ring can be harder than you thought. If you want to be 100% sure you’re making the right decision, then I recommend reaching out to an expert consultant. Tell them your preferred style and budget, and they’ll help you find the perfect ring.

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