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When buying a diamond engagement ring, 1 carat is the standard. However, 1-carat diamonds aren’t cheap, with the average price ranging from $2,000 to $12,000. If you want a diamond of similar size at a budget-friendly cost, why not get a 0.90-carat diamond instead?

In terms of dimensions, you can’t tell the difference between 0.90-carat and 1-carat diamonds, but the price for the latter may be double. Here’s everything you need to know about buying a 0.90-carat diamond ring.

Top 20 Choices for 0.90-Carat Diamond Rings

Here are some of the best 0.90-carat diamond rings from James Allen, Blue Nile, Estate Diamond Jewelry, and other jewelry stores.

  1. 14K White Gold Pavé Accented Tapered Solitaire

This is a James Allen solitaire ring that centers on a 0.90-carat round-cut diamond. It’s set in 14k white gold and comes in tapered settings. You can also combine this diamond with 18k yellow gold and platinum, but this will increase the price.

  1. Magnolia Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a bit more bling, the Magnolia diamond engagement ring will take your breath away. This 0.9-carat diamond features a round cut framed by a floral halo. The ring is set in 14k yellow gold and also comes from James Allen.

  1. Danhov Spring Blossom Engagement Ring

If you’re a fan of gold rose, take a look at this stunning solitaire diamond engagement ring. The round cut diamond weighs 0.91 carats. It’s set in six prongs and can be engraved on the inside.

  1. Luna Engagement Ring

The Luna engagement ring is a real beauty. It centers on a round-cut 0.91-carat diamond, which is framed by a round halo. Smaller diamonds are set along the shank, making it shine from every angle. The ring itself is made from platinum.

  1. Three-Stone Round and Pavé-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

If three-stone settings are your thing, take a look at this beautiful pavé-set 0.9-carat diamond engagement ring. Smaller, round-cut diamonds embellish the ring’s shoulders. The ring is set in 18k yellow gold.

  1. Garland Diamond Ring

If you prefer diamond rings with a garland design, check out this piece by Blue Nile. The total carat weight is 0.96 carats and the ring is set in 950 platinum. It’s a great option for those who prefer an elegant design.

  1. Classic Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another diamond engagement ring from Blue Nile, this piece has a solitaire design that’s classic yet timeless. The diamond has 0.9-carats and is set in 14k white gold.

  1. Cushion Four-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

This Blue Nile diamond engagement ring features a cushion-cut and has exactly 0.90 carats. The diamond is set in four prongs, has a K color, SI2 clarity, and is set in platinum.

  1. Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring

The Heirloom Petite Milgrain engagement ring is set in 14k white gold, featuring a 0.96-carat round diamond. What makes it special is its pave-set design and intricate milgrain on each shoulder.

  1. Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond engagement ring features a 0.80-carat center diamond and additional diamonds on the ring’s shoulders, which together make up 0.89 carats. The center diamond is set in four prongs, has a K color, and SI2 clarity.

  1. Copenhagen Ring

If you’re looking for a vintage diamond engagement ring, head over to Estate Diamond Jewelry. A beautiful ring from their vintage collection is the Copenhagen ring, which has exactly 0.90 carats. Made in 1930, the diamond features an old European cut.

  1. Milton Ring

Another piece from Estate Diamond Jewelry is the Milton ring from their Art Deco collection. The diamond has an old European cut and weighs 0.90 carats. It’s surrounded by an intricate halo made of single-cut diamonds.

  1. Torrance Ring

The Torrance ring is one-of-a-kind that dates back to the Edwardian Era. The 0.90-carat diamond cluster is set in a free-floral design. The ring has an elongated design that measures 20.22mm x 11.50mm. Note that Estate Diamond Jewelry can resize the ring to fit your finger free of charge.

  1. Red Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is from Baunat. What makes it special is the 18k red gold settings. The center diamond has 0.90 carats, a G color, VS2 clarity, and is held in six prongs.

  1. Mallory Ring

The Mallory ring is a stunning 0.90-carat diamond set in six-prong settings. It has a solitaire design placed on white gold, which makes it even more beautiful.

  1. Melee Engagement Ring

The Melee engagement ring features an eye-catching six-prong 0.70-carat diamond. Each shoulder comes with a row of pave-set diamonds. The total carat weight of the ring is 0.90 carats.

  1. Elouise Engagement Ring

The Elouise engagement ring centers a 0.90-carat round-cut diamond, which is framed by a halo with a swirly pattern. It has an F color, which belongs in the colorless category.

  1. Baunat Contour Collection Diamond Ring

This ring combines a classic solitaire design with a wide side-stone setting. It shines from every angle and is set in 18k white gold.

  1. Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This princess-cut diamond engagement ring features a marquise-shaped band and round-cut diamonds. The center diamond has 0.90 carats set in a split-claw prong.

  1. Momenti 14K White Gold Engagement Ring

The Momenti diamond engagement ring features a GIA-certified 0.90-carat round-cut diamond. The solitaire ring is set in 14k white gold.

Top 5 Tips for Buying 0.90-Carat Ring

Here are five insider tips to keep in mind when buying a 0.90-carat diamond ring:

  1. Buy from a reputable jeweler. All the diamonds from this guide are from reliable jewelry outlets, some of the best being James Allen, Blue Nile, and Estate Diamond Jewelry.
  2. There are other factors that determine the diamond’s price. Aside from the carat weight, how precisely a diamond is cut can actually increase or decrease its value.
  3. Expect a lower price, but don’t get ahead of yourself. A well-cut, round 0.90-carat diamond can still cost a few thousand dollars. For diamonds with similar specifications, expect a decrease in price by 15% to 40%.
  4. Don’t forget about the other “4 Cs.” The diamond’s color, cut, and clarity is equally as important as its carat weight.
  5. One-diamond vs. three-diamond settings. If you want a 0.90-carat diamond, look for a solitaire engagement ring or a three-diamond setting with a total carat weight of 0.90 carats.

Talk to an Expert Consultant

Choosing a diamond engagement ring isn’t a decision you should make lightly. It’s always best to talk to a diamond expert. If you have any questions about 0.90-carat diamonds, fill out the form below. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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